Chemicals in food
Today on the Health & Wellness Show we looked at some of the latest headlines and connected the dots to get an overall picture of what's happening to our collective state of health here on the big blue marble. Has America truly become an Idiocracy where citizens are so dumbed down that they trust the people who know the least and ridicule any sort of rational, well-read, informed knowledge? Are we creating a world of dummies through toxic junk-food lifestyles exported abroad, setting an example by being self-righteous, ignorant and deliberately gullible? Join us as we will delve into the details of the corporate shenanigans of Monsanto, Big Pharma, FDA conflicts of interest, sick care in America, and the poisoning of our bodies with everyday products.

The Health and Wellness Show airs every Friday at 10 am EST and 4 pm CET, where we expose the lies and emphasize the truth about health in our modern world. With us today, as always, was our resident animal health expert Zoya, with her weekly Pet Health Segment.

Running Time: 01:55:08

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