Saudis 9/11

Now they're with us... Now they're against us!
Remember September 11th, 2001? Every man woman and true-blue child in the USA was up in arms. The outrage! The audacity! This is war! Who dunnit?! The American people were shocked, traumatized, and needed to chill and think things through, but their government had a better idea: ride the deliberately manufactured tidal wave of emotion over to the Middle East, with the US military in tow, to get the one man responsible: Osama bin Laden. Sure!

A few hastily-cobbled-together intelligence reports and a few weeks of mass news coverage later, and the whole nation was, predictably, baying for the blood of not just Osama, but all those sand-nigger, camel-jockeying, towel-head t'rrists, wherever they might be! (Or wherever the government claims they might be.) I mean, how DARE they! This is AY-MURIKA!

So where was he, this Osamy? His home country of Saudi Arabia? No! He was hiding out in Afghanistan with the Taliban! The very same Taliban that the US funded and armed in the 80s to keep the Soviets out. But, make no mistake, it was pure coincidence that the 9/11 attacks were once again leading to direct US involvement in the geopolitically strategic nation of Afghanistan, and for exactly the same reason. We'll have none of your 'conspiracy theories' here!

So without further ado, Afghanistan was carpet-bombed and occupied for 15 years. Deal done? No! Saddam Hussein might have had something to do with it too! Well, I never liked the guy (because the mainstream media told me not to), so we were damn right to bomb and invade Iraq and occupy it for 13 years too! Who's next? Libya? Great, never liked that Qua-Daffy character...

bush saudis

Dubya visits Saudi Arabia: 'I can use this sword to behead a peasant? Oh man, this country is just too good to be true!'
But unknown to the American people was the fact that, while they were getting all worked up over Osama, 24 members of the Bin Laden family were evacuated from the USA on September 20th, 2001, by the US government that was simultaneously telling the American people that Bin Laden was responsible for attacking them.

14.5 years, 2 million dead Middle Easterners and a raft of draconian legislation that has turned the USA into a police-state-in-waiting (for the switch to be flicked) later, and the same 'Murica has forgotten all about 9/11 and the millions of dead Iraqis, Afghanis, Libyans and Syrians that paid, and are still paying, the price for the mass manipulation of the American people in service to the protection and expansion of the US Empire. Although, to be fair, most Americans probably still struggle to identify Iraq or Syria on a map of the world.

Evidence of just how far 9/11 has fallen down the memory hole was seen recently in the reaction of the American people to the revelation that redacted sections of the 9/11 investigation report point to the House of Saud being complicit in the attacks. This time, there were no shouts of "USA! USA! USA!", "Let's Roll!" or other jingoistic inanities, and those hoping for a swift 'shock-and-awe' on the Middle East's preeminent head-chopping royals were to be disappointed. The response, rather, was generalized indifference among those who know about the story (probably the minority) and "Shut up, I'm watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians" from those who still can't point to Iraq or Syria on a map of the world.

obamas saudi arabia

'After you!' 'No, after you!' 'Ok, kissy-kissy!'
Can you imagine? At last, possible hard evidence for the identity of the state sponsor that always had to have been involved in carrying out the complex assault on NYC and DC... and no one cares. Then again, maybe no one should care. The die is cast, the deal is done. 9/11 served its purpose, and so did the people of America, and the world, when they threw their emotions and bodies behind (or under) the rampaging American juggernaut1 driven by US government and military officials devoid of an iota of conscience.

So, what are we to make of the tantalizing possibility that the Saudis might be outed as the culprits of that unspeakable horror committed on the American people, and which made them complicit in the slaughter and torture of millions of innocents in far-off lands? Not much. What this 'news' boils down to is not the possibility of any truth-telling about 9/11, but mere political blackmail, and once again it's all about Russia.

Back in February, Russia and Saudi Arabia agreed to freeze oil output, thereby thwarting the US-inspired attack on oil prices last year that was a direct attempt to bankrupt Russia. The problem with the plan all along was that it required a liberal dose of Saudi self-sacrifice in the form of a drastic reduction of their oil revenues. Oh sure, the USA promised the Saudis all sorts of things, but trust is a vanishingly rare thing in the world of psycho-politics, and when the US green-lighted the lifting of Iran sanctions last year, allowing it back into international oil markets, the Saudis were seriously pissed (evidence for this is seen in the record number of head-choppings in Saudi Arabia last year). With Iranian oil online and pushing towards its pre-sanctions output of 4 million barrels a day, the raving misogynist nut-cases in the House of Saud now face even further decreased market share (and a few less gold-plated Ferraris).

The threat now to the USA, of course, is that the Saudis might be getting ideas of dropping their kissy-kissy relationship with Uncle Sam and, heaven forbid, turning towards Russia, India, China, Iran even! Hence the need for the not-so-subtle threat of exposing Saudi involvement in 9/11. So the answer to the question 'were the Saudi royals complicit in the 9/11 attacks?' is a definite 'maybe'. It all depends on whether or not they continue being the USA's Middle Eastern attack dog against Russia. Meanwhile, the real perpetrators are studiously ignored.


1 A huge wagon bearing an image of the god Krishna, especially that at the town of Puri, drawn annually in procession in which (apocryphally) devotees allowed themselves to be crushed under its wheels in sacrifice.