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Discussion of the historical and scientific evidence that the planet has been subjected to global catastrophes in the past, and that such events may be a part of a cycle that is soon to be repeated. In past podcasts and Signs pages, we have introduced the distinct possibility that the Powers that Be are conducting their little "War on Terror" in an effort to herd the population to a finer order of control because they are aware to an extent of some impending cataclysm(s). Our latest podcast expands upon this theory, and demonstrates with only some of the relevant facts and data that the theory is more than just plausible. Given the recent earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, the interest in comets and asteroids on the part of world governments, and many other climatic events - as well as the current warnings from our leaders that more such disasters are on the way - we relate current events to past events to show that what is occurring on the planet right now is most likely not just a series of random, unrelated events. Our analysis attempts to reveal the bigger picture and its implications for the near future of humanity as a whole.

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