© Ross Parry
Green meteorite
It might look like something from Close Encounters of the Third Kind - but there's an entirely logical reason for this eerie green light hovering in the sky above a home.

It's actually a meteorite - and was captured on camera by Peter Horbury as it flashed through the clear night sky near Whitby, North Yorkshire.

The remarkable sight was captured at the same time as the Taurid Meteor Shower passes Earth - with larger cellestial debris being more visible than usual.

Peter, 57, captured the snap at 1.30 am on Saturday after he headed to Hornblower Lodge in Whitby, North Yorkshire.

Describing the incredible sight, Peter said: 'On Friday night I was watching television and there was a beautiful clear sky. I checked the aurora forecast and there was activity so I decided to go out.

'I didn't see the meteorite as I had set my camera up and had gone to sit in my car. Then all of a sudden the whole sky lit up and it looked like daylight.

'It freaked me out. The whole area lit up and I was thinking "what was that?" It was really tense.'

He added: 'I love digital photography because you can take as many photos as you like. It is great being able to capture images in Whitby that are a bit different to others you might see.'