Sun halo Jackson Hole WY
© Stephen Lyons
It looks like a giant eye had suddenly appeared in the sky of Wyoming on December 3, 2015.

These eerie ice halos were captured by Stephen Lyons while skiing on 3rd December 2015 and comprise ultra-rare Parry infralaterals and Lowitz arcs.
Solar halo Jackson Hole WY
Here an illustration of the same insane halo display but with the names this time. So many.
The Jackson Hole ice halos came from them ski-slope snow blowers.

The Lowitz arcs are unusual in ski-slope diamond dust. Also, the helic, 46° Parry arcs are rarities that were only seen in exceptional displays at the South Pole before snow blowers.

It looks like something on Earth is changing even at the ice crystal and halo scale.