Florida UFO
© Via YouTube/Finding UFO
Footage uploaded to YouTube purportedly shows a black triangle UFO filmed recently by a Florida driver.

The footage (see YouTube below) has sparked a controversy after UFO experts linked the bizarre sighting to the famous 1997 Phoenix Lights incident.

But, while some UFO enthusiasts believe the footage could prove once-and-for-all the existence of extraterrestrial visitors to Earth, others believe it proves decades-old rumors that Pentagon is running a black project to reverse-engineer alien spacecraft technology recovered from several UFO crash sites across the country, including the alleged 1947 UFO crash site near a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico, and the alleged December 1965 UFO crash site near the village of Kecksburg in Pennsylvania.

However, skeptics have dismissed the sighting, saying that the triangular formation of lights shown in the footage could be reflections.

The video, uploaded to YouTube on May 21, by YouTube UFO hunter FindingUFO, is going viral online, with UFO enthusiasts saying it could be the best evidence yet of the fleet of UFOs, believed to be triangle-shaped UFOs, that reportedly caused the 1997 Phoenix Lights incident.

The unnamed witness was reportedly driving at night on Highway 46 in Florida, on May 7, when he filmed the amazing UFO.

"I don't know if this is being caught, but there is a f***ing flying saucer right there," the amazed and highly excited witness says as he films the mysterious flying object. "What the... it was moving and now it's hovering. I don't see it anymore, where the h*** did it go?"

"I'm just minding my own business. Man... I hope I caught it," he continues. "I mean, I never expected to see it and it would be, you know, round like a flying saucer, but that was f***ing round like a flying saucer. Dude, I just saw a UFO?"

The witness later told FindingUFO that he was driving on Route 46 when he saw weird-looking lights in the air on the left side of the road.

"I was driving on route 46 (I said 426 in the video, as I read the GPS wrong), and saw some weird looking lights on the left side of the road," he told FindingUFO.

"I thought it was just a plane with a weird light pattern," he continued. "Well, when it crossed the road, and got bigger, I got a little more curious."

The witness soon realized that he was not seeing lights from an ordinary plane.

"Then I saw it's lights flashing, and move across the road, and then hover on the right side. As you can see, after turning on the camera, it didn't last before it disappeared," he added.

Although the man described the object he filmed as a disc-shaped UFO, or a flying saucer UFO, analysts who examined the video claimed that it appears to show a triangle UFO with lights arranged in a pattern that recalls the famous 1997 Phoenix Lights incident.

"The road where this footage was captured is only 15 minutes away from my house," an excited enthusiast commented on YouTube. "To think that a potential UFO was only minutes away and possibly flew over or right by my house! This is Amazing!"

The Inquisitr reports that an ongoing spate of sightings of black triangle UFOs across the country have sparked rumors that the Pentagon is presently at a late stage of a black project to develop a new generation of stealth reconnaissance crafts capable of flying silently, hovering in the air, and accelerating from rest at incredible rates.

The Phoenix Lights incident, probably the most famous UFO mass sighting incident ever, occurred in March 1997.

Thousands of witnesses in Phoenix, Arizona, and hundreds in Sonora, Mexico, reported sighting V-shaped or triangular formations of mysterious lights drifting across the skies on the night of Thursday, March 13, 1997.