What do the globalists do when they want to create, reignite and keep their war on terror fought indefinitely? They simply carry out a series of false flag attacks using Muslim terrorist stooges as their hired guns to do their damage. That's what 9/11 was all about in the US, 7/7 in UK, the 3/11 train attack in Spain, the Hebdo Paris attack last January, and now this latest Paris encore reenactment part two. In any unsolved crime the first question asked is who benefits by motive with an actual means to execute the crime? In all of these tragic false flag events the global elite benefits in multiple ways. And it most definitely has the means by issuing marching orders to its owned and operated national governments, of course its favorite being the militaristic, brutal American Empire. The elite's agenda to polarize and destabilize the world politically and militarily manifests through the US foreign policy of regime change, nonstop war through divide and conquer methodology (i.e., Shiites vs. Sunnis, Euro-nationals vs. foreign migrants, Christians vs. Muslims, light skins vs. dark skins, West vs. East) and economic austerity through unpayable high interest predatory IMF bank loans to debtor nations from both the developing and developed world alike. Through this global theft and destruction, the ruling elite reigns supreme in absolute power.

For decades after World War II US-NATO-Western European allies conspired and perpetrated state sponsored terrorism murdering their own citizens through a protracted series of Gladio operations originally designed to falsely accuse Communist groups in Italy. Spanning over thirty years with violent incidents throughout Europe and Turkey, Gladio-like false flag operations never stopped. Gladio at home took the form of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff's Operation Northwoods that JFK abruptly halted, partially resulting in his own self-undoing, thwarting the diabolical military plot to murder innocent US citizens in Miami and Washington DC in order to blame and start a war against Communist Fidel Castro. The US along with numerous governments have regularly engaged in false flag operations killing their own people to trigger wars, shape public opinion, conceal and divert the public's attention from ever catching on to the dirty lowdown truth. And of course by design history books purposely brainwash students from ever learning about their government's evildoing.

The Friday the 13th Paris massacre was highly organized false flag terrorism committed by heavily armed, closely monitored terrorist professionals with complicit if not overt assistance from French intelligence and security forces tragically unleashed on unsuspecting, culturally diverse, young Paris victims. The coordinated attacks carry all the earmarks as state of the art false flag terrorism having gained lots of previous practice, most notably the Paris Hebdo edition. But the growing anomalies stacking up once again turn out to be no different from its predecessors.

All have promoted the same globalist agenda toward unlimited invasive authoritarian surveillance used to bring about increasing draconian measures in order to gain absolute tyrannical control over the populace. At the same time it exploits xenophobia and islamophobia amongst its citizenry that in turn increase hatred and tensions laying the groundwork for potential civil war. Today the elite is skillfully working its proven divide and conquer formula perfectly. In one fell swoop it creates the unstable conditions fomenting civil unrest and violent backlash that then increasingly justify oppressive, over-the-top counterterrorism and police state tactics obliterating human rights. In the wake of Friday's killings, a refugee camp housing 6000 migrants from Syria and North Africa was burned to the ground in the northeastern French city of Calais. With each false flag, incrementally another round of militarized, globally legislated crackdowns are launched targeting all dissidence and activism that exposes governmental lies and propaganda, mislabeling and criminalizing the dissenting truth as homegrown terrorism. It's classic Hegelianism by the numbers, whereby the state creates another false flag crisis, then implements aggressive tyrannical countermeasures to quell the manufactured crises it's intentionally caused and thereby moves to tighten the NWO noose around the strangled neck of the global masses.

The surreptitiously obtained Syrian passport found so quickly after the latest Paris attacks has become a false flag trademark used in both Hebdo and 9/11. Because this time the worn out pattern proved a serious liability for establishing credibility, a short time later it was disclosed that the passport actually came off the body of "a Syrian refugee," as if that made MSM any more believable. Even before the passport fiasco, the alleged terrorist's quote overheard by a supposed witness - "this is for Syria" - was disclosed by mainstream media to shape and manipulate public opinion into quickly blaming Syria, ISIS and Syria's targeted leader Assad. And then long before any of this alleged (dis)info began surfacing, barely an hour into the attacks while still actively underway, President Hollande kept repeating three times in the next several hours what appeared to be his scripted lines declaring that France was at war against already identified terrorist attackers from Syria before any investigation had even begun. This rapid sequence of events smacked of false flag.

Furthermore, like the Hebdo attack earlier this year, reports immediately revealed that French intelligence had long been tracking the perpetrators prior to the attacks. Former antiterrorist judge Marc Trevidic in an interview last Sunday claimed that French authorities knew of an impending terrorist attack was being planned by Islamic State jihadists "at a French rock concert" as early as last August. The judge had cross-examined militants three months earlier who revealed this rather critically important piece of information. This strongly suggests French intelligence had either complicit or active involvement in the Friday night massacres. Turkey also warned the authorities in France twice about one of the three alleged suicide bombers but The Guardian reported that France only contacted Turkey for information after the Paris attacks. Again, it seems more than plausible that French security forces knew about the planned attacks but purposely failed to stop them or may have even played a more sinister role in actively bringing them about, a pattern in both Paris terrorist attacks this year.

A couple of other striking parallels to 9/11 when that BBC reporter announced that Building 7 went down 20 minutes prior to the event, the Paris attack was described on twitter dated a full two days in advance of the November 13th killings. Also Wikipedia within two hours from the very onset of the attacks already had posted a fully detailed account complete with footnotes specifying "Syria" mentioned by a witness, "5 or 6 terrorists", and "3 suicide bombers" all from the get-go pointing to the big bad Muslim villains yet again. The clinching evidence was Wikipedia running an early story version at 23:06 specifying:

In a televised statement at approximately 23:58, French President François Hollande declared a state of emergency and closing of borders for the whole of France.

For that announcement on Wikipedia to be made nearly an hour prior to Hollande's actual statement presents the overwhelming smoking gun proof that Wikipedia was in fact used by French authorities as an information disseminator of a preplanned event, right away establishing an official narrative from the outset that Arab terrorists from Syria were the guilty murderers behind the attacks far in advance of the start of even any preliminary investigation.

It's also been recently learned as in all previous false flags that security forces in Paris were simultaneously undergoing another live action emergency drill earlier that same day (as in Charleston, Baltimore, Boston, 9/11). Patrick Pelloux, an emergency medical services specialist and one of the first responders to the attacks, confirmed in a radio interview that a live drill had been conducted that very morning when participants practiced responding to terrorism at a live event, like a concert or soccer game which of course is exactly where a few hours later the killings occurred. These co-occurring government events timed perfectly to overlap with so called acts of terrorism in no way can be considered purely co-incidental.

Adding more weight to the false flag suspicions is the fact that just two weeks prior to Friday's attack, on October 29th CIA Director John Brennan met with his French counterpart along with UK's MI6 former chief and a former Israeli national security advisor. And then this last Monday Brennan even admitted that the international intelligence community expected a terrorist attack in Europe. Just as the Islamic terrorist mercenaries always "accidentally on purpose" leave their calling cards behind, so are the dirty CIA-Mossad fingerprints left indelibly written all over virtually every state sponsored terrorism on this planet.

For years it's been repeatedly demonstrated that US and Israeli intelligence forces have been covertly working directly with the Islamic State jihadists. NSA documents show that ISIS leader El Baghdadi was trained by Mossad. A recently captured IDF colonel in Iraq was caught leading Islamic State forces. Overwhelming evidence has proven the US-Israeli-Saudi-Turkish-Gulf State connection to ISIS terrorists, documenting this intimate partnership in the manufactured war on terror. It's been speculated amongst the false flag dot connectors that the Paris bloodbath at the Bataclan concert hall was selected because of its Jewish ownership, thus the Mossad link, and the uncovered fact that it had just been sold, reminiscent of the insured lease on the twin towers.

Evidence has clearly emerged indicating that the US-Israeli-French intelligence community played more than a mere passive role in setting up last weekend's bloodbath. The powerful forces behind terrorism like the ruling elite and their private army Western intelligence are far more responsible for terrorism than their hired jihadist hitmen. The latest development of Wednesday night's shootout killing two terrorists in the Paris suburb has a strange twist not present in all previous false flags - the eight suspects apprehended, arrested and taken into French custody are still alive! This breaks all the rules that never leave any alleged terrorists still alive. After all, dead men tell no tales, nor will they reveal the sinister truth that an international crime cabal's been lurking behind every act of terrorism, every war and every international crisis on this planet throughout modern history. It's not called globalization for nothing. But one thing's for certain, these surviving terrorist suspects will not in any way implicate their working relationship with the CIA, Mossad or French intel community. But they don't have to, the proven link's already been fully established.

Nonetheless, still remaining at large are the so called mastermind ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud sighted earlier that day and the one identified terrorist from last Friday's attacks who got away Salah Abdeslam. And of course war cheerleader Hollande used the vicious firefight against a sworn enemy as further proof that "we are at war" with ISIS. Additionally the French president plans to extend the national emergency to three full months, giving police state license to conduct house to house searches and detaining citizens without legal rights or charges. The elite's war on terror is bringing martial law to a neighborhood near you very, very soon. Furthermore, mainstream media is now triumphantly pumping out claims that the French security forces' apartment raid defeating the enemy came just in time before the terrorists were about to strike Paris yet again. This proves that police state totalitarianism is actually good for us, protecting us from further harm as the elite pushes humanity off its doomsday cliff on the way to the slaughterhouse.

Examining what the authorities have furnished the public from last Friday's attacks, the one released photo of the dead sprawled lifeless on the blood soaked floor of the Bataclan theater where 89 of the total 129 victims died, conspicuously shows zero police or EMT activity that's always present at crime scenes had this photo not been staged by French authorities. Also the victims are laying on carpets with dried blood that appears as though they had been dragged to their positions prior to the photograph being taken.

The one 11-second video released of the concert at the supposed time when the shootout allegedly began is obscured largely in darkness. However, not one person in the audience even reacts to what could be overdubbed gunshots heard in the final second of the video. In actuality the AK-47 assault weapons allegedly used would have easily been heard by concert-goers yet not one person reacts other than the Eagles of Death Metal drummer who was neither shot nor injured. During the brief video footage only he hits the deck. Anyone reacting to actual gunfire is highly unlikely to have the wherewithal to place drumsticks on a drumset before moving to the floor. Also he's on stage banging away loudly on his drum set closest to the loudest audible sounds emanating from the heavy metal band, yet he is the only person in the video who apparently hears gunshots and moves to take cover when the alleged shooting begins in the final second of the video footage. That no one else reacts in the audience provides yet more suspicious if not compelling doubt as to the authenticity of the video that's lacking any real substantive evidence that pandemonium even broke loose. If it did at some point later as witnesses claim, it was not captured on that limited few seconds of bad video. Nothing less than scene footage depicting total chaos unfolding can even be considered legitimate evidence.

And then with 1500 people allegedly attending the concert, only one so called video emerges after the crime spree? There had to literally be dozens of I-phones running at the moment when gunshots broke out but where are they? Obviously we haven't seen any because the government cannot afford contradictory evidence surfacing that would expose the false flag hoax for what it is. Therefore, the authorities' one released video acting as state evidence showing that terrorism occurred last Friday can hardly be considered credible. Also it's more than obvious that the state's one video and one crime scene photo have both been tampered with to such an extent that the poor resolution quality conveniently renders useless them both for image enhancement capability.

Yet another strange, unexplained fact is Facebook, a known collaborator with invasive federal forces violating human rights to privacy, just hours prior to the Paris attacks mysteriously took down an online anti-ISIS, anonymous group called Red Cult that as an antiterrorism citizen watchdog organization uncovers ISIS activity on social media, which is the main recruiting mechanism for the terrorist organization's massive growth in the last year. In a six month period from last June to January 2015, 25,000 new recruits, many from the West, rushed to join ISIS. Yet Facebook dropped this antiterrorism group's website just before the Paris attack and then shortly afterwards mysteriously reposted the website, begging the question why? Again, unlikely coincidence.

In late September after Putin outed Obama's fake war against ISIS at the UN, then throughout October actually destroying ISIS where Obama only pretended, the lost face of a humiliated Emperor's new clothes turned US war policy in the Middle East completely topsy-turvy. Obama's dubious leadership sank to an international all-time low when Putin exposed America's deliberately failed MENA policy. Allied nations were cutting their losses and announcing plans to pull out of Syria. US Empire of Chaos and Destruction was fast losing its global control, its coercive power to subjugate its Euro-puppets into blind submission seriously and overtly eroding. On top of that, while Europe is still reeling from the massive refugee migration crisis directly caused by US imperial aggression, they were marveling over grandmaster Putin's bold stroke of finally kicking some Islamic State ass. Stalwart US Euro-ally Germany was already shifting gears warming its relations with Russia, unwilling to follow Washington's disastrous lead down doomsday road.

So what do the neocon goons in full damage control mode come up with as their counterattack to be exposed for being treasonous criminals like never before? While US-Israel are holding joint military exercises in the Sinai desert, they coordinate with ISIS to make sure a bomb gets planted on the Russian airliner as immediate Putin payback. Then came Defense Secretary Carter's Russia bashing from the Ronald Reagan Library followed just hours later a few miles away with LA's Trident missile's Saturday night bright light launch seen around the world as an exclamation threat to Russia and China to back off from challenging US Empire's global hegemony.

The DC warmongers are growing increasingly desperate, afraid of losing both their full spectrum dominance in the world as well as their precious proxy terrorist ally ISIS while Putin's aid to Assad is putting the final kibosh on their fanatical OCD regime change operation. So Brennan meets up with French and Israeli intelligence to conjure up the next Paris false flag. And since Hollande's been Washington's loyal go-to lackey with Hebdo already under his belt, heading up France's active role in the imperialistic assault on both Libya and Syria, with Paris terrorism #2 France now becomes US Empire's key catalyst to pull off another massive 9/11-like attack, in fact the biggest in France since WWII and be the justified driving force behind this newest "coalition of the willing" indignantly stepping up its next phase of war in Syria against both Assad and Putin. US bombs being dropped over Syria are now joined by tons more dropped from French planes along with warplanes from the other Middle Eastern crime syndicate heavies Israeliand Saudi Arabia.

Timed purposely on the heels of the Paris tragedy, this week's G-20 meeting with leaders from the world's most powerful nations converged in Turkey for what's become a war council to drum up intensified world war effort using the "let's get ISIS" bandwagon as an excuse to go after nemeses Assad and Putin. Exploiting the Paris II dead as expendable ponds on the geopolitics chessboard, the elite's using 129 lost lives to serve as its thinly veiled, much needed boost for whipping up yet more Western war frenzy to kill thousands more innocent Muslims with yet another crack at regime changing Assad in a desperate stroke to steal Putin's thunder. Be assured that all the Western bombs will neither destroy ISIS nor ISIS-controlled oil refineries selling black market oil to NATO member Turkey. Nor will they blow up the critical ISIS supply line in northern Syria extending back into Turkey. It's all too obvious that this renewed, invigorated, most heavily fortified "allied" offensive is designed to aggressively go head-to-head against Syria and Russia risking World War III and genocidal homicide of the entire human race.

Another crucial piece of damning fact is the timing of the Friday the 13th debacle in Paris two weeks prior to the long awaited and highly important UN Global Climate Conference scheduled to officially begin at the end of this month. Many dissenting organizations that were planning to engage in mass protests with the aim to disrupt if not shut down the conference altogether now will not even have opportunity to be in Paris. The French president immediately sealed off all borders effectively eliminating a mass influx of human traffic to interfere with the global elite's conference agenda to codify laws that override national autonomy to regulate, monitor and duly punish with a global carbon tax amounting to an extortion fee all under the benign banner of reducing global warming. The scientific dogma consensus militantly pushing through the worldwide hoax is being used as the elite's ticket to implement its New World Order of a one world government. Despite the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) and NASA getting caught falsifying climate data for years to promote the global warming hoax, the power elite has seized climate change as its hard pressed vehicle for centralized world government. And by declaring a martial law lockdown on Paris well in advance of this much anticipated, all-important event, the globalists have effectively neutralized and silenced any dissenting voice of world citizenry from ever being heard.

Sacrificing 129 innocent human lives means nothing to the psychopathic globalists who've used US Empire to murder over 30 million people since World War II alone, especially when the 129 deaths ensure that global tyranny is achieved in the coming weeks when the UN conference is held without any resistance from protestors. It also provides the greenlight for implementing both UN Agenda 21 and UN 2030 Plan that push forward their Trojan horse of a buzzword "sustainability" to be addressed at the 120 nation UN conference. By 2030 the globalists plan to have every human still alive on the planet biometrically identified in a Zurich, Switzerland global database.

Additionally with passage of TPP and TTIP in the coming months, their strategic objective to kill whatever national sovereignty still left is accomplished, handing over centralized global supra-power to Fortune 500 international corporations, the demonic worshipping ruling elite will successfully have in their ruthless grasp absolute oppressive control over every person and nation on earth. Purposely excluding Russia and China despite the TPP plan that initially included China while aggressively plunging humanity into World War III is the last gasp effort to resist giving up hegemonic power and control to the emerging Eastern giants Russia and China while eugenically wiping out 90% of the global population. From the safety of their luxury underground bunkers, the subhuman transhumanism gods delude themselves into believing they will actually survive a potential nuclear holocaust while securing their sustainable future to live forever. Citizens of the world need to hold them and their gov.corps servant puppets accountable by arresting and trying them as genocidal murderous traitors.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled "Don't Let The Bastards Getcha Down." It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at