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The situation in Section 13, Shah Alam, where water rose quickly on Tuesday evening following heavy rain.
Flash floods that hit parts of the Klang Valley for the second time in two days saw water levels rising to unprecedented levels, causing damages to vehicles, loss of income for business and hazardous trips for those who need to move around.

Traders in the Seksyen 13 area within Shah Alam are not surprised the water level rose following heavy rain yesterday, but said it was the worst flooding in the area to date.

Khairudin Hamid, 59, has been working at the Proton showroom for the last six years and he has never seen the water rise so fast.

"The water was about a feet deep, and it seeped into my office space and the main showroom area. Some of the office equipment were damaged," he said.

Khairudin said as he saw the water level start rising, he got his colleagues to move the cars on display to higher ground at the Shah Alam stadium parking lots.

"The area was still flooded when I left work at 8pm. My colleagues and I took three hours in the morning to clean the office," he said.

Nurul Nadzirah Yusof, 23, who works in the Perodua showroom next door, had to walk home in knee-deep water which didn't subside even at 8.30pm.

"In the afternoon, I helped a woman who was stuck in her car when the water level rose."

"I had to thread through waist-high water at around 3pm to get to her car, which was half submerged then," she said.

Rosli Ahmad, 38, who runs a snack stall, said he saw some of the cars slowly being submerged.

"I had to throw all my ingredients from yesterday as the water entered the food containers and into the gas piping as well."

He said he suffered losses of over RM500 as he had to replace most of his equipment and ingredients.

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Mohd Shaehrul Amin Zalizan, 22, who runs a chicken rice stall opposite the Section 13 Giant, said he was already used to the annual flooding in the area.

"In the three years I have been running my business here, the floods have happened at least twice a year," he said.

Shaehrul said his lorry was damaged. "I am not sure how much the repairs will cost, but the food items that were worth almost RM700 were completely wasted," he said.

Having only started work in the Seksyen 13 Giant since last Saturday, Muhamad Maliki Musa, 34, learned the hard way about his new surroundings.

Maliki, a brand merchandiser who parked his car at the open parking lot at 9am, found his car submerged in water in the open car park several hours later.

"I was having lunch when my friends told me about the flood. I ran as fast as I could, but by the time I reached my car, it was already half-submerged," he said.

"I was only able to check on my car in the morning. I had to push my car to a higher spot, but everything inside was already soaking wet," he said.

Maliki estimated the damages to his car to amount to around RM5,000.

Meanwhile, the basement section of the KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital saw water level rose almost a foot. Its administrative manager, Abdul Rahaman Abdul Hamid, said the water rose quickly as it seeped in from the surrounding areas.

"Only the basement level was affected as water flowed in from the streets and the construction site of our new outpatient clinic. The construction site may have caused the clogging that led to the overflow of water," he said.

Rahaman said the water started rising from about 2pm, and he notified the Section 15 Fire and Rescue Department to be on standby.

"Rescue personnel then came and pumped the water into one of our monsoon drains, which channel the water to the public drains," he said.