Victoria Meteor
© YouTube Screen Capture
Melbourne -- A man testing out his body camera at a Victoria, Australia, beach captured video of a suspected meteor falling to earth nearby.

The video, posted to YouTube (see below) by Overwatch Security, features body camera footage filmed by a worker for the firm as he walked on a Victoria beach on a stormy day.

The man faces out toward the water as the suspected meteor lights up the sky and streaks down toward the water.

The lights are quickly followed by the sound of the object passing through the air toward the water.

The video's time-stamp indicates it was filmed just after 8 p.m. Jan. 27.

"While testing one of our Body Cameras on a stormy day a meteor hit the bay directly in front of me just as I sat down. The sound was insanely loud but only lasted for a second or two. Scary stuff, I was literally lost for words. Hopefully no boats were hit!" the man wrote in the video's description.