richard black
The Syrian War was never an expression of domestic unrest. From the outset, the Syrian War was a foreign covert action, undertaken by NATO intelligence operatives and Arab dictators. The former French Foreign Minister, Roland Dumas, said that as early as 2009, "Britain was preparing gunmen to invade Syria." Seymour Hersh wrote in the New Yorker, that President Bush ordered clandestine operations to destabilize Syria in 2007—long before the so-called "Arab Spring." The Saudi Arabians helped conceal the war plans by providing necessary funding, thus hiding them from public disclosure. Together, the U.S., France, Britain and the radical Gulf dictators mapped out plans to topple the free and popular government of Syria. They prepared the sinister Muslim Brotherhood to instigate violence - and impose regime change on the Syrian people.

In 2011, Syria had greater religious freedom and greater women's rights than any other Arab nation.
President Assad kept peace with all nations. He valued religious freedom and respected every faith. In the midst of the war, in 2013, Christians erected one of the world's greatest statues of Jesus Christ—a towering statue atop a mountain that is visible from Israel, Syria and Lebanon. Our Arab allies, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, would have beheaded anyone who tried to do that in their countries. The Saudis are determined to force violent Sharia Law on Syria. They want Syria purged of Christians and other minorities. Toppling the elected government of Damascus would end religious freedom and extinguish women's rights in Syria forever.

In 2011, the U.S. Department of State and CIA launched its long-standing plan to topple secular governments in the Mideast. The Department of State launched plans for Wahhabists to overthrow Mideast secularists and impose brutal Sharia Law in Syria. NATO Commander Wesley Clark disclosed that U.S. plans to overthrow seven countries were revealed to him in 2001. Not one of the targeted nations was involved in the 9-11 attacks on the Pentagon or the Twin Towers. WikiLeaks published plans drawn up by the U.S. Embassy in Damascus in 2006, to instigate a revolution to overthrow Syria. In 2011, ten years after General Clark discovered the plans for wars of aggression, covert operatives set in motion their deadly plans for Syria.

In Hama, Syria, the homes of all Christian residents were marked with the "Nazarene" symbol. Upon order, Muslim Brotherhood thugs swarmed from radical mosques and attacked them. In just three days, 70,000 Christians fled to Damascus, seeking President Assad's protection. The strategy employed by covert operatives and the Brotherhood was identical to that used by Nazis, who had marked Jewish properties with the Star of David before rampaging against the Jews on Kristallnacht in 1938.

The U.S. and French Ambassadors violated diplomatic protocol by improperly circumventing Syrian government blockades.
They traveled together to Hama and met with violent rioters infested by al Qaeda operatives and promised them full American support. In this way, the Ambassadors turned bloody demonstrations into a revolution.

In Daraa, intelligence operatives employed snipers in 2011 to assassinate both demonstrators and police. Then, they blamed the killings on the Syrian government. It was a classic intelligence ploy. Although there were legitimate demonstrations for the first month of the uprising, there was never a rebellion of "moderates" in Syria. From the outset, the brutality was organized and led by al Qaeda in Syria [al Nusra] and by the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood.

Earlier that year, the CIA, British MI-6, and French DGSE ousted Libya's Col. Kaddafi and had him brutally murdered. They overthrew Kaddafi in order to seize Libyan arms for shipment through Turkey. Turks sent the captured Libyan arms across the border into Syria to overthrow its government. The U.S., Great Britain and France would not allow Colonel Kaddafi to abdicate, lest he disclose their despicable scheme. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was giddy with bloodthirsty excitement at Kaddafi's murder. She breathlessly exclaimed, "We came; we saw; he died!" Their plans had ignited the flames of war across the Mideast, leading to the deaths of a quarter million people.

Throughout the war, incessant attacks have been launched against Syria from Turkish soil. Arms and foreign jihadists have been massively funneled into Syria through Turkish channels. Al Qaeda and ISIS are supplied and financed by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait. Western media imposed a total blackout on a massive five-pronged cross-border invasion of Syria from Turkey on March 21, 2014. Christians in Latakia Province were targeted, and the breakthrough relied on 600 U.S.-supplied TOW anti-tank missiles sent to al Qaeda-linked forces for that specific purpose. Those missiles helped al Qaeda penetrate Christian and Syrian lines and to seize the lovely Christian town of Kassab. Thirteen elderly Christians were beheaded there, Christian churches were desecrated, and ancient headstones in Christian cemeteries were systematically smashed. Turkey has a centuries-long history of vile anti-Christian genocide; it is the principal conduit for arms and jihadists reaching al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria today.

Turkish agents launched the 2013 Sarin Gas Attack in Ghouta. On June 6, 2013, it was widely reported that Turkish border agents had arrested al Qaeda soldiers crossing from Turkey into Syria carrying 2.2 kg of Sarin poison gas. Just weeks later, on August 21, 2013, Turkish intelligence agents and al Qaeda used Sarin gas to murder 1300 Syrian civilians in Damascus. In a scripted propaganda ploy, the poison gas attack was immediately blamed on President Assad. British and American governments tried to use the Sarin gas attack as a pretext to launch direct attacks on Syria. But those attempts failed when the British Parliament dealt Prime Minister Cameron a stunning blow by voting against intervention. The Obama Administration's drive toward war fizzled similarly in Congress shortly afterward. Six U.S. guided missile frigates that had been sent to attack were then withdrawn from Syrian waters.

Claims that President Assad ordered the poison gas attacks were thoroughly debunked. Details of Turkey's despicable poison-gas war crime were revealed by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Seymour Hersh in his report, "The Red Line and the Rat Line," and by respected writer Yossef Bodansky, in his authoritative article entitled, "Did the White House Help Plan the Syrian Chemical Attack?" Today, state-controlled media repeatedly blame the chemical attack on President Assad, although no credible evidence supports their claim. On October 21, 2015, Turkish Members of Parliament, Eren Erdem and Ali Şeker exhibited extraordinary courage by revealing, at a press conference in Istanbul, that Turkey supplied al Nusra rebels with the Sarin gas and missiles that were used in the attack on Damascus. They were immediately charged with treason by the Turkey's brutal dictator, President Erdogan.

Terrorists are the criminals - not the Syrians. Much is made of alleged mistreatment of rebels in Syrian prisons. By contrast, the rebels have no prisons. They murder their captives - beheading, crucifying, stoning, burning or drowning them in steel cages. Rebels post hundreds of videos, depicting mass executions of prisoners and battlefield cannibalism. Many of their victims are women, children, priests and elderly noncombatants. International Law is clear; terrorists who commit such crimes are not entitled to protections under the Geneva Conventions. When terrorists attack civilian targets with suicide-bombs, ravage Syria's wives and behead their sons, they can hardly expect gentle treatment in response.

Western nations promote terrorism. Sadly, the French, British and American governments have trained, armed and organized jihadist terrorists from 60 foreign nations to invade and destabilize Syria. They are willing to use any means, however hideous to topple Syria. Jihadist training takes place at camps in Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. The U.S. actually pays the salaries of terrorist mercenaries, who frequently graduate from CIA camps to join al Qaeda and ISIS, where they conduct mass executions, beheadings, and crucifixions. Those western-trained terrorists enslave Christian and Yazidi women; they rape them and their children. This is a filthy war—a despicable crime against Syria in every sense.

The U.S. led Coalition against ISIS is a complete sham.
We pretend to bomb ISIS but 75% of our planes return without engaging the enemy. In every war we've fought before, we attacked the enemy's capital cities. It speaks volumes that—before the Russians' arrival - the ISIS capital of Raqqa was never targeted for a serious onslaught. Rules of engagement tie the hands of American flyers in ways that benefit ISIS. When Turkey joined the "anti-ISIS Coalition," it launched 300 air strikes against our valiant Kurdish allies—but only three against ISIS. Turkey is closely allied with ISIS and al Qaeda. They will never deliberately harm them.

Russia's unexpected move into Syria was a major embarrassment to the U.S.-led Coalition. The world understands that Russia means business. It is awkward for NATO and the Gulf dictators to claim they oppose ISIS, while expressing irritation that Russia has launched a genuine challenge to the terrorists. ISIS and al Qaeda know that the Russians mean business. They will not engage in a phony war like the Coalition has. Much of the world applauds the Russians for their serious approach to dealing with terrorism. They will not play the duplicitous games of NATO and the Gulf monarchies.

My view is this:
  1. No nation has any right to remove the popularly-elected Syrian government;
  2. No nation can lawfully install a Syrian puppet regime of its own choosing;
  3. Allied military intervention against neutral, non-belligerent Syria is criminal in nature;
  4. No nation can lawfully overfly sovereign Syrian airspace or declare "no fly zones" in Syria without its permission;
  5. The terrible slaughter in Syria is entirely attributable to U.S., British, French, Saudi, Qatari and Turkish covert military intervention—and their failed attempt at regime change;
  6. Turkey was principally responsible for the Sarin gas war crime that killed 1300 civilians in the Ghouta suburb of Damascus;
  7. The foregoing actions were ruthless, bloodthirsty, and morally abhorrent.
Thank you again for your message of support. I will continue to do what I can to spread the truth about Syria and to speak about the need to improve America's foreign policy


Richard H. Black
Senator of Virginia, 13th District
Twitter: @SenRichardBlack