Brussels terror attacks

EVERY False Flag Terror Attack Has An Explicit Purpose ...
... Especially When They Are Perpetrated At Key Landmarks In Europe

The multiple bomb blasts in Brussels are as purposeful as those terrorist attacks carried out in Paris last November.

They have been implemented by the very same group of rogue intelligence agencies and secret services to include the CIA, MI6, MOSSAD and DGSE (French SS) on behalf of their NWO masters.

Brussels is now ground zero in Europe as it was repeatedly warned by the MSM during the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks that were staged on 11/13.

Why Brussels? Why the airport? Why the Metro? Why now?

Because, Brussels is the de facto imperial capital of the European Union.

The European Union has no official capital, and no plans to declare one, but Brussels hosts the official seats of the European Commission, Council of the European Union, and European Council, as well as a seat (officially the second seat but de facto the most important one) of the European Parliament. (Source: Brussels and the European Union)

If you talk to any resident of Europe these days, they will tell you that Brussels has become the new Rome.

The vast majority will also tell you that they detest everything that comes out of Brussels. That it represents a European tyranny that was foisted on every nation in the European Union (EU). And, that they had no say whatsoever in their joining such an oppressive and dictatorial institution. And, that they continue to be deprived of their right to decide by way of a national referendum. These referendums have been perpetually thwarted by the EU management team and the MSM.

VIDEO: Neil Farage Exposes And Demolishes The European Union Tyranny

The critical point here is that the EU was painstakingly assembled by stealth and subterfuge over many years. The people of Europe have never accepted it, and don't want it. Nevertheless, once the citizens of each nation were sold out by their national politicians, they were placed under the rubric of the EU Superstate with a whole new cabal of overlords who are only loyal to the NWO agenda. This is exactly why the UK's PM Cameron has been perpetually pussyfooting around this issue with the British electorate. He's fully aware that there will be no referendum held in the UK as the Brits are mostly furious with the EU's creeping imperialism and gross incompetence and increasing taxation authority and total lack of accountability. The bottom line here is that the "COMMITTEE" will not permit any nation to leave the EU reservation; not now, not ever! Just look at how they accommodated bankrupt Greece to keep them in their totalitarian prison.

European Union: Superstate, Economic Union and Military Alliance

In other words, the common people of Europe look at the EU superstructure as a communist super-state that was designed to further control and enslave the people. And so it has, with all the inefficiencies and ineptitude, negligence and unreliability of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The EU is also becoming โ€” incrementally, of course โ€” every bit as deceptive and treacherous, cruel and capricious as the old USSR.

Comment: One wonders if the author might have picked a better example for historic ineptitude, negligence, unreliability, deception, treachery, cruelty and capriciousness like, say, the United States for instance.

This is NOT why Brussels was bombed, by the way.

It was bombed by the World Shadow Government, which looks to the EU as a critical cog in the upcoming One World Government that has an integral role in the global implementation of the New World Order agenda. You see, the EU was specifically set up as the role model for all of the future super-states that the NWO ruling cabal plans to use to dominate every square inch of Planet Earth. The prospective North American Union is also on their drawing board.

Just as "all roads lead to Rome" โ€” once upon a time โ€” nowadays, ALL roads lead directly to Brussels. It is in fact the capital of Europe, even though they refuse to label it as such. Their refusal to call Brussels the European capital is by purposeful design incidentally. They know how strong nationalism still runs throughout Europe to this very day; hence, their stealthy plan is to unfold their despotism one day at a time ... one year at a time.

So you see, Brussels was bombed today to keep the many and various members of the EU official organizations in total check. That would be the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament (2nd Home after Strasbourg). In other words, because the national representatives always receive tons of flack from their constituents about the autocratic functioning of the EU, they need to be feared into compliance and obedience. Many reps have to bite their tongues to avoid expressing this frequently expressed dismay and consternation back in their home countries. Strategically located bomb attacks provide not only the necessary intimidation, but also a new enemy for them to fight that is advancing upon and across the European continent.

This is precisely why the government-sponsored terrorists just bombed the airport and metro. The many national EU reps must fly into Brussels from all over, as well as use the metro to make their way to the various EU buildings. Not only did the various blasts shake up the main airport at Zaventem, which is located in the Brussels-Capital Region, they also hit the Maelbeek/Maalbeek metro station, which is located in the city centre. This is the main metro that is used by all travelers coming and going from the EU headquarters.


As usual, the World Shadow Government will always utilize those false flag mass shootings and bomb attacks to threaten and intimidate those politicians and other leaders who MUST be kept on the reservation. No one is ever allowed to leave, unless they choose to leave the whole bloody system for life. There is simply no better way for the tyrannical and clandestine NWO leadership to send a message to the maximum number of recipients than to blow something upโ€”Big Time!

And so they have ... for the hundredth time!

Now the only remaining question is: Was this the immediate work of the Committee of 300* like it was in Paris on Friday the 13th of 2015?

Paris Terror Attacks Ordered By The Committee Of 300

Lastly, why did they execute this bomb attack today โ€” March 22, 2016? 3/22/16!

There are very specific reasons why they executed this false flag black operation on 3/22. "22" in numerology is well known as a power number which can be utilized to exercise raw force and sheer power for the good or otherwise. Our follow-up post will illuminate what the Illuminati always seeks to accomplish on their days of satanic sacrifice.

Comment: Just replace 'Illuminati' with powerful cabal of psychopaths.

One last crucial point about the timing of this staged terror event concerns the sanctions against Russia. Several of the southern countries in the EU have expressed a strong desire to let those economic sanctions expire. They have hurt Europe much more than they have harmed Putin's Russian Federation. The past few weeks have seen multiple instances where intentions have been stated to let those sanctions expire. Those governments are being given a HUGE message from Brussels where the sanction regime originated and is enforced. Their national reps, who regularly travel into and out of Brussels, now know that they are sitting ducks. Their Anglo-American masters has made sure of this.

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