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© Sott.netEnormous meteor fireball over Bangkok, Thailand, November 2nd, 2015
November 2015 was another month of extreme weather events, with several major tornado outbreaks in the US causing widespread damage from Iowa to Texas. These devastating storm systems brought record early (and record amounts of) snow to many places, with Chicago experiencing its snowiest November in "more than 100 years." Further south, Oklahoma went from experiencing - in the space of two weeks - raging wildfires to ice-storms. Elsewhere, northern China saw record cold temperatures and Japan saw its heaviest November snowfalls in over 60 years.

In the southern hemisphere, 'summer' storms dropped giant hailstones that turned streets in northern Argentina into rivers of ice, while an enormous multi-vortex tornado destroyed over a thousand homes in Brazil. The October deluges that washed away cars and homes across the Middle East continued throughout November, with Qatar receiving more than its entire annual rainfall average in just one day. Parts of Israel, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Yemen were also inundated with unprecedented rainfall. For the second month running, intense hailstorms led to ice flowing through the Arabian Desert.

The spate of meteor fireballs seen around the world in late October continued into November, with a spectacular sighting in Bangkok, Thailand - the city's second such event in two months. In this month's SOTT Summary video, we also have footage of meteor fireballs visiting Ireland and South Africa twice; another one that rattled windows after it exploded above Saskatchewan, Canada; and don't miss the one that literally screamed over New Mexico...

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