This mallard duck looks like Donald Trump
© Margaret Krzepkowski/Solent New
This mallard duck looks like Donald Trump
Donald Trump's unorthodox hairstyle is certainly captivating - now avians are getting in on the act, too.

Check out this duck that looks just like Donald Trump with his unusual tuft of brown feathers sprouting from his head.

The male mallard's unusual 'hairpiece' makes him look the spitting image of the 69-year-old Republican candidate for President of the United States.

But this duck's hairstyle is actually the result of a genetic mutation, often caused by cross breeding.

As a result of the mutation, a duck can be born with a gap in its skull that is filled with a growth of fatty tissue and, from this, the feathers sprout in a different way to the normal smooth feathers seen on a duck's head.

© Bud Newton/Solent News

Donald Trump


The mallard was spotted swimming in Mill Pond, a wildlife park in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, by retired engineer Bud Newton and self-employed cleaner Margaret Krzepkowski.

The pair, who belong to the Richmond Hill Camera Club, said the other ducks in the pond did not seem to mind the male's hairstyle although he caught the attention of everyone else.

Ms Krzepkowski, 52, of Richmond Hill, Canada, added: "This Donald Duck got our attention where we were looking for some birds around Mill Pond here in Richmond Hill .

"This duck - with his unusual hair - got our attention immediately.

"There were many kids were pointing at him and having a good laugh.

"I named the mallard Donald Duck once I saw him and that extra brownish hair growth reminded me of Mr Donald Trump."

Malformed mallard

Malformed mallard

Donald Trump

Malformed and mad
Mr Newton, 75, of Richmond Hill, said: "I have been retired for the past 10 years and live near the wildlife park known as Mill Pond.

"There a number of species there that can be found year round.

"Our Donald Duck is a type of mallard sporting a hair piece that no one in the area has seen before.

"It appears that it could be the result of some cross breeding but the bird people I have shown the photos to have not seen this before.

Donald Trump

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