Eight houses are on the edge of a 20-feet hole as the ground collapsed just in front of them.

The dangerous landslide that even destroyed the wall of containment has occurred on November 9, 2015, at night and hasn't been secured yet.

Luckily, only two families were sleeping in their homes since the state agency for emergency management and administration of disasters ( Aemead) had given orders of eviction last Monday.

This ground instability isn't new. These houses are suffering for more than one year from cracks and land movements.

But it is only on November 6, 2015 that the sidewalks began to collapse and the streets to crack.

And here a first video of this terrifying geological event:

Today, the wall of containment is left and a 32-feet hole is threatening 8 houses and families.

The landslide is however still active. The ground is continuously moving and you hear trees cracking...

These 8 houses will probably one day collapse into the ground.

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