Owner releases photo of all 4 dogs seized after deadly attack

Owner releases photo of all 4 dogs seized after deadly attack
Four dogs were removed from a Florida home Friday night after police said a man died as the result of an animal attack.

Investigators said the dogs may have left their yard and dragged the victim back in but the dogs' owner is defending his pets.

"My dogs ain't no vicious dogs," Lephus Felton said, adding that he believes his dogs were provoked. "They're vicious to protect this yard. ... My dog is trained to protect this yard I have signs, beware of dog signs, all over."
Owner releases photo of all 4 dogs seized after deadly attack. pic.twitter.com/KBE6HqZUVh — Cole Heath (@ColeANjax) August 19, 2016
The deadly attack took place Friday afternoon in Felton's backyard on the 1100 block of Jessie Street. Felton found the killed man, who has not been publicly identified except to say he was in his 60s, along his home's back fence.

Investigators with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and neighbors said the attack did not appear to be provoked. The victim was taking garbage out to a dumpster behind Felton's yard when the dogs went under the fence and dragged him back here, killing him, according to authorities.

"(It) looks like they went underneath the fence by all accounts we have," said JSO Sgt. C.H. Ford.

Felton, however, questioned how the dogs would have been able to get under the fence.

"How are they going to get him and pull him back in?" he asked. "No. How are they going to do that there?"

Felton said his dogs have only been aggressive when teased by passersby.

Authorities said it is too soon to tell which dogs actually attacked and too soon to say what will happen to them. Investigators said they are working with the Florida State Attorney's Office to decide if the owners will face charges.