Fuego volcano eruption
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Fuego volcano explosion observed from Acatenango
The volcanic activity of the Fuego volcano is increasing in Guatemala. The last loud eruption on April 12, 2016 was heard over an area of 15km, rocked the roof and windows of houses located 15 km from the volcanic peak and sent a column of ash and gases 4km in the air.

It's not only the Santa Maria volcano, but also the Fuego volcano that shows an enhanced explosive activity in Guatemala these days .

According to Insivumeh, the National Institute for Seismology, Vulcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology of Guatemala, the Fuego volcano heavily exploded four to 6 times on April 12, 2016 sending a column of ash 4800 meters above sea level.

Here a timelapse video showing the explosions:

The explosion were accompanied by moderate to strong rumblings as well as ash falls in Panimache, Morelia, Sangre de Cristo, Santa Sofía, Chimaltenango.

Lava was ejected up to 200 m above the crater.

The eruptions produced a roaring noise similar to a jet engine that lasted 2 to 5 minutes and was heard over a broad radius of 30 km.

Here another video captured by a camera located at La Reunion Golf Resort, Guatemala about 7 km southeast of the summit of Fuego:

The resulting shock waves rocked the roof and windows of houses located 15 km from the volcanic peak.

This enhanced activity at Fuego is disturbing the local population.

Seismometers show that the magma is rising inside the crater, which may cause a major eruption in the next few days.

And this major eruption could look like this one in January 2016: Fiery and furious!

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