GMO research
The chemical epidemic that is rife in the US is at a dangerous level, and it shows no signs of stopping soon.

The US regulatory agencies have systematically avoided and delayed the testing of thousands of chemicals in order to satisfy the big corporations in which they have secret monopolized deals.

". . . new chemicals come from our laboratories in an endless stream; almost 500 annually find their way into actual use in the United States alone...500 new chemicals to which the bodies of men and animals are required somehow to adapt each year, chemicals totally outside the limits of biologic experience." These are the words of Rachel Carson, from Silent Spring (1962). She died of breast cancer two years later. This stark warning 50 years ago predicted the situation we find ourselves in now, where our food is saturated with chemicals and the government seem unwilling to do anything about it.

Monsanto's Roundup and Syngenta's atrazine are two chemicals which have attracted unwanted attention due to their known harmful toxic content and the fact they keep finding their way into our food.

These chemicals are banned in the EU, yet the US government have continued to allow them to be used on crops in America. The problem really can't be understated, with the President's Cancer Panel, in 2010, warning that up to 80 percent of U.S. cancer cases—currently affecting 48 percent of men, 38 percent of women, and increasing numbers of children—are directly caused by poisons in our environment and food, by Big Food, pharmaceutical, chemical and genetic engineering corporation.

Comment: Read about the President's Cancer Panel:
The President's Cancer Panel is the Mount Everest of the medical mainstream, so it is astonishing to learn that it is poised to join ranks with the organic food movement and declare: chemicals threaten our bodies.
The report blames weak laws, lax enforcement and fragmented authority, as well as the existing regulatory presumption that chemicals are safe unless strong evidence emerges to the contrary.

"Only a few hundred of the more than 80,000 chemicals in use in the United States have been tested for safety," the report says. It adds: "Many known or suspected carcinogens are completely unregulated."

The food experts have rated many of the dangerous chemicals as "generally regarded as safe" (GRAS), even though the FDA recently condemned Monsanto's Roundup ingredient glyphosate as a "probable human carcinogen".

The US is going through a health crisis with rising numbers of obesity, cancer, heart disease, asthma, autism, birth defects, mental illness, immune disorders, antibiotic resistant pathogens, food poisoning, vaccine injuries, reproductive disorders, and behavioral and learning disabilities.

The numbers of these diseases have steadily risen in accordance with the numbers of chemicals and additives being used in our food.

Syngenta's atrazine for example, is found in tap water, non-organic sweet corn, and high fructose corn syrup in processed foods and soda, and nearly all of our factory farmed meat, dairy and poultry. It is linked to breast cancer which is treated in most cases by a drug developed by Novartis, a former parent company of Syngenta. The very companies who are poisoning us are the ones who make money off the drugs that treat the illnesses they have created. A vicious cycle of the most cynical order.

The US government have been known to help out companies (including Monsanto) by way of delaying and allowing known dangerous chemicals to poison US citizens in the name of profits. Since 1962 only a few chemicals have been pulled from use in the US, as it seems the government have turned a blind eye to the crisis happening right now in the food production business.