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The location of an earthquake that struck off the Queensland coast on Friday morning.

More aftershocks are on the cards in the wake of the latest earthquake to strike off Queensland's Fraser Coast.

A magnitude 4 quake was recorded at 6.45am on Friday, about 120 kilometres east of Fraser Island at a depth of 10km.

It was felt by people as far south as Brisbane but no damage was reported.

Geoscience Australia say the tremor is the 13th aftershock in the area following a 5.4 magnitude quake in late July.

Seismologist Marco Maldoni says plate activity could be ongoing but is not unusual.

"You get a large one but they tend to die off ... that's usually the pattern, so we assume it is part of that," he said.

"Of course, you could very well have another big one but that's unlikely."

The biggest aftershocks occurred on August 1 with two magnitude 5 shakes.

Mr Maldoni said Friday's quake hit on the edge of the Australian continental shelf, where it meets the Pacific plate.