car chase San Bernardino
The end result of the other, simultaneous, car chase following the December 2nd mass shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, southern California
The US media continues printing reams of unverifiable nonsense about the American Muslim husband-and-wife team found posthumously guilty in trial-by-media of murdering 14 state workers at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California on December 2nd, 2015.

Meanwhile, citizen journalists in the free and alternative media struggle to learn at least some of the facts. The InvestmentWatch Blog have picked out some interesting police reports from the police scanner feed in San Bernardino that day. Supporting what we reported in our earlier analysis of the San Bernardino massacre, one police officer can be heard reporting at 26:27:
"We have two witnesses who watched the whole thing. They said there are three shooters with rifles, without a doubt. They said there are definitely three."
At 52:28, there is a report of "two males, race unknown, removing black clothing on Hunt Lane at the bridge overpass." On the map below, you'll see that this location is south of both the site of the massacre and the slaying of whoever was shot up in that black SUV. Who were these two men? Two of the three gunmen, perhaps?

There is no visual confirmation of their presence, but there is such - in the form of helicopter video footage - for something else no longer reported about this event: a second high-speed car chase following the mass shooting, a timeline for which was extracted from the police scanner audio by InvestmentWatch.

At 1:40:00, police report that a suspect vehicle has been spotted, "eastbound on Chandler." Police next report the vehicle traveling at a "high rate of speed through the water district parking lot." Then it "breaks through the fence at Animal Control." By 1:40:43, it is reported "in the Target parking lot" and by 1:40:54 the suspect vehicle is on "Orange Show Road."

By 1:41:37, it is "north-bound on Allen from Mill Street," then "north-bound at Rialto Street," before finally crashing, at 1:41:53, into a white truck. The suspect, a "male in dark shirt and blue jeans," runs east through the carpark on Bryant Street before 4 police officers catch him and take him into custody.
San Bernardino shooting
© Washington PostThe crash of a suspect's vehicle into a white pick-up at the entrance to a carpark off Bryant Street in San Bernardino, following a separate high-speed police chase in the California city on December 2nd, 2015.
Here is helicopter footage of this crash scene, part of a 9-hour composite video of media coverage in San Bernardino that day, uploaded by the Washington Post. Notice that the suspect is in custody, surrounded by police, and alive but possibly injured. The car he was chased in appears to be the damaged grey sedan. He also appears to be wearing a bulletproof vest, but is wearing a white shirt, not a dark one.
third suspect san bernardino
© Washington PostWho is this man? The suspect chased north of the Inland Regional Center?
If you stay with this helicopter footage for about 6 minutes, it pans from that carpark scene and follows police cars traveling at high speed from there, east-bound, across town to the scene on San Bernardino Avenue, a scene that was widely shown in the media: the black SUV - allegedly driven by the Farooks - surrounded by dozens of police units, with that body lying in a pool of blood across the street, presumed to be Syed Farook.
san bernardino shooting
Here is the above map of the chase route(s), enlarged. Note that the northerly chase was an entirely separate second chase (blue line), beginning about 1km from the Inland Regional Center, and either just before or at the same time as, the only police chase to remain in the official narrative of events that day. Was this a diversion from the chase involving the black SUV? Was this the "third suspect taken into custody but later released" that day? We can only speculate because, as far as the authorities and media are concerned, it never happened.

One of the few surviving media references to this second car chase is in this LA Times run-down of the San Bernardino police dispatch:
In a bizarre coincidence, just hours after the shooting, a man in a dark colored SUV not far from the IRC building refuses to pull over for police, triggering a pursuit. No one is certain if it's related to the attack. As that chase ends across town, reports of a second, simultaneous pursuit are heard - it's Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik...
Bizarre, indeed. Unless you're a coincidence theorist.