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Landslide in Paraguay
That's the most powerful storm in the past 18 years of Paraguay.

The storm hit the capital and surrounding on Friday, December 4, 2015 and killed a boy and a baby. Moreover, drinkable water, electricity were and roads collapsed. The state of Emergency has been declared.

The storm mainly affected the capital city and the metropolitan area is the largest in the last 18 years according to wind and precipitation data.

The storm began at 4.20 am. of rain fell in just two hours and wind speeds reached 100 mph.

Paraguay flood damage

Paraguay flood damage

A teenager and a two-old month baby died in the storm. The young man was squashed by a wall that collapsed on his room. The baby got swept away by the resulting floods.

18 landslides have blocked streets and engulfed city buildings.

At least hundred trees were uprooted.

A lot of sections of roads and routes were literally destroyed by the waters that swept away everything in its path as seen between San Antonio to Villa Elisa.

About 300,000 people were left without drinking water and electricity during several hours.

Although such crazy storm aren't uncommon in the country, they increase in importance when they strike populated areas like a capital city.