Fireball Belgium

Photo taken at 08:42 am in Aarschot by Lionel D.
Several messages have been received from Brussels, Namur and Charleroi. All reports of a similar observation: "There was a fireball in the sky this morning".

"Frankly, it was immense" comments Ferhat, a resident of Goutroux, after joining us via our orange button Alert us. Around 6:10 am on Wednesday, the young man leaves his house and heads for his car. At that moment, a luminous phenomenon would have attracted his attention in the sky: "It lasted for a second, it explains, justifying the fact that it does not have photos of the phenomenon, but the light was very dense It was like a ball of fire going down with a long white trail in the back, there was blue at the level of the ball. "

"I wonder if anyone else has seen the same thing"

David, a Brussels cook, went out to smoke a cigarette with a colleague in front of his workplace in Uccle, when he saw the same phenomenon. "It was 6:10," he recalls by telephone, "there was a big ball that fell, it was orange, red." It lasted a few seconds, then disappeared down. On the internet to see if we talked about it. I wonder if anyone else has seen it ".