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According to locals the mystery of the unusual sounds is not new, but has, in fact, been going on for years — decades even.

For Cheverly mayor Mike Callahan the mystery is undefinable, and he accepts the phenomenon as a "fun fact" that brings the town together.

"The booms are one of our amazing little mysteries that drive us closer together," Callahan told local station NBC4. "You know, every community has its lore, has its myths."

While the mayor looks on the brighter side, not all residents feel cozy about the mysterious noises.

Cheverly resident Nikki Greco has taken matters into her own hands by keeping track of the booms, which, according to her, sound like a Mack truck ramming into her house.

For Greco, the loud booms are not just inconvenient, but an issue that has begun to dig into her bank account. The phenomenon has reportedly caused large cracks in her basement requiring a $50,000 loan for repairs.

"We're really concerned and we can't afford to keep making repairs," a frustrated Greco told NBC4.

Until the University of Maryland's seismology department weighs in, locals offer their theories, and maybe there is some truth to the tales.

"I think the craziest one I've heard is the escape tunnel that's from Washington DC, and that they're building a highway underneath Cheverly," exclaimed Callahan.

As of now the suburban town is offering a $2,500 reward to anyone who can verify the source of the booms.

It's a race to the finish line, and who will win? A local resident carrying out her own investigation or UMD's seismology department?