Mystery boom
What went "boom" Sunday evening still has many scratching their heads.

Social media starting buzzing about the "loud boom" around 8:15 p.m., with people from Holly Hill to New Smyrna Beach saying they heard it. Some even said they felt the ground shake slightly.

The US Geological Survey isn't reporting any earthquakes in the region. There also were no training exercises going on at the Pinecastle Range Complex located in the Ocala National Forest that could have caused the noise, according to a Naval Air Station-Jacksonville spokeswoman.

A Port Orange Police Department spokesman said he has fielded numerous calls about the noise, but added, "You're guess is as good as mine."

Theories on social media have included a sonic boom from a rocket launch or landing, thunder, an earthquake or another U.S. Navy test blast off the Florida coast.

There was a rocket launch from Cape Canaveral on Sunday, but it blasted off nearly 18 hours earlier. SpaceX's Falcon 9 launched at 1:26 a.m., and then landed the rocket's first stage on a drone ship in the Atlantic minutes later. There were no other planned launches Sunday, according to the Kennedy Space Center website.

Comment: With such a minimal amount of information it is difficult to determine the source of these explosions or booms. They may be the result of an increase in meteors breaking up in our atmosphere or a sign of some earth changes occuring.