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In the aftermath of the unexpected climb-down by the Greek government following its successful referendum, speculation is rife as to why the Syriza government suddenly capitulated to the Troika's 'austerity' demands. One rumor has it that Putin turned down Tsipras' request to fund Greece's return to the drachma. But was that ever in the works? And what happens now for Greece?

Iran is celebrating the 'nuclear' deal that will lift international economic sanctions, but as the country opens its doors to foreign investment, who is the real winner in this situation? Elsewhere in the Middle East, a 'terrorist attack' in Kurdish Turkey is blamed on ISIS, and immediately followed by Turkey joining the 'Western Coalition' bombing of Syrian targets. How convenient...

With military exercise 'Operation Jade Helm' underway in the US Southwest and cops continuing to 'fire at will' and get away with it, Americans of all color are justifiably anxious about what's going on. The answer may lie in Secret Government calculations about 'The Big One', a catastrophic earthquake in the US West, or with impending natural disasters in general.

Your hosts will be discussing all that and more on this week's episode of 'Behind the Headlines'. Tune in this Sunday, 26th July 2015, from 2-4pm EST / 8-10pm CET.

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