China sinkhole

Yang, a farmer in Guiping, lost more than 25 tons after a sinkhole (pictured) appeared in his pond.
An unfortunate farmer lost more than 25 tonnes of fish last week after a sinkhole appeared in the pond where they were reared.

The farm, part of a local collective in Guiping, south China, was being run by a man identified by his surname Yang, according to People's Daily Online.

Although the cause of the incident has not been officially determined, there has been speculation that the excavation at a local quarry is to blame. Locals reported that water levels in the pond were seen falling at a dramatic rate from about 4am local time on March 24.
China sinkhole
By about 9am, the pond had almost completely drained. All that was left was a gaping abyss with a diameter of more than 16 feet. What's left of the water in the pond was still flowing down the hole, showing no signs of stopping.

According to reports, local residents suspect that nearby quarrying was the cause of the sinkhole as several similar sinkholes have appeared in the fields in the area.

The incident is now under investigation.