A bizarre UFO sighting over the US has aircraft and alien enthusiasts talking as remarkably clear images of the object circulate online.

A video of the UFO sighting in the skies over the Kentucky and Ohio borders in the US shows a strange butterfly-like object floating in air.

Many have already seized on the video as proof that extraterrestrial lifeforms have visited Earth.

In the video and still photos snapped by a father and son near New Boston, the object appears to have wings and windows, leading many to insist it is in fact alien technology.

Comment: For Brevity, Yahoo 7 News posted a shortened version of the video below which contains the original voiceover discussion of the footage and whatever facts (or non-facts) that have been made available about it by the producers of the video.

The pair who filmed the 'craft' said it was eerily silent as it hung in the air.

Comment: Perhaps inspired by the above footage, it seems that the editors at Yahoo7 News decided to go whole-hog and include some older ufo and extraterrestrial-related footage in the article; some of it compelling, some not.

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