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On this week's episode of Behind the Headlines, we're speaking once again with James and JoAnne Moriarty, an American couple who witnessed first-hand the so-called 'Libyan Revolution' in 2011. Invited by an international NGO to participate in a fact-finding mission, and trusted by Libyan political and business leaders, the Moriartys travelled throughout Libya during NATO's massive bombardment of the country in 2011, observing and documenting events, and personally witnessing numerous unspeakable atrocities.

After barely escaping with their lives when the 'rebels' placed them on a kill-list, the Moriartys finally made it back to the US with bodies and evidence intact... only to discover that their troubles had barely begun. In this second interview with the Moriartys, we'll be asking them about the current political climate in the destroyed country, and discussing some of the myriad connections between the criminals brought into Libya to tear it apart and those brought into Syria to do same.

You can listen to our first interview with the Moriartys here or here. You can find extensive documentation for the Moriartys' claims on their website,, where you can also purchase their DVD, Escape from Al Qaeda.

Join your hosts this Sunday 13th December 2015 from 2-4pm EST / 11am-1pm PST / 7-9pm UTC / 8-10pm CET for what promises to be another horrifying but informative interview.

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Here's the transcript of the show:

Niall: Hello and welcome to Behind the Headlines. I'm Niall Bradley; my co-host as usual, Joe Quinn.

Joe: Yeah, hi there. I just wanted to say by popular demand; we have to say what the date is. Today is the 13th of December, 2015.

Niall: That's correct, apologies to anyone who missed out. Last week we had no show. We had announced it but not everyone got the message. If you want to keep updated with us, you've got to be following our website, our forum or you can just like us on our SOTT Radio Facebook page and we keep everyone up to date there.

So anyway we're back this week and we've got a great show lined up with two of our favourite guests I think we can say. We've had them on before. They are James and JoAnne Moriarty who we had on some six months ago. James and JoAnne are a couple from Texas who witnessed firsthand the so-called Libyan revolution in 2011. Invited by an international NGO to participate in a fact finding mission, the Moriartys travelled through Libya during NATO's massive bombardment of that country in 2011; they observed and documented events and personally witnessed unspeakable atrocities there.

After barely escaping with their lives when the so-called Libyan rebels placed them on a kill list, the Moriartys finally made it back to the US with bodies and evidence intact, only to discover that their troubles had barely begun. If you haven't yet listened to their story in our first interview, do check it out. It's archived here on our Blog Talk Radio page. You can also find all past shows by selecting the SOTT Radio category on our website The Moriartys have a website, where you can purchase their DVD Escape from Al-Qaeda. We highly recommend it.

They are on the line with us right now, so a very warm welcome to you James and JoAnne.

James: Thank you so much. It's an honour to be on your show again.

JoAnne: It's great to be back with you guys.

Joe: Excellent. It's great to talk to you again. We always like to talk to cool people like yourselves who know what's going on and aren't afraid to tell it like it is. James and JoAnne, I don't know who to talk to about this, I think both of you are on the same kind of page. We were in contact during the week and you mentioned that there's something going on in Libya, again. There are stirrings in Libya again, since the NATO destruction of that country and the murder of Gaddafi and its being in more or less chaos since then. But now with in the past year or two with ISIS on the scene, there are murmurings of some kind of ISIS involvement there. Is that the case?

JoAnne: Oh yes. Libya has been a failed state since 2011 with Hilary Clinton and her gang of cabal went in there illegally and took over that country bombed it to oblivion. Jimmy and I were in Libya since January 2007 doing business, so we know Libya very well. We know the Libyan people very well. But while we were there during the fact finding commission we became very close with the tribes of Libya. Libya had a pure democracy in their country. They had a peoples' representative with a congress in which all the people were elected and then they had a second house that was comprised of leaders of all the tribes in Libya. That tribal function was basically the shadow government in Libya and they could remove politicians that were corrupt if they wanted to.

But we became very close with the supreme leader of all the tribes and a lot of tribal leaders and they appointed us as the spokespersons for the tribes of Libya because nobody was speaking for the tribes of Libya. So from that point forward, even after we got back to the United States and even after the defence intelligence agency and the FBI and the CIA were in our house, they became very impressed with our knowledge because the tribes are all over Libya. They're on the ground and they have a great communication between them and they know everything that's happening in their country all the time.

So when they called this week they told us that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of ISIS, had arrived in Sirte, Libya with an entourage and were joined by the head of Boko Haram from Nigeria, leaders of Ansar al-Sharia out of Egypt and a whole bunch of other terrorist leaders. They're meeting in a conference hall in the middle of Sirte and - I can't pronounce it - the word is the name for the capital of Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou). He pronounced it very easily. I can't. That's the name of the hall.

James: Let me bring that into perspective a little bit. We're talking about the leaders of all the terrorist organizations from all over the world. They were brought into Sirte after they had cleared Sirte of all the satellite dishes for 150 miles around Sirte. Sirte was blown up during the NATO and US invasion. That was the homeland of Gaddafi and they really almost levelled the city. It was about 300,000 people. So people had moved back in there, they moved everybody out or everybody left that was not an ISIS or radical Islamist.

JoAnne: It wasn't safe for them there, so they left.

James: So the only people left were radicals and ISIS has owned Sirte for probably 12-14 months. But in the last three or four weeks, all the satellite dishes, all the cell phone links, all their towers and everything, were all removed. So there's absolutely no communication in and out of Sirte except in the hands of ISIS.

So we heard that several weeks ago and really didn't think too much of it; then four or five days ago, the Mossad and the Turkish intelligence started escorting these ISIS leaders and these other radical leaders from all over the world into Sirte. So that explained why they had blocked Sirte off and they're having these meetings. We'd been told for a long time when Russia started really attacking ISIS in Syria and in Iraq that ISIS was moving en masse into Libya because Libya's a failed state and they are insistent in owning, if you would, that country.

I'll give you another thing that we'll have to kind of read between the lines; but we were also told that a shipload of 60 brand new Toyota SUVs, manufactured in the United States were delivered into Sirte so of course the ISIS guys can travel around in style.

JoAnne: (inaudible)

James: All the Toyotas made in the United States cannot be exported.

JoAnne: That's what they say.

James: Toyota has treaties. If it's to be sold outside the United States it's to be manufactured in Japan. And we know that to be a fact because when we were in Libya years and years ago they wanted to buy 500 Toyota trucks because they're very dependable and they had smaller engines and they really wanted them for the civilian and the military. We could not get delivery on a single Toyota truck made in the United States because the treaties and everything did not allow it.

So how did 60 brand new Toyota SUVs made in San Antonio, Texas arrive, coincidentally, about the same time that these ISIS leaders land in Sirte? Where's the support coming from?

Joe: Right.

Niall: Indeed. These Toyota pickups are made in San Antonio!

James: Oh yeah. Toyota has a big factory in the United States, in San Antonio. This is a Sequoia. These are like a Land Rover and smaller pickups and all that stuff. They're made here, their truck frame, they're real durable. They're preferred really above the Japanese units because they've got larger radiators and able to handle more heat and everything like that, so they're perfect for the adverse climate in Libya.

Niall: Interesting. I'm reminded of a news item I think a year ago, this plumber from Texas goes, "Hold on a second!" He's looking at a front page news and there's an image of some ISIS guy, jihadi nut job on the back of a pickup firing a mounted cannon and on the side of this pick up it's marked, "The Plumber. Call here" in Texas. (Laughter) And he's like, "That was my car!"

Joe: How did it get there if it didn't come directly from Texas? The guy sold it after he didn't need it or something and then it ends up in Syria. That alone almost bears out what you're saying about these Toyota trucks coming directly from the US. There is obviously a channel for that kind of stuff to go directly from the US to the Middle East and it's not going to happen without US Customs being involved, right?

James: No, not at all. If you remember when ISIS rolled out of Jordan into Iraq, they had a string of Toyota pickup trucks with anti-aircraft weapons mounted on the back, as far as the eye could see. And they were rolling out of Jordan which was the CIA training centre for ISIS in Jordan. They rolled into Iraq and that was non-stop. Those were all US Toyota pickup trucks.

Joe: You know what gets me about this whole situation? This is just one small example of what I'm talking about, is how it's so screamingly obvious and should be to everybody that ISIS is a proxy force of western powers of the US and of the Israelis. And there's so much evidence that's the case but they still are able to get up there and say, "Yeah, we have to defeat ISIS." Dude, you're shipping those trucks! You're shipping those weapons! What are you talking about?!?

JoAnne: I think it's the fluoride in the water or something. I don't know what the problem is.

Joe: Probably.

James: The guy that's head of ISIS is one of the leaders of Mossad and he's of course got an Arabic sounding name.

JoAnne: Bagdadi.

James: The other big leader for ISIS is John McCain. Now he's not in Syria right now.

Joe: No.

Niall: But he could be any day.

JoAnne: He could be. He'll show up there I'm sure. He'll be calling those guys his best friends and his buddies.

Joe: Talk just a little bit about that, about this Bagdadi. You mentioned that he and ISIS were trucked in, in Libya over the past few weeks with the help of Mossad. In our previous show you mentioned you established good relationships with members of the tribal people in Libya years ago and they're still giving you information about this and this is where you're getting this from, right?

JoAnne: Yes, yes the tribes of Libya. The thing that's interesting that you have to realize about Israel and the Mossad and stuff is that they're not the real Jews. They're the Karzais. They have co-opted the Jewish religion and taken it over. Do you ever wonder why there's no ISIS attacking Israel, ever?

Joe: Right. That's the question.

JoAnne: Why are they treating ISIS wounded from Syria in Israel? And Bagdadi is Israeli. He was trained there. It's a fairly well known fact that he is working under cover. They've caught lot of Israeli generals or colonels helping in Iraq. The Arab people, whether they're Muslims or Christians all know this over in North Africa and the Middle East. They know that. It's a well known fact to them that Israel supports all these terrorist groups and works with the cabal. They are the leader of the cabal.

James: Forever we, US citizens couldn't understand why the rest of the world hated us so much because gosh, we were white hats. We were trying to protect the people. The truth is finally coming out, all the heinous activities the United States has been involved in, all the false flag operations, all the overthrow of countries that the US has been involved in. It's really a sad awakening for us.

I want to remind your audience that JoAnne and I were never political activists.

JoAnne: Political.

James: We're business people. And the reason we were in Libya was because we have a proprietary product that absolutely rejuvenates oil wells and cleans up pipe lines and sludge pits and chicken fat. We had booked more business than anybody could ever imagine in Libya. So we were proactive to help Libya quell their civil disobedience, if you would, so that our business could get back on track. So when we went into Libya to head the fact-finding commission, we didn't really know why we were invited to do it but we were absolutely proactive because our business was very important to us. We had leveraged 15 years worth of very successful work into opening up a complete new, large-scale, integrated enzyme plant. We moved all our production and marketing and everything into Libya and consequently lost everything.

But during 2011 when Libya was being blown up, we went in there to try to see if we could get the truth out about what really was going on in Libya because we knew none of that was true. I was in Libya in 2011 from the first of January until the 8th of February. The false flag operations started about 10 days after I left. We kept trying to tell the politicians here in the United States how wrong-footed the United States was. The US was supporting Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and Ansar al-Sharia, all the bad guys. The news media around the world knew it but in the United States, "No, that never happened".

When we saw John McCain putting his arms around these rebels and saying, "These are my heroes" and he did that in Libya and Syria. He's done it everywhere.

JoAnne: That's his proxy army. Of course they're his heroes.

James: So it really was disheartening to us. But we were not political activists. We became truth tellers, if you would, because of what we saw in Libya in 2011 and what has happened to us since then. When we were in Libya, everybody was trying to do business; selling arms, whatever and we told the tribes as long as there's blood running in the streets we won't do any business. We're just going to try to help Libya get back to the place it was. And we elected to put the tribal unit in the limelight because the government of Libya was already a burned card. There had been so much negative press put out about Libya that we knew there was nothing we could do to clean that up. There wasn't enough babble in the world to shine them up.

But the tribes, that was an unknown commodity. So JoAnne and I elected to go to all the tribal functions we could. And we did. There were 800 and something tribes in Libya; 98% of everybody in Libya is members of tribes and they were holding these rallies all the time. So we would go to these rallies and here are two little white faces. They'd always put us in the front row and of course the cameras would pan to us.

So we were showing our support as US citizens - not as government or anything - we were showing our support...

JoAnne: 80-95% of the Libyans that were against any revolution in Libya. They were against it.

James: So the Libyan people and the tribes appreciated what we were doing for them. So we continued to try to help them. They would provide us information. But of course we were frustrated because we couldn't forward it to anybody. Nobody here wanted to hear about it. That's how we became close to them and that's how we got to know the tribal leaders. That's how we got to know their structure. It was a concerted effort on our part, but the truth was they appreciated what we were doing and in fact they told JoAnne one time, "You and your husband had saved the face of the United States for the people of Libya. They appreciate the US citizens even though the government is horrible."

JoAnne: You know the irony of Libya that most people don't understand - maybe some of the listeners will remember when we talked about this - Libya's an 8,000 year old culture and the iron of the whole thing is that they were the most progressive Muslim country in the world and absolutely hated radical Islamists. A radical Islamist in Libya was in prison. There were about 4% of the Libyans that were radical and most of them were outside. They were in exile or they were in prison and those are the people that the US, Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama joined hands with to take over the country.

Now they've turned this country into the headquarters for Islamic radical terrorism.

Joe: Right.

JoAnne: So if that's not irony, I don't know what is. It's one of the world's worst war crimes ever, 600,000 dead, 128 mass graves and the country blown up. It's unbelievable what they did to that country and half the Libyans are still living in exile. But like our tribal leaders told us yesterday, all the tribes have united to bring Libya back to the country that it was and they are ready to take it back. They know how to take it back. They can do it very easily if they had the support of any country that would step forward and support them because still the UN holds their weapons embargo against the Libyan army. They don't allow them to buy any weapons. ISIS and all the terrorists there bring in weapons every day, brought in through Turkey, brought in by Qatar, a lot of US weapons supplied by the US to Turkey to bring into Libya. They come in through Mitiga airport. They come in through Misrata port. They come in through Sirte port. They come in all the time.

James: Every day there's a plane load of terrorists with weapons that lands in Mitiga airport and of course they have plenty of money and they have weapons and training and the poor Libyans are not allowed to have any weapons to defend themselves because the agenda of course is to keep that failsafe.

JoAnne: Libya is to be the homeland of the terrorists now. It's crazy, you know!

Joe: What you're saying is very relevant in more ways than one. Today for example, there was a meeting of foreign ministers from many western countries in Rome and they were discussing what to do about the potential problem of ISIS in Libya. So this is very much happening right now.

JoAnne: They could block Sirte. They could do that.

James: Listen, if Russia is listening, we can give you the latitude and longitude of the building (Laughter) where you can get all the ISIS leaders in one fell swoop if you're serious!

JoAnne: For sure.

Niall: That's the question. Are they serious?

Joe: The thing about this is there are several reports in the news today. One story from Fox News, which isn't very reliable, but it seems to be pretty much saying what we know to be true. I'll give you the opening sentence which is, "With ISIS expanding in Libya getting ever closer to prize oil fields and ramping up its propaganda there's a sudden flurry of diplomatic activity". My question here is, with Russia's over two-months-long bombardment, air strikes, on ISIS in Syria and forcing the west to put on a show of getting rid of ISIS out of Syria and forcing the Syrian situation to some kind of a diplomatic solution, is the hidden hand behind ISIS planning to move ISIS to Libya and make it the next staging ground for ISIS?

JoAnne: Yes.

James: They've been setting that up for some time and as Russia has been successful in bombing ISIS in Syria and in Iraq, of course Turkey moved in to protect the oil production in Iraq that ISIS has been stealing and selling to Israel at $8.00 a barrel and Erdogan's son collects $8.00 a barrel for transporting it. There were about 8,700 some-odd tank trucks. Russia's knocked out 1,270 of them. But those tank trucks run as far as the eye can see. About a million barrels a day of Iraqi oil is being stolen by ISIS, sold to Israel at $8.00 a barrel, Erdogan's son is picking up about $8.00 a barrel for transporting it and of course when that was being threatened by Russia, then Turkey moves in 1,000 tanks and soldiers and everything, to protect the oil fields that ISIS is producing.

And Turkey was not invited into Iraq! How did they get in there? How was that allowed? And Turkey says, "No, we are in training soldiers."

JoAnne: It's interesting that Iraq didn't know about it.

James: Yeah, Iraq had nothing to do with that. So what kind of soldiers are they training? Listen to what they say. It's so in your face that it really doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the truth is there if you'll just read about it.

Joe: Well, the Turks were bullshitting that they were in Iraq to train Kurdish forces they said and then three days later there was another report where Turkey said it was now going to bomb Kurdish forces.

James: There you go.

Joe: In Iraq. So who are you really training?! Just come clean here! Everybody knows it. Stop bullshitting the entire world, in their face! It's just insulting.

JoAnne: How do they get away with shooting down a Russian plane that actually never came into their airspace because it was their sovereign airspace? And they go into Iraq and act like, "Well that's okay. We can do that." Well, what Iraq should say is, "We're going to now blow you up because you're on our sovereign land."

James: And of course the US started bombing again in Syria. But do you know who they're bombing? The legitimate Syrian army!

Joe: Right.

Niall: Exactly.

Joe: It's ridiculous! One of the things that one of our listeners just wondered about was would it be possible for the Libyan government to ask the Russian government for help the same way the Syrian government.

JoAnne: They have. They had a legitimate election in Libya a couple of years ago and the Libyan people voted out all the Muslim Brotherhood and the Ansar Al-Sharia puppets that were put in there by the US and NATO. They voted them out. Well as soon as that vote came out, the Muslim Brotherhood said, "We don't recognize the election" and started trying to kill and blow up the houses of the people who were legally elected.

James: They kidnapped their wives. They killed their children.

JoAnne: Those people had to leave and go to Tobruk. That's where the government sits, but it's very weak. It can't gain any weapons.

James: And why are they weak, because the US is supporting the armed radicals in Tripoli. The US and their ambassador keep trying to force the duly elected government to join hands with the radicals.

JoAnne: That control Tripoli with weapons, by force. They play a dirty game. This is exactly what he said. He said, "You know they try to play a dirty game. They assign someone like Leon" - the Spanish guy who's a Zionist, who's also a member of Muslim Brotherhood - "by the UN to run Libyan affairs." Then that guy failed so now they've got a German guy is not helping anybody. He just wants to have the two governments talk. There are not two governments. There's one government and there's another one that has posted itself as a government. The US is now trying to put in the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood from the United States as the head of the foreign affairs in Tripoli.

Joe: So this government in Tripoli is basically just made up of western backed radicals, right?

JoAnne: Exactly.

James: They're holding their seats by...

JoAnne: Force.

James: ...weight of their guns.

Joe: Right. And the guys in Tobruk are the ones I read about who were forced to set themselves up in a ferry. Is that right?

JoAnne: Yes.

Joe: They were having their meetings in a ferry.

JoAnne: It was either that or die; they were going to be killed and blown up or run and hid or run out of the country.

James: And Deborah Jones who is the ambassador for the United States in Libya meets constantly with the radicals. She very, very seldom meets with the legitimate government. She's been trying to set up a consulate in Misrata, the head of the snake of all the radical Islamists...

JoAnne: No, that's the head of the snake of the militias.

James: Yeah.

JoAnne: There are three different things happening in Libya. You've got the militias that were supposedly the old rebels. Most of them are radical, Libyan Islamic fighting group prior to 2011. They live in Misrata and they control Misrata to Tripoli. Then you've got Tripoli controlled mostly by the Muslim Brotherhood with weapons, with guns or bombs or whatever they have. That's how they control Tripoli. Then you've got Tobruk which is the legitimate government, but you've still got fighting going on in Benghazi all the time between the ISIS groups and the Libyan army, whatever group it's got. And they've got that other general that's there, Khalifa, who's not really an appointed...

James: He's a CIA guy.

JoAnne: He's a CIA guy.

James: The fact is that there is no government but everybody with their eyes open knows that the militia in Misrata are nothing but cutthroats. They know that Tobruk is a gangland environment, yet the United States caters to those areas.

JoAnne: No, not Tobruk. You meant Tripoli.

James: Tripoli. And this Deborah Jones has been trying to set out a consulate in Misrata, an official residence for the United States.

JoAnne: Another thing you have to understand is that the Libyan passport office was controlled by Ansar Al-Sharia and Al-Qaeda as soon as the war was over and began issuing hundreds of thousands of Libyan passports.

James: October 2011.

JoAnne: And now you have in Libya lots of mercenaries who are not Libyans. So the real tribal people of Libya, a lot of them are gone, outside in exile.

Joe: Just on the Russian thing that I mentioned; I was reading today that according to Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, he said that they're very concerned about what's happening in Libya with ISIS and they would like to stop ISIS or anyone like that getting a foothold there but he said that they haven't been asked by the Libyan government and that's understandable because the way the west is pushing it, there is no Libyan government, right? They're promoting the rebels and radicals.

James: I know for a fact that's not true.

JoAnne: The Tobruk government, the Prime Minister there has asked - it's been in the news the last three days - he has requested Russia to come and help them. It's in the news. There are some meetings I think going on. I don't know if anything's been publicized yet, but even Putin said before that he will chase ISIS into Libya. He said that. And the Libyans are more than welcoming to him, "Put a base in our country. We're happy. Put one there." this would end Africom. That would be so great!

James: Here's something that everybody needs to understand too. Russia has taken the legal steps to be wherever they are. They asked Syria. Syria invited them in. They went to the UN. They got UN approval. So UN has approved Russia's attack on the terrorists ISIS and their associates in Syria. The US never did that. The US was not invited. They're not legally in Syria nor is anybody else, just Russia.

In Iraq, the US has been blackmailing Iraq since they blew up that country and they've been putting in their own mercenaries and raping that country and not allowing them to have any kind of sovereignty at all. So Iraq has now asked that Russia come in and attack ISIS for them and they cancelled their agreement with the United States and are inviting Russia in. You can read today the liars from Washington, DC are saying oh they have an excellent relationship with Iraq.

Now we know that's not true because I guess it's been almost a year ago, if you remember there was a great big fight in the Mosul area and the Russian army was said by the media to have abandoned all their weapons...

JoAnne: Iraqi army.

James: I mean Iraqi army. Pardon me. I'm having brain fart today. (Laughter) So the Iraqi army demanded that they leave all their weapons, by the US. And one of the tribal leaders of Iraq contacted our Libyan guys and they gave me his phone number and I called him and he said, "We are so angry. I'm a general in the army here and we were prepared to fight. We wanted to fight. We were demanded to abandon our weapons and everything. And then the news came out and said we were cowards and that's not true! We're so angry the United States has again stabbed us in the back!"

JoAnne: They were commanded to leave their weapons which were then taken by ISIS.

James: So that was an easy way to transfer a whole bunch of weapons and ammunition to ISIS.

Joe: Right, exactly.

James: Plus there have been air drops of weapons and everything that somehow or another logistics got screwed up and they're being dropped in the hands of ISIS rather than the Iraqi army or anything else. So the lies that are being told cannot be swallowed. They're just too big a ball of dog poop for anybody to get down!

Joe: I'll just read you something else from this article. There's a paragraph that says, "A former western military commander with vast experience in Libya wonders how any of the independent bureaucrats who make up these governments" - the two governments that they say are in Libya - "will manage to control the tribes and the militias that he says are the real power in Libya right now."

James: That's because legitimate Libyans are tribal members.

Joe: Right. And they are the real power. They're the most Libyans.

JoAnne: I just asked this question yesterday, all the tribes have joined together to take their country back. They have no disagreements between them. And they said, "We could do it very quickly if we had any support from anywhere." And why would some country like, for example Italy, not support Libya in getting rid of these radicals that are right across the Mediterranean from them and could lob a missile onto them anytime? What kind of blackmail? What kind of power does the cabal or the bankers or banksters or the Rothschilds or the US or anybody have over these countries that they don't allow them to do what's pure common sense?

When we were in Libya during the war we sat with the Prime Minister from South Africa. His name was H.E. Dangor. He was a plenipotentiary ambassador to South Africa. And we were asking him why would South Africa join NATO against Libya because Libya and South Africa were good friends and Gaddafi was very good friends with South Africa. And he said, "We didn't want to but your secretary of state showed up in our country, Hilary Clinton, and told us in no uncertain terms that if we didn't join her battle against Libya that we might find rebels in our back yard." He said it was like this woman had a closet full of them. I said, "That's her proxy army."

James: Like she had a closet of them that she could drop down any place she wanted to.

Niall: Interesting. And we suspect that that's the stick they hold over a lot of people. We even think they hold the stick over Erdogan of Turkey and the Saudis, as much as they are willingly involved in this situation, their hands are also bound because at any moment these guys can start coming over the border into their country.

James: We know for a fact that's true because we're very, very close with some folks in Kuwait. One of our dearest 30-year-long friend, is about 4th echelon royal family there and when we were asking them - and that's a long story about how we had been trying to help Libya with donation of some life-saving equipment. So when they made a donation of $50 million to buy the jaws of life and other equipment to help the Libyan people, the United States secretary of state, Hilary Clinton, told them, "Well make that donation to Qatar because they're handling all the...

JoAnne: All the funds.

James: ...all the funds and everything." and they said, "If you're so interested in Libya, you also need to join our efforts in getting rid of Gaddafi and that government and everything" and Kuwait said, "Well we're not really interested in doing that" and they said, "Oh yeah, you need to do that because you might have rebels in your own back yard." So we know that's exactly what she says because we got it from two completely separate sources that are totally valid.

JoAnne: This is a woman who lost $6 billion in the state department. It's missing.

Joe: Right, yeah. There's another comment in this article talking about what might happen to Libya. It says, "Money is a pivotal part of the story. It's in very short supply in the country but in abundance abroad. Whoever unlocks Libya's deadlock will have access to frozen billions if not trillions of Gaddafi cash."

James: First of all, it wasn't Gaddafi cash.

Joe: Right.

James: There was 150 billion in Euros in EuroClear. There was $141 billion in the Federal Reserve and these were in cash and cash equivalents. That was part of the requirement to remove the sanctions from Libya because there was not a Rothschild bank in Libya prior to 2011. The week the revolution started, immediately the rebels had a Rothschild central bank.

JoAnne: Transitional National Council.

Niall: Yeah.

James: It was a billion dollars.

JoAnne: Like the Free Syrian Army. They give them these names.

James: Now then, that money's missing. All that money that was in the Federal Reserve and EuroClear is missing. The 179 tonnes of gold, the 2,000 tonnes of silver, 120 tonnes of platinum and all the other rare earths and heavy earths and everything that were in Libya in the central bank, have all disappeared. So for the Zionists it was a perfect deal because they could finance the blow up of Libya with Libya's money.

Niall: Right.

James: And of course they had the money in their banks. They controlled it. So who's going to get the money back? The Libyan people aren't.

Joe: Right. It's really galling to me. I read that paragraph because from what I remember pre-2011, Libya was a very rich country. It was the richest country in Africa and had a lot of monetary reserves; it had a lot of gold, no debts, nothing. And then NATO comes and bombs the place and four years later the western media can come out with this thing saying, "Money's in very short supply in Libya". Well yeah! Put two and two together! Lots of money before NATO bombing! No money afterwards!

James: Something we found to be true: whatever the media says, it's exactly the opposite, exactly the opposite. There's never any truth that comes out of the lamestream media.

JoAnne: Well, the media that were in Libya during 2011 while we were there were all CIA, all three letter people and we knew that. Terry Mason was there with us from Voltaire Network and one of the CNN ladies with short blond hair who was on the TV all the time, had a big knife and a flack jacket, got him off to the side and told him she'd cut out his heart and eat it if she got him alone.

Joe: My god!! Was that a proposition? (Laughter)

JoAnne: He was trapped in the Rixos Hotel during that time that they trapped all those people in it at the very end when they blew of Tripoli.

Niall: Well we see where the jihadists get this heart-eating mindset.

JoAnne: Oh yeah! Well, it's Blackwater. They say every time you see anybody chopped up with a knife its CIA training and we were told that in Libya. The horrors that happened in Libya during 2011, people can't even imagine. In the towns they were trying to take over, the people went out to shop, they came back and might find their children chopped up and put in the refrigerator. Horrible, horrible atrocities! You can't even imagine.
But what I want to say about Libya that most people don't understand - and we're talking about the money again - is that when Gaddafi was in charge and he actually was forced to step down in 2006 by the treaty he signed with Condoleezza Rice, which most people don't even realize - he emancipated women in the '70s. Women were free there. He didn't like even head scarves. He didn't like any part of the radical stuff that was put into the Koran by the Ayatollah Khomeini. He threw all that out. For that the Ayatollah put a fatwa on him. The Libyan people had a great life. Fifty percent of all the oil money went to them. They got stipends, but not only that. They got free education, medical.

Joe: Healthcare, yeah.

JoAnne: And if you couldn't get it in Libya they paid for you to go outside. Yeah, free healthcare.

James: The government gave them $47,000 as a gift the day they got married. They got $5,000 for each child.

JoAnne: Each baby.

James: Their first car cost them half of the dealer invoice. Their first house they paid 10% of their salary for 20 years and it was theirs. Their utilities were paid. If they didn't have any money for food there were warehouses all over the country. You could go up without any ID and they'd give you 50 kilos of rice and 50 kilos of flour and cheese and money to have an animal slaughtered for you. People there had a real good life. Nobody had any debt!

JoAnne: This is the cabal's worst nightmare though.

Joe: Right.

JoAnne: You can't have one country where people are free and they embrace every religion. Every religion was embraced there. If you had a book you were protected there. And the Libyan tribes get really upset about people saying, "Well there were no Christians in Libya because they would have been killed." He says, "We're not Saudi Arabia! We protect people that are of any religion. We protect them."

Joe: James and JoAnne, I just wanted to ask you a question here to provide a little bit of background because probably a lot of people are aware that during the early 2000s and into 2005, 2006, there was an opening up of relationship between Libya and the west. Blair was chummy with Gaddafi. Sarkozy was chumming with him. Things seemed to be going in a certain direction at that point where Libya was going to be accepted back into the fold and around it was the whole Lockerby situation where Libya took responsibility for it. It was all going in a certain direction and then within the space of a few years it just went completely in the opposite direction and the NATO bombing happened. What was going on there?

James: Ok. In the first week of February 2011 the department of defence of the United States awarded Gaddafi with the highest honour they could because he was the greatest ally the United States had in the war against terror.

JoAnne: Islamic terrorists.

Joe: Right.

James: That was in February 2011. This one division of the United State government obviously didn't know the agenda. But the treaty of 2006 Gaddafi signed with Condoleezza Rice; he was required to step down out of power. Prior to that time - and this is the thing you'll find in every country that is being attacked by the US/UN/NATO cabal - they're going after countries that do not have a Rothschild central bank. Libya didn't have one.

But making it worse, Libya, like Iraq, didn't like the game that the United States played with the petrodollar. The Saudis and everybody did it. So Gaddafi had formulated the African Bank and that was a gold-backed currency for all of Africa and every Arab country had signed up as members and half of Africa. Now no one would deal with the toilet paper bankers if they could deal in a gold-backed currency, especially with all the natural resources of Africa. So that move in itself was sufficient for the Zionists to want Gaddafi killed and forever quelled that idea of a gold-backed currency. That was the first thing.

The second thing was: the United States is bound and determined to keep China away from the natural resources of Africa so of course they formed Africom, which is the military control of Africa by the United States. Libya, South Africa and six other countries said, "No, no, but hell no!" So that was sufficient for the United States to want to take Gaddafi out.

And then the third reason was: that because of Lockerby and all these things that was the false indictment, if you would. It was proven that Libya had absolutely nothing to do with the Lockerby plane or anything. So that Libya was not going after those countries by himself, he went and read all the treaties that had been broken by all the imperialist countries that had taken over Africa. Of course all those treaties had been broken. None of the payments that were to have been made were made and so he brought a class action suit with all the African countries, took it to the international court...

JoAnne: Against France and Germany, Spain and Italy.

James: All of them.

Joe: Belgium.

James: It was a $7 trillion dollar lawsuit and the attorney said it had legs. So of course that made France and Italy and all the other countries that were bankrupt in Europe sign up to get rid of Libya also because they could not afford any kind of payment.
So those are really the three reasons why Libya, that little, tiny population of six-and-a-half million people, was such a thorn in the side of so many powerful people.

JoAnne: Also you have to understand Gaddafi did more first world activity in Africa than any of the G20s put together.

James: He built power plants.

JoAnne: He built power plants. He gave them natural gas. He helped them develop their agriculture. He dreamed of an Africa that was united like the United States. There's a lot more to Gaddafi. I didn't know him. Jimmy didn't know him. We didn't do business with him, but I got to know him through the hearts of the people in Libya that I came to know and love, very wonderful people, and they loved him. And in the end, in 2011, he was just their spiritual leader. He was not in control of the army. To say he bombed anybody was crazy. He was not in control of the army. And he didn't bomb anybody anyway. That's been proven that it was all a false flag.

James: If anybody would like to have proof positive that Libya was planned years and years and years in advance, look at our DVD where there's a long interview from Dennis Kucinich...

JoAnne: Congressman.

James: ...where he talked about the...

JoAnne: War games.

James: ...Libyan war games were planned years in advance and the war games were executed in 2010. It takes years to plan those. And 11 ships were going to go in the Mediterranean. They were going to start off with a no-fly zone and take over this oil rich North African Libyan dictatorship. Only one of those and the date for that to take place was March 17. It actually started a month ahead of time.

But it was planned way in advance, so this was not any civil uprising. The whole Arab Spring was a false flag operation.

JoAnne: How many police stations were bombed?

James: Eighteen.

JoAnne: The day it started there was a well-coordinated attack and this had to be Blackwater, CIA, whatever, because I guarantee you none of these mercenaries that they hire and train, these radical Islamists, are lucky if they can tie their shoes. They can teach them how to shoot a gun but they're not anybody who could coordinate an attack. What happened...

James: Eighteen police stations...

JoAnne: All over Libya.

James: were stolen and the cars were turned into fire bombs and 18 police stations were hit all at the same time within an hour. When the stations were hit then the rebels broke in, took all the guns and everything and they went from there and expanded. When they attacked the military bases they had bulldozers that had been somehow or another put on a flatbed truck and got in close proximity of the wall of the military areas and they had a special prong on the front of the bulldozer to knock the fence over, a special hook they hooked onto the tanks, pulled the tanks out, turned the barrels around and started firing on the military. So they were well coordinated attacks to gain access to the heavy armaments that they needed. And these things happened all over Libya within minutes. So there was never a civil uprising.

JoAnne: But then they went and released all of the radicals and all the psychopaths...

James: Psychopaths.

JoAnne: They opened all the prisons up.

James: And the people supposedly that were killed in Benghazi by Gaddafi snipers, it was proven later that those were actually snipers that were brought in that were...

JoAnne: From Qatar.

James: ...from Qatar.

Joe: That was pretty much a template that was used in Syria.

James: Oh yeah, same thing.

JoAnne: Yeah, exactly.

James: Well they call it the Libyan model now! If I can go back, you can hear Obama and Hilary Clinton are so proud of it. They said it worked so well we're now calling that the Libyan model.

Niall: That date you gave, March 17, that was the date that a police station was attacked in Syria and it all kicked off there.

JoAnne: The problem with this cabal, this new world order Zionist mess is that they have no problem with killing people. They have no problem (Bad audio) they have a statement. They say, "Well this is acceptable collateral damage". I think that we need to turn that around on them and we need to destroy all of them and say, "Well that's our acceptable collateral damage".

Joe: So getting back to what we talked about at the beginning, what you revealed was this Baghdadi, this elusive, cut out figure just used to give a leadership image to ISIS, him and a bunch of other so-called ISIS leaders and crazies came to Sirte in Libya several weeks ago and the population of Sirte fled because they knew who was coming. And they're there now to what, for some R&R?

JoAnne: They're going to be there indefinitely.

James: No, they actually just got there this week, just the last few days.

JoAnne: Baghdadi just arrived four nights ago.

James: Weeks before it was being set up and the tribes were telling us about it. We didn't understand why or how. Sirte was blown up. The US used fuel air explosives on that place. That's a poor man's nuclear device you know. But now it makes sense because they were cleaning out the entire area so they could move in all these leaders from all over the world and stage out of Sirte.

JoAnne: Sirte was the homeland of the Gaddafi tribe.

Joe: Right.

JoAnne: So that's another in-your-face slam.

James: The reason we contacted you to give you this information so it can go out all over the worlds because y'all have a great audience, is because when we've had this kind of information before, we passed it on to the powers that be in the United States and the next thing that happened is they dismantled the big training centre outside of Derna because up jumps the devil and we knew about it before they even had it organized real well.

Joe: Right.

James: So now we're telling the world, "Here they are. Here are all these really bad guys. They're over there planning the destruction and attacks on your countries all over the world. They're there in Libya, in Sirte."

JoAnne: In Sirte. And all the innocent people are gone. It's the perfect target. It's an absolutely perfect target.

James: They could raze Sirte and it would do nothing but get rid of rats and cockroaches.

Niall: Well it's interesting. There was an article two weeks ago, the beginning of December. This is from the Telegraph, British newspaper; "Islamic state is building a 'retreat zone' in Libya with 3,000 fighters say UN experts, specifically that ISL is establishing a new stronghold for recruits unable to reach the Middle East." It does sound like a kind of regrouping in Libya in light of Syria no longer being so accessible for them with the Russians there.

James: Yeah, but way back there we were told there were 28 training centres all over Libya that were being run by if not the CIA, then Blackwater, etc., where they were bringing these radicals from mosques all over the world into Libya and being trained to then go back out and do their bidding. So we know the location. It's Sirte. And that little pearl that you just gave is a truth. But we're giving you better details. We're giving you latitude and longitude of where they are, and not just those 3,000, but top leaders. And it's not just ISIS, it's Boko Harem from Nigeria and it's Ansar Al-Sharia. It's Muslim Brotherhood. It's Libyan Fighting Group, a thousand names, all the same face. They change their name as you change underwear. They know that that completely confuses the west because gosh, if it's a new name, it's a new group. So everybody's continued to be confused according to the mass media.

JoAnne: Don't you find it absolutely outrageous - and to me it's so obvious - that Hilary Clinton went into Libya and said, "We're going to bring democracy to this country. We're going to take away the tyrant. We're going to do this. We're going to do that." Look what has happened! That was never their intention. Their word for democracy is destruction. The country has been gone now for four years, but Hilary Clinton gets up and testifies in front of the house or wherever she was, and says, "that the reason Libya's in the state it is; is not her fault. It's that the Libyan people can't agree." This is absolutely the most asinine statement any person could ever make and it's an out and out lie!!

Joe: That woman's a witch.

JoAnne: Oh yeah, but cover herself. Cover her and lie, lie, lie. And people believe it! There is more blood on that woman's hands than you can ever imagine.

Niall: Absolutely.

Joe: We need to find a way to get this information to the Kremlin.

JoAnne: Absolutely, absolutely!

Niall: I like to think they're watching satellite footage in real time.

Joe: They have plenty of subs. They can launch a bunch of cruise missiles at Sirte and just cut off the head of the beast there.

JoAnne: Why don't they just take that submarine they call the black hole because no one can track it and they can shoot those missiles off that submarine. They just go over there in the Mediterranean and do it and go back... (bad audio).

Joe: Say nothing, yeah.

Niall: James and JoAnne, the Russians say that they've probably killed about 8,000 terrorists in Syria. At the same time just recently they're saying there are still a lot of them. They gave a figure of about 60,000 in Syria alone. In our earlier show you gave a number of 100,000 brought into Libya... (Bad audio-lost sound)

James: ...somebody didn't like.

Joe: I think we just lost Jimmy and JoAnne there. We're trying to get them back.

Niall: It often happens right when we're discussing something pretty key. So what I was getting at was the scale of this thing. They gave a figure of 100,000 fighters in Libya. We've a good idea a lot of them... (lost audio) 2011 or at least from then until today. Russia's talking 60,000 in Syria now but I wonder if it's not much higher than that. The numbers of fighters can only appear to be growing. That Telegraph article from earlier this month evidences the merging of ISL establishing a new stronghold for recruits unable to reach the Middle East.

As chaotic as things already are, they are going with the strategy they've gone with up 'til this point. They're just going to bring in more weapons, more people. I can't get my head round that. They're talking 100,000. How big are they going to make this? It's mind-boggling. Leaders in the Middle East must know this. They must have some idea of the scale. And you can see how that anyone on the fence or unwilling participants, what choice do they have but to comply because if you've got marauding bands of terrorists everywhere, you've just got to think about...

Joe: Yeah. I'm still trying to get them back here. I don't know why they're not picking up.

Niall: We've got to ask them about what they know that ties this Al-Baghdadi guy to western intelligence. They named Mossad specifically. That's been discussed online but we don't know of any hard evidence or at least some decent...

Joe: Are you guys there?

JoAnne: We're here now.

Joe: Good, dropped the call for some reason there, carry on.

JoAnne: You said some magic word you know, "Kremlin".

Joe: Well it was after that. What was my question?

JoAnne: We need to get this information to the Kremlin. (Laughter)

James: You were talking about the number of mercenaries. The amount of mercenaries brought into Libya was 250,000.

Niall: Whoa!

James: Oh, yeah.

Niall: 250. Well from that figure, some of them stayed and a lot of them went on to Syria. Are we looking at this kind of numbers in Syria too?

James: You're right. As they came into Libya, they were then being processed through Libya and on to Syria and the weapons were also running from...

JoAnne: Chris Stevens was in charge of this.

James: Yeah. All those shoulder-mounted rockets, those 20,000 that were delivered into Libya three weeks after the no-fly zone had been established, why did they need 20,000 shoulder-mounted land to air rockets when, as the US pilots said, Libya couldn't get a mosquito in the air? And then the governments from all around that area said, "There's a real problem because there are weapons coming out of Libya like a sieve. It's dangerous to our governments." This was Tunisia, Algeria, and Niger, all around Libya. They were saying, "This is a terrible thing. You have to control this." And of course the US was the one in the lead and they did not control it. But these 20,000 rockets, we were lead to believe that's why Chris Stevens was killed because he met with the ambassador from Turkey the night he was killed and the man that was serving him dinner told us what he said. And he was pleading for Erdogan to get the rockets back and the US would pay a premium. They just couldn't have them out there. It would give too much exposure, etc. and the Turkish ambassador told him to pound sand, that they were not going to even attempt to get those back.

So shortly thereafter he disappeared. Dead men tell no tales. And those rockets are out there. They're in the hands of the bad guys. And it's not just a couple. You've seen the military industrial complex admit that maybe there are 6,500, maybe there are 8,000. No! There are 20,000. That's a huge amount of accountability that has to be levied on somebody. So these rebels going into Syria, yes, they were processed through Libya, a constant flow of them, a constant flow of arms and everything.

But I'm going to ask you a question. Here's the president of Syria, and he's such a bad guy that he's banned GMO foods from his people yet, if you want to believe the media, he's out ready to blow up any of them any time.

JoAnne: Well they said the same thing about Gaddafi you know. They were all lies. They absolutely made up all kinds of stuff. It's interesting how they can control and manipulate the population with these media lies. The best thing that happened with Egypt was the people stood up and took their country back and that has helped North Africa quite a bit. But Sisi hasn't done much. I think he's also under the threat of, "We'll bring in a bunch more rebels to your country if you do anything".

James: He protects the border between Libya and Egypt. That's about all he can do because he has so much pressure from the US, UN and NATO. So the things that are unconscionable for us to realize is that what is done every day by our governments has no touch with what the media tells us. What their game plan is, if you hear the congress and senators in the United States, oh they want to get rid of Assad. "Oh, we've got to get rid of him!" Why? They've never given an explanation. "Oh, he's a terrible man." That was another country where all religions flourished. Part of Syria is where Aramaic is still spoken. That was the language of Christ. There were some beautiful, old, old historical areas that the Catholic Church in Rome was trying to acquire from Syria. It would have been oldest Christian church known, that whole area. And of course the Catholic Church was encouraged not to buy there because it would probably be blown up.

But these kinds of things are terrible. And of course the sad thing is the winner always writes history. What is history going to write about this time? What's history going to recount of the real activities of the United States and these other allies? What did they do in this time? How many countries and how many people were killed? It's real disheartening for us.

Joe: Absolutely. It's not a pretty picture. It's just this contradiction between the political capital the west and particularly the US, has built up over the past 70 or 80 years of being this purveyor of freedom and democracy to the world and to see them now doing exactly the opposite, is hard for a lot of people to grasp. And I suppose they bet on that. They've built up all this political capital and now they're spending it because they know that there's so much belief in people that they've spread over long years, now they can get away with doing exactly the opposite and have people not really belief that or have people take a long time to come around to see what's really happening.

JoAnne: Yeah, generations.

James: Even the guy that is so-and-so president of the United States, he's not a US citizen. He wasn't born here. He has a phoney ID. He has a phoney social security number and all that is forgiven. So the media here is so powerful they sell whatever story they're paid to sell.

Joe: Yeah. What impresses me - not in a positive way - about this ISIS and Al-Qaeda before them and stuff is you're talking about a lot of people here. You've given some pretty high numbers and the numbers are clearly very high but I'm wondering who goes around recruiting these guys and putting them into some kind of a cohesive fighting unit? That takes a lot of work.

James: I'll help you with that. For the last 50 or 60 years the CIA has been aggressively searching out radical Imams and they install them in these mosques via power and money and everything else. The function in life for those guys is to pick out either the low intellect or the psychopaths or whoever, within their congregation and move them into the junior league and then into the minor league and then into the major leagues. And all those schools and training centres and everything are run by the intelligence agencies; the Mossad, the CIA, MI6, etc. And they have these centres where they're cultivating these radicals and moving them up from a very, very young age.

So it's a concerted effort to take over that religion. And of course that in that religion you used to be required to pray 99 times a day. Now you only have to pray 6 times a day but they absolutely control you. So it's not really religion as much as a political environment.

Joe: Right, yeah.

James: And then they radicalize these young men mostly, and move them through this process and when they're out on the other end they're probably producing 20 or 30 thousand a month!

Joe: And the goal of this, with the long view they took on this, was to create this force or army of rightwing really extremist Muslim fighters, to be able to use them in these Middle Eastern and North African Magreb countries.

James: No, no, no. The goal is not there. The goal is the United States...

JoAnne: New World Order.

James: ...and Europe and everything because their goal is to reduce the population of the world by 6 billion people. They only want 500,000 million left because that's enough slaves to run everything so that the 85 people that own 75% of everything in the world are able to live like they want without the threat of an uprising.

JoAnne: Get to Agenda 21.

James: And then you look at even the new pope, he's for reducing population. Look at Bill Gates and his wife. They're passing out Depo Provera. They're probably guilty of permanently neutering 500 million young women in the world. He's been brought on charges in India for murder for murder of the unborn.

Joe: Right.

James: So you've got these New World Order people and they want to get rid of everybody. So if you've got a radical Islamist that has been preached and told all his life, "You go kill somebody that's not a Muslim and you'll go to heaven" so, they'll have no problem knocking on my door and killing me because I'm like a dog.

Joe: Right. But what they seem to be using them for in recent years anyway, it seems to me that what they've effectively done using ISIS and Al-Qaeda, etc., to go to war against them. Previously they went to war against them in Iraq and Afghanistan and that got US troops into those countries occupying them. And now they're using this new incarnation of ISIS to destabilize the countries themselves by proxy. The result of that seems to be getting rid of governments like Gaddafi's or Assad's, who probably would have pursued a policy of nationalism, of kicking the west out of the Middle East as much as possible...

JoAnne: Exactly.

Joe: ...and using the resources of those people for the good of the people in those countries. And that obviously is really bad news for the west that has lived high on the hog at the expense of the resources of these countries for so long.

James: Oh, you're absolutely right. You see, you destabilize all those countries you can and then you take these radicals and you move them in. Anybody that doesn't agree with you, you take them over. How in the world did Syria have this war going on for four or five years and all of a sudden overnight there's millions of refugees and they're being transported by plane and boat and everything else all over the world? What happened to the last three or four years? And when they come into these countries that have an open door, forget that you've got a country. Forget that you've got borders and boundaries and everything. Just let everybody in. Let them overrun your country. Let them be radical. Let them be armed. Let them be willing to slit your throat.

JoAnne: The security of your nation is gone. You have none. So everybody's turned into Libya which means that any rebels or ISIS group or radical group can come put a training camp there, kill everybody in the town and just take the town.

Niall: We haven't seen anything like that yet. However, we can allow that a portion of these refugees are completely unknown. Who knows what they were doing before; there was a report of a lot of ISIS types in northern Syria fleeing with refugees as soon as the Russian bombing started. So we can accept that there'll be a lot of them turning up in the west.

James: Okay, what we're saying here, is there was a boatload of them landed in New Orleans. Four day later 150 men from that boatload somehow or another got into Mexico City. They were flown out of Mexico City to JFK. They were processed without going through customs or anything. They were given new ID, given credit cards worth $4,000 a month and all the housing and everything; 150 of them on the streets of New York four days after landing in New Orleans. How did they get from New Orleans to Mexico City to JFK? Why did they not clear customs?

And the other thing is that of all these people that are coming in here, they've found thousands of them that have phoney passports issued by Turkey, claiming that they're Syrians. The same thing happened in Libya. They took over the passport office and any radical that wanted one could go to Libya and get a Libyan passport.

JoAnne: You have to look at the terminology they use. They use, "rebel" is sort of a good term; somebody who's going against some kind of tyrannical government to help the people. Now they're using refugees. Both those terms equal mercenaries, both of them.

Niall: You're not suggesting that they're all mercenaries though, right?

JoAnne: No. I think a huge percentage of them are. Here we have 70% young bearded men in the refugee groups coming in, 70% that's a huge percentage of just young men from 18 to 30.

James: Very, very, very few women and children.

JoAnne: Yeah, we've got almost no women and children coming in.

Joe: So what do you guys think is happening now in Syria with Baghdadi and these ISIS crazies coming back to Libya to their origins, in a certain sense, from Syria? What's the plan?

James: I think they'll be staging out of Libya because there's no local government to contain it.

JoAnne: No military that has enough weapons to contain it.

James: The people don't have any weapons there. There are very, very few Libyans still there and the ones that are there have been contained and controlled. So there are 2 million Libyans that live outside of Libya. There's maybe 3 million in Libya. A million of those are homeless. The other 2 million are living in absolute fear.

JoAnne: The dangerous part is, what ISIS' dream is, and I'm sure what Obama's dream is and all these radical Islamists' dream is, is that Libya becomes ISIS, not Libya anymore. It's now the country of ISIS. They own the oil. They own everything and there are no Libyan people anymore. That's their dream I'm sure. They would stage out of there. They would demand seats at the UN. They would demand everything. Was it Obama that gave Morsi $8 billion to buy part of the Sinai to give to the Muslim Brotherhood so they'd have a country? They're trying to make these legitimate Islamic radical countries, or whatever, they want them to have voices in the world. They're looking for a caliphate. In the end they want to take over the entire world.

But they're being used by the cabal because the cabal's only going to let them go so far until they get where they want, then they'll take it back from them. It's foolish to believe they'd ever get ahead of the cabal.

Niall: Unfortunately that seems to be lost or forgotten by a lot of people in the current climate because people are reacting 'knee-jerk' all over the place and casting all Muslims - remember 2 billion people we're talking about here - all Muslims equals all terrorists.

JoAnne: Yeah.

Niall: And that is creating a toxic situation everywhere. It's not just in the US with Donald Trump and some of the things he's said. In Europe people are queuing up, "Please, make me a Nazi again. I'm ready. I'm ready to sign up!"

JoAnne: Yeah. The problem with that is they've filtered in the poison ones with the good ones.

Niall: Exactly.

JoAnne: And how do you get them out? Then this is intentional.

Niall: Yes.

JoAnne: They want this kind of uprising. They want all this unstable stuff.

James: I read an interesting article that said that 70% of all the mosques in the United States had been radicalized and were affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood. Now we can believe that because when we were passing all of our intelligence to the US intelligence agencies, we were told by the interrogator from the defence intelligence agency that the agenda in the United States was being set by Muslim Brotherhood. This was in 2011.

JoAnne: It was 2013 we were talking to him.

James: Oh I'm sorry. You're right. But since 2011, he also said that all translations from Arabic into English were done by Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.

JoAnne: For the intelligence agencies.

James: So whatever information went in there was filtered through the filter of Muslim Brotherhood. So if you take that information - look at all the new mosques that are being built in the United States, unimaginable amounts - 3,000 mosques built in Florida in the last two years and etc., etc., etc. There's this expansion, this huge blow up of Muslims...

JoAnne: I didn't think there were that many Muslims in the United States to fill all those mosques.

Joe: There's 6 million.

JoAnne: Well you know in Libya, when they took over that country - most people don't know this - the used the mosques to stage out of. They were full of weapons and drugs and alcohol. They were the rape houses of these mercenaries. In fact in... [?1:16:49] they razed the mosque there. They bulldozed it because they said it had been desecrated so badly. Naked women were put in there and not given their clothes. There were drugs in there passed out to all these mercenaries. There were weapons in there.

James: They boiled men to death in the mosques. All the nasty, nasty tricks were done in the mosques. That's a closed environment. Nobody gets inside but those that are supposed to be in there. So they use that to their advantage. And unfortunately the rogue CIA guys, Blackwater and all these mercenaries that come from the US, that's their modus operandi. That's what they do. The more heinous the crime against the civilian population, the more impact they have.

JoAnne: Well you know in France they went in and closed the mosques and found them full of weapons and stuff. That's been on the news the last week. Those mosques they closed were full of weapons and other things that are not supposed to be in mosques. So how do you clean the bad out of the good? How do you do that? And this is what the tribes tell us. Originally when this thing happened, when Chris Stevens was killed in Benghazi, the tribes came forward and they wrote out a long offer. We have it. They gave it to us and they said, "Please give this to your government." They offered to go in and to clean Libya of all Al-Qaeda and all the radicals. They said, "If they will just stop supporting them, we will go and clean our country. And then we will join with the Arab tribes all over the Middle East and North Africa and even Indonesia and everywhere and we will clean all these radicals from the world."

James: Country by country.

JoAnne: Country by country.

James: The Muslims we know say that these radical are not even Muslims.

JoAnne: They're not Muslims. And they will happily take them out but they've been stopped. They've been embargoed from having any weapons. At one point in time we were given where the radical leaders were, step-by-step; "They're on this road. They're here. They're in this house. The weapons are here. They're buried over here." And they asked the guy who was in our house, the agent from the BIA they said, "If you will send your snipers in, you can pick these guys off right now, all of them." "Well I don't know about that. We have to go through channels. It would take us some months." They said, "Okay, well then just give us the weapons. We'll do it." And the agent that was there was talking to the tribal leader and he said, "Oh, we never pass weapons to any country, ever."

Joe: Yeah, right.

JoAnne: We had to laugh. Even he laughed.

Joe: The biggest lie ever told.

JoAnne: I know. Even he laughed. The agent said to the guy, "You know where all these guys are. Why don't you just use your tribes and go take them out?" And he said, "First of all, we're not armed and we're not military trained." He said, "Second of all, you put there. You come take them out!" The guy wouldn't show his face on Skype. He turned around. He said, "You can't show my face" because he had been in Libya. They would have recognized him.

James: You can't imagine the intelligence we passed on to them. The 17 Muslim Brotherhood leaders that are now in jail and five of them that have been sentenced to death were paid cash out of the US embassy in Cairo in the amounts of $850,000 down to $450,000. We have a record of their names, where they signed for the money. So the US was paying these guys those amounts of money.

JoAnne: Now why is Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama not on trial for treason? If you're paying US dollars to Muslim terrorists out of your embassy in Cairo, how do they get away with it? And we have the documents. Jerome Corsi reported on that and it's been lodge in the United States congress as evidence. But the problem is you have all these laws broken but there's no remedy because nobody will do anything. Bill Bennett wrote a great article. He said what you have if someone like Trump gets elected who's not a politician, who has his own money, you have their game is over because you can't bribe him and you can't blackmail him. He said I don't know how they would control him.

James: You have to go back into 1871 when the United States turned over all the assets of the United States to the US Corporation and at that point in time the constitution of the United States disappeared. And you've got to believe that that's right because there's no protection of the people by congress or the senate. They do what is best for the corporation, USA Inc. but not for the constitution of the United States. It's a real sad state of affairs when the democratics, republicans, libertarians, whoever in Washington, DC does nothing for the benefit of the people of the United States.

Niall: Indeed.

James: And this country's in a mess. It's over-borrowed. It's over-loaned. We have no assets. They're passing laws here to take away what few rights we had left. It looks like 9/11 was a false flag operation. If you just go to building No. 7 that cannot be explained away. And with that event, the people of the United States voluntarily gave up all their rights, all their liberties. So was that a very successful attack on the rights and liberties of the people of the United States? Sure it was! And how was it that Cargill and these other companies sold short two days before that? How was it that the guy that owned the World Trade Centre bought new insurance coverage five times the amount he had had the week before those towers were brought down? How was it the George Soros and all these companies sold short stock in airlines all over the world and made billions and billions of dollars? And they did this just a few days before the attacks on 9/11?

You the evidence is out there if your people want to look it up but it's disheartening because what does 'John Q Public' do? What do we do to protect ourselves and what do we do to maintain our rights and liberties and our religious freedom and things like that?

JoAnne: For example: the information we're giving you right now and your audience, all terrorist leaders or the majority of them are in this one spot in Libya. Why is not the world standing up to take action? Because these people threaten all of us!

James: Before we talked to you JoAnne gave that information to Pete Sessions whose head of the Rules Committee. He acknowledged that he received it. She gave it to the FBI anti-terrorist task force. She's passed it upstream to the powers that be in this country. That's to protect us because if anything, here we are barefoot and hungry, we are homeless. We have been destroyed. We have been blacklisted and soft killed. They've been 100% successful in ruining us.

JoAnne: They've planted drugs on us. They've done all kinds of stuff to terrorize us.

James: But you know, the greater good from our standpoint is telling the truth. And these things like why and how could all these leaders be there? How in the world can we know about it? We're in a little old pissy assed little place in deep southeast Texas. The town that we're closest to is 280 people. How can we have this information that should be vital to some entity that you'd think would be trying to mitigate the damage that these terrorists can do in their countries. Yet nobody knows about it but us. Gosh, how can that be the case?

Joe: Yeah.

Niall: They must know about it.

Joe: Right.

Niall: Political leaders in any given country in the west are probably clueless.

Joe: They only see what they want to see and that's the big problem.

Niall: They've unleashed a beast here. Do you think this can run away from them? You've already suggested they want it to run away. They want utter chaos everywhere.

James: Up to a point. Everybody in the world is afraid and ready to attack every Muslim they see, so they've already started the process of undermining their junkyard dogs. On one hand they're supplying them with everything they need to go in and ruin all these countries. They found an ISIS manual or book or something a few weeks back. They took it to one of the leaders and in the interrogation he said that the goal is the United States, that these several million refugees are all... (lost audio again)

Joe: Lost them again. Yup, we lost them again. Whistle some elevator music there Niall.

Niall: I don't know any elevator music.

Joe: You don't? We have Steven though, from Tampa Bay.

Niall: Oh, yeah?

Joe: Go ahead Steven.
Steven: Yes, my greetings to your guests. They're very decent Americans and I listened to their story in the past and for the amount of years that have gone by, what amazes me is that their story hasn't been translated into some kind of movie. But it's a very exciting story and it's backed by documentation. I still kind of get the tone of incredulity from your guests and I have that as well. The evidence of all of these machinations and propping up terrorism for larger geopolitical goals, all of this is just totally evident. But what we're seeing right now, which I think is remarkable, is the confluence of the left media, the right media and the establishment media to all hunker down.

JoAnne: I think we're back.

Joe: Steven can I just pause you for a second? James and JoAnne we have a caller on the line. It's Steven from Tampa Bay. Just go ahead Steven.

Steven: Yes, I'd like to say to the Moriartys thank you for your service in being tenacious and getting your story out. I think it's remarkable that your story is so compelling but so few people have actually heard your story. I think that really bespeaks to our times when the so-called alternative left media and a lot of the right media, and then the establishment media all come together to forward these false narratives and keep us divided and to keep our eyes as the public, off of the ball, so to speak, of the larger machinations of supporting terrorism and then pretending that we're fighting it at the same time. It really is remarkable how they've been able to do this and continued to put forward this dominant narrative in the face of just totally blatant and easy-to-find facts about these crises.

JoAnne: You're absolutely correct. And they feed their military industrial complex at the same time. It's a win/win for them. They use both sides.

Steven: Yes. And I don't expect you to say anything about this; I totally have no respect for Democracy Now because you guys should have been featured on Democracy Now plenty of times if they were honest media. I don't expect you to say anything, but Alex Jones really should have been trumpeting your story consistently for years now if they were concerned about true patriotism and where our country is headed.

James: Alex Jones knows us. We've met him. He knows our story. His family knows it...

JoAnne: He hasn't put us on.

James: Alex Jones may be releasing the information he's allowed to release but he knows us. He knows our whole story. Dr. Jerome Corsi's been on his show quite a few times. Dr. Corsi has written 40 articles...

JoAnne: With information from us.

James: ...on World Net Daily. So we've gotten it out. It hadn't had our names on it but that's okay.

Steven: And I don't expect you guys to slam Alex Jones because whatever coverage you get is a favour to you and a favour to our nation but at the same time my dictum is follow the money; any organization that makes millions upon millions. So it's great what they put out but we also have to look at what they don't emphasize and the patterns that flow because it's especially insane; what has happened to Libya. I was a fan of Gaddafi. I've been a staunch anti-imperialist since I was young and it came naturally but it really opened my eyes when I saw the so-called progressive leftwing helping to destroy the government as well, naked imperialism and it's been quite disheartening. I'm going to get off the line but what I think is remarkable about our times is: we have the means of individuals to disseminate great information but it seems like the forces that would constrain a narrative such as y'all's to forward the dominant party line so to speak, are stronger than ever, even though we have the capacity as individuals...

JoAnne: Oh yeah!

Steven: create its own content. Thanks y'all.

JoAnne: Let me say one thing.

Niall: Thanks Steven.

JoAnne: One of the things that happened to us is during the time that the CIA and FBI and DIA were coming into our house Glenn Beck's organization The Blaze wanted to do a documentary on us because nobody survives being in Al-Qaeda's hands and we were in Al-Qaeda's hands for some time and we were sentenced to death and we got out, a miracle. But what happened was they brought in a CIA lady with them into our home and they took our information. They were going to do the documentary and the CIA lady called us back and she said, "I've cancelled this project and you all need to forget about Libya if you ever want to have a life." At that time Jimmy said to her, "That sounds like a threat" and she said, "You stand down."

James: Raising her voice she said, "You stand down and do exactly what I'm telling you or you won't have a life!!"

JoAnne: That's when we went public.

James: Started going public then.

JoAnne: See, Glenn Beck has been compromised for a long time for the CIA to be travelling around with him and telling him what he can and can't produce?

Steven: And I would just leave you with this. I've been paying a lot of attention to what's going on in Syria because the contradictions are just so humongous about how they keep wanting to destroy the government of Syria which is a non-sectarian government and then this is going to potentially put us into a world war with Russia. I see this as the end of the line. Their total narrative is so compromised, hypocritical; it just doesn't make any sense. So I think that we're at a phase right now where the dominant narrative just can't maintain. Anyway, thanks a lot guys and god bless y'all. Take care.

Joe: Thanks Steven. Bye.

James: I'm going to give you some help on Syria. In the part of Syria that Israel annexed when this finally started, the first thing Israel did, went in, in the Golan Heights region that's contiguous to Syria and they annexed that and they started releasing contracts to produce the huge amount of oil and gas that's in reserves in that area.

JoAnne: It belongs to Syria.

James: It belongs to Syria. Israel took it over and they've let the contracts and contracts are going to be active at the time that the government of Syria is wiped out. So that was an economic event for the benefit of...

JoAnne: Haliburton and ... [? 1:33:53]

James: He was right. If you follow the money, the pipeline that comes through, the amount of gas that Syria has is equal to what Qatar has and Qatar's been promised to sell all the natural gas in Europe. Well, if they can transport it from Syria then it does not have to go on the water and that will mean that Russia has control of about 60% of all the natural gas going into Europe. Well the Zionists cannot allow Russia to have that much financial control over Europe.

You have to look at all these pieces on the chessboard to try to figure out what's happening. None of us can really understand what they're doing but I can promise you it's for their bottom line. All these events have nothing to do with humanity, with life, with saving the innocent people. No, it has to do with how much money and power they can continue to garner.

JoAnne: They have their rhetoric but when you look at Russia and they're wearing the white hat, it's an alternate universe for a lot of people.

Joe: Yeah, absolutely.

Niall: I just want to make a comment based on what our caller Steven said. He sounds to me like he had some of the exuberance that I had a few weeks or months ago when Russia stepped into the fray. I thought yes! This is a line in the sand! They shall not pass any further than this. However with this Intel that Jimmy and JoAnne are bringing about them regrouping in Libya, which is wide open, and a bigger territory and far less threats to Libya from nearby, an ocean and then desert, they can easily regroup and expand anew from there. It's really depressing.

JoAnne: The Libyan tribes can take them all out very easily if they have any support from any country. They will clean their country very quickly.

James: If anybody supports Libya I can promise you we'll be on your show every week telling them where the bad guys are spending the night, where they've got weapons stored, etc.

JoAnne: Besides the fact that Libya is full of natural resources. It's full of in situ oil, all kinds of things so that any country that steps up and helps them will be first in line to help them exploit it. There'll be a lot of benefit to any country that helps them because they will go back to the good and stable country that they were.

Niall: I can't see Russia doing it. Do you know why? They'll be over-stretched. They're not big enough to do that.

JoAnne: They have China.

James: Here's what they said. Yeah, Russia has China working with them. Russia said they're going to do Syria, then Iraq, then Yemen and then Libya.

Niall: I hope so. Bring it on!

James: God bless 'em.

JoAnne: And China would love to be in Libya helping with their oil, putting some of their billion people to work and they would be welcome there. The tribes would welcome them. The thing people don't realize about Libya is it's this huge country with very few people and you have desert people there. You have Caliman people there. You have all kinds of people there who know the country like the back of their hand who can hide. Even NATO planes couldn't find these tribes in the desert. They were able to hide; thousands of years of survival. They know where everything is, where everybody is. When somebody moves they know it.

This is how they can take it out. This is how the Muslims can clean out any radicals within their own groups too. These are the people that need to do it. These are the people that know how to do it.

Joe: Yeah.

JoAnne: To just fly over them and bomb them doesn't help anybody. It helps them if they call in the bombs, "We need you to bomb here and then we're going to take this area", that kind of thing. And that's what he would do.

Joe: That's something Russia could do I think, even with just cruise missiles.

JoAnne: Absolutely! Yeah, I don't think they need them on the ground even.

Joe: We're going to have to wait and see how things develop. I think there'll be many a slip between cup and lip as they say going forward. It's a moving chessboard. Listen guys, we're going to let you go. We want to thank you again for coming on and talking to us about it because your experience and your knowledge about the situation is invaluable and I wish there were people with the means to do something on a global scale would pick up on the kind of stuff you're saying, but until then I think the best you can do is keep the people with their eyes open informed and aware of what's going on.

JoAnne: Can I say one thing more about Libya that they would like me to say?

Joe: Absolutely!

JoAnne: People wonder who's going to lead Libya. If we clean out this mess, what's going to happen to the country? Do they have any leaders? They have one leader that they all want and its: Saif al-Islam, the son of Gaddafi and he's being protected by the Zintan tribe and that's what they would like me to say, is that he is the person they would like to step forward to help them. If he steps forward right now he'll be killed, so he can't do it. I would like everybody to be able to go to our website and perhaps purchase our DVD. That's how we survive.

James: Keep us in your prayers because believe me, we have pressures that you can't imagine and we need all the support we can get.

Joe: Absolutely! And your website is

JoAnne: Our DVD is $15 if you're outside the United States. If you would donate an extra $10 for shipping that would be great. On our website you can't do that on the shipping label part. You can email us at and give us your information and we'll tell you how to donate to us or pay.

James: The one-time shipping fee for one or 100 DVDs and god bless y'all and keep us in your prayers.

Joe: We will. And we're going to get this interview up on YouTube and up on our website and we'll spread it around and spread the word.

JoAnne: Great. It's great of you guys. Thank you so much.

Joe: Alright guys, take care.

Niall: Bye-bye. See ya. That was James and JoAnne Moriarty, excellent people. They were in Libya in 2007 on business. They had left I think by 2011 but they returned to visit. Because they knew some of the people there they were asked by an NGO - World-something organization, I'm not sure who it was - to participate in a fact finding mission. So they were travelling around the country during sporadic and sometimes sustained NATO bombardment. The eventually got out. That's a whole harrowing tale in itself. Do listen to the first show where they explain how they got out.
I don't know of any other case where they are actually captive to Al-Qaeda and especially such high profile targets because you've got to remember these people in Libya, Syria and elsewhere, when they get hold of someone they want killed, they have the green light from above to take people out.

So anyway, they got out and they're just a credit to humanity for not running home scared and being happy to live the American life again. They just said, "No, we've got to tell people" and that's why they do what they do. So help them out if you can and we'll be in contact with them.

Joe: Help them out even if you've got the DVD, if you've got some spare change. They're doing good work and we like to support people that we know are good people and fighting the good fight type of thing. That's the most we can do.
So what's going on in the world then? Who cares? Is everybody depressed?

Niall: That's our Merry Christmas show.

Joe: Hands up on the chat room. Who's depressed about the state of the world? There's not a lot to be hopeful about. The representative of our lord Jesus Christ, such as he's known on earth, Pope Francisco Magnifico actually cancelled Christmas this year.

Niall: Oh good! That's one less thing to worry about.

Joe: He didn't say it in so many words. He said it would be a bit of a charade to have Christmas when there's so much war going on.

Niall: He has a point.

Joe: So that's as much as cancelling Christmas as you can get. But then it depends how you celebrate Christmas or how you celebrate anything if you have any celebrating left in you with the state of the world. There's really not much more to say about what's going on. We've said it so many times before. There are ebbs and flows. There's stuff going on in the background.

Just in terms of what they were saying about what the agenda is with this whole ISIS business, it's so clear to everybody now, even almost your average Fox News reader has received a bit of information, a bit of intel into their brains, that the US in some way might be supporting accidentally bad people also known as Muslim terrorists. Anybody who's actually paying attention, and I know there are vast numbers of you out there who aren't paying attention to anything other than Survivor and the Kardashians, but the people who are actually watching the news and have some kind of an awareness of world events, even they, the diehard republicans with USA! USA! The west is great - they are even having their faith shaken to a certain extent and they are having, to fight to push it away. It's getting very, very bad in that respect.

As I described before, it's like the US in particular has built up this political propaganda capital for 70 or 80 years of, "We're the exceptional nation that goes around the world spreading freedom and democracy to everybody and that underpins everything we do, benevolence and goodness and loveliness and wonderful bunny rabbits for everybody." And they've programmed that into people's minds to such an extent and the propaganda has been so effective over such a long time, over more than one generation, that it's very hard for people to accept that maybe the opposite could be true, which it is obviously. And that hard data is coming in and it's conflicting with this belief system that's been built up in people because of this propaganda.

And the US/western cabal can achieve a lot in terms of doing exactly the opposite of what they claim they stand for and still get away with it because of this store of, "freedom and democracy" capital that they've built up. It'll take a long time for people to really accept the fact, "Okay, I can understand now that the US actually is the great Satan" or something like that.

Niall: Well it's like Josef Goebbels said about the big lie.

Joe: Right.

Niall: The smaller things, any individual piece of data is acceptable but if you're asking someone to allow the data in, it's almost like they first have to have countenanced the idea that there's a big lie going on.

Niall: Right. In order to read that data correctly and if they haven't been able to do that first, then it's going to create just pure chaos. People are reading it and if you see the comments on our articles, the same commenter can say, "Jesus! The US is funding ISIS!" But in the next article about another tangentially related story concerning Muslims or a particular Muslim person, "We need to bomb all those Muslims".

Joe: Right. It's cognitive dissonance across the board basically. People appear to be able to hold two mutually exclusive or opposing facts in their minds at the same time. That said, and I think in a quote by someone that's a mark of intelligence. But that's only that you consider both as possibilities, not when you're receiving two bits of hard data. You have to pick one and people sitting there trying to fit two mutually exclusive pieces of data into their head at the same time is a recipe for craziness, for people go nuts or just looking away and saying, "I don't care anymore" or just flying into a kind of belief system; go find Jesus or Buddha or Superman.

But just on the whole geopolitical dynamic that's been going on over the past few years and for a lot longer than that, it seems to me there are these geopolitical objectives. Jimmy was talking about pipelines and securing access for our favoured client Gulf regimes in the Middle East, securing access for their gas and oil to Europe instead of Russia having a controlling stake in it, for example aligning with Syria and Iran. There are kind of two camps there. That is being pursued. But piggybacking on top of that, like a demon on that geopolitical horse's back, is this other even purely evil and insane agenda to bring chaos and fear and destabilization and insecurity to the people of the western world in particular.

Niall: Jimmy's right there, into the US and into Europe.

Joe: Into Europe and into the US. There seems to be a goal behind that as well which seems to be equally insane, but the goal seems to be - like you were referring to earlier on - a version of what happened in Nazi Germany where, again, on this go-round it's Muslims in the place of Jews and other minorities. You have a schism or a fracturing of society on two fairly major religious lines even though for example, in somewhere like France, the majority of the population are not religious at all.

Niall: Including the Muslims.

Joe: Including the Muslims. Most Christians are not religious, but they're pushed into that camp of, "I'm not Muslim, therefore..." and can divide people along those lines. And why do they want to do that? They just want to divide people for some bizarre, nefarious reason. It's almost like, from a broad perspective, the broad goal of the secret cabal or whatever you want to call them, who are pushing this agenda, is to demonize Muslims in Europe and in the west in general and to try and create conditions where they would be victimized in a similar way to Jews in Nazi Germany.

Why do they want to do that? That's the next step because I'm following steps here. They seem to want to do this; they seem to want to do this. But the question is why, why, why? You can understand pipelines and gas and pushing back Russia from a geopolitical power play perspective; "We want to maintain power for ourselves." It's insane but it's understandable. But why would you want to create this Nazi Germany version 2 with the Muslims as Jews in the west? Why do you want to do that, because you hate Semites or something? You hate Semitic peoples? Is that it? Is it that the people who are doing this hate Semitic people, because Arabs of course are Semitic people?

Niall: But then why are, for example, Israel military commandos and field hospitals treating thousands of wounded Islamic terrorists who want to kill them?

Joe: Right, while they're doing that in the Middle East to serve that first agenda of pipelines and securing control and money and power. But there's another agenda being pushed on top of that which is just the attack on Arabs and Muslims. Of course in the Israelis for example, supporting ISIS or having field hospitals where they tend to their wounded and stuff, that is part of a process that has killed, over the past four years, god knows how many, tens or hundreds of thousands of Syrians and before a million Iraqis.

So, while they may be helping the odd one, in the process of western/Israeli...

Niall: They're helping them along to eliminate. Are you suggesting they're targeting a specific ethnos, Arabs?

Joe: No, what I'm saying is that somebody seems to have over and above the agenda of simply having to kill lots of Arabs for a geopolitical agenda, i.e., to secure natural resources. There may be another agenda that that serves as well, which is some kind of an ethnic war on Semites, on Arabs. And they bring that to Western Europe, to France for example, which had the biggest Arab population of any European country and they try to spread it to the US and have douche bags like Trump promoting it. What a joke that man is! Jesus Christ!

Like we said before, we're anthropologists. Let's just look at this. This is a bunch of monkeys. They're not our monkeys and it's not our circus but unfortunately we're stuck here having to witness it, unless you're going to go and garden for the rest of your life and ignore everything else, you have to witness it and look at it and remember that it's a circus and they're monkeys and they're not yours. Yeah, it's a bit disturbing to watch these monkeys jump around and act like monkeys on crack, but that's what they are. And Trump is like a gorilla on crack. And that's what they're doing. He's the head gorilla on crack and he's leading the other monkeys and working them up.

Yeah, it's disturbing to watch it but remember they're not your monkeys and it's not your circus. So speaking of Trump though, we can develop the Trump angle a little bit more but I think the best way to do that would be by way of the voice and the mind of - where is he?

Niall: Louisiana.

Joe: The Deep South somewhere. Aloysius Reilly. I'm going to try and get him back on here now for another state of the universe address. So, let me just try and get him on here.

Aloysius: Hey, big boy. You've reached the Donald Trump hair fetish hotline, the number one place to squeeze one off while listening to surreptitious recordings of Mr. Trump combing or brushing his hair. With over 5,000 high quality sound clips, Trumps been having a bad hair day, a really bad hair day. Just call him at Build-a-Trump Hair 2000 at $2.95 a minute, minimum of five minutes. To hear our saucy selection of colours press 1. To get wet and loud at post-shower swept backs, press 2.

Joe: No, Aloysius, it's for the state of the universe address.

Aloysius: Oh, hell's bells. Am I on a radio show again? Damn it!

Joe: Yes.

Aloysius: Wait! I'd like to take the time today to talk to you about the people in charge of your country, or as I'd like to call them, the upper crust of the pile of shit pile in all these western nations. Along with the special day and our lord the baby Jesus fast approaching, we should pause and give thanks to the wisdom of god for making sure that the smelliest turds float to the top. The top off the of our political skid marks, is none other than Barak Obama, and man so skinny if he turned to the side and stuck out his tongue, he'd look like a zipper!

We all remember the leaked Obama workout video of this jazzersizing jerk-off. But what few people seem to keep in mind is that he has been the worst president in the history of the entire world. He has shat on more of the constitution than all previous presidents combined. He has worked as a flimflam apologist for every dirty deed good old Dubya ever did as well as being ugly enough to scare a buzzard off a dead pile. He talks like his speeches were pieced together from the quiet ejaculations of a retard mimicking Cicero.

Of course Obama wouldn't be quite a shit if it wasn't for his wife Michele and her shoulders, which were grafted onto her body after a freak rowing accident. Apparently they were donated by Lou Ferrigno. If I had a dog as ugly as Michele Obama I'd shave his butt and walk him backwards.
Next on the list is David Cameron, the British Prime Minister. This pouch of shit bricks only got one oar in the water when it comes to foreign policy if you ask me, being about as brilliant as a sack full of old parts. With the look of a paedophile and the rhetorical skill of a crippled mime, Cameron has single-handedly made Britain the de facto laughingstock of European politics.

Speaking of turds that float to the top, Donald Trump is still alive though I'm beginning to suspect it might have something to do with the obviously extraterrestrial life form that has taken up residence on his head. If any person could be more uncouth, I defy you to find them. I'd rather receive an entire massage than compete with the happy ending from Dianne Feinstein than have to sit through one of his tirades.

Never to be outdone in the stupidity department, European President Donald Tusk is such an ass hat that if he ever had a good idea, it'd die of loneliness. If the Poles every wanted to live down their reputation for stupidity, they'd have revoked his birth certificate.

Senator John McCain continues to give every American pause to reconsider the ancient practice of stranding the elderly in the woods to starve. The man's brains rattle around like a BB in a boxcar and I can personally attest to the fact that there's a stump in Louisiana with a higher IQ than this nut-bag. Politically speaking, he's about as useful as a steering wheel on a mule. The chairman of the armed services committee has personally overseen the complete failure of the American military in the Middle East. Never before have the men and women serving in our great nation's armed services ever been so dishonoured.

And last but certainly not least, there's Hilary Clinton who, when she tolerates rape victims and getting convicted rapists off the hook, has tried to cosy up as much as she can to the feminist vote in America. Of course in reality, no woman since Thatcher has done as much to prove completely gender equality. It turns out that women are equally capable of being criminal warmongers. All pretence to her being just like the rest of us should be thrown out the window faster than the contents of a well-used chamber pot. Hilary Clinton is a backroom dealing lush who apparently supports Common Core. Some people have wondered why in the hell Bill cheated on her with Monica Lewinsky, the operative theory being the man just has a thing for tangles, but people being the simple creatures that they are; don't know that beauty is a relative thing. Had I been married to her, I'd would, have been willing to cheat with a rusty meat grinder.

Well my children, that's about it from old Aloysius. Don't you go forgetting the wondrous gifts to that tiny baby Jesus all snug in his manger? Brings a tear to my eye and makes me want to head out for a bit of churching up. Still one is left to wonder if all the obsession over the baby Jesus was really just an excuse to think about Mary, the world's first NILF. Here's to you Mrs. Christ!

Joe: Okay, thanks Aloysius that was very to the point... (inaudible)