Charging elephant
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Charging elephant
A mahout has been attacked and killed by a male elephant at an elephant camp in Kapong district.

The attack occurred at Win Elephant Camp in tambon Rommanee, said Pol Col Wasant Banluephuet, a deputy investigation chief at Kapong police station. The incident was reported at around 5.30pm on Thursday.

The elephant, Plai Seedor Mongkhol, flew into a rage and attacked mahout Sornchai Kerdsommart, 38, when he went to unchain him from a wooden post he was tethered to at the camp.

The animal then fled into the nearby jungle, camp staff told police.

Sornchai received major injuries to his right arm and face and his skull was fractured. He died on the spot, Thai media reported.

Livestock officials joined other mahouts in the jungle hunt for the escaped elephant, which was tracked down last night, tranquilised and recaptured.