The incident occurred in Mbogo zone, Kikyusa sub-county in Luweero district, when Simon Katumba's house caught fire that killed Emelda Nakafeero, 3 and Kelvis Kiyimba, 2.

Shock gripped residents of Kikyusa town in Bamunanika when lightning struck a shop where there were 30 jerry cans of petrol inside sparking off a fire that killed two children and seriously injured their mother.

The Savannah Regional police spokesperson Lammeck Kigozi on Thursday identified the two dead children as: Melda Nakafeero a 3-year-old female years and Kevin Kiyimba a male aged two years.

Their mother Jennet Namugaya (24) was rushed to Mulago hospital after she sustained severe burns on her body.

Police fire fighters, who were deployed from the Savannah regional Police headquarters in Luweero town to stop the fire, suffered the wrath of residents who pelted with stones, furious at them for delaying to react.

They however managed to stop the fire from spreading to neighboring buildings.

It is the third time in a period of five years, that a similar catastrophe is hitting the area.

In July 2011, a herdsman Murekambanzi Karibwami a resident of Nakabiito village in Kikyusa lost seven high breed cows after lightning struck his kraal.

Earlier in the same month, lightning had struck a man and his dog in Kikyusa town, killing the dog instantly. The man survived.

Kigozi warned residents against risky businesses like selling petrol in jerry cans which he said exposed families to fire accidents.