Pakistan earthquake

A 5.3 magnitude earthquake shook Punjab province on Friday. The epicenter was located at 11lm north of the town of Dajal.

According to the US Geological Survey, an earthquake with magnitude 5.3 occurred near Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan at 00:27:42.40 UTC on Oct 23, 2015.

The tremors were felt in Multan, Lodhran, Dera Ghazi Khan, Jampur, Khairpur Tamiwali Tehsil, Ahmadpur whereas Rajanpur, Mailsi, Burewala, Rangpur and Jehanian were also shook by the quake, according to reports received from these areas.

Frightened people ran outside their houses and started reciting the Kalima. The epicenter of the earthquake was located at Monroe in D.G.Khan whereas its depth was recorded at 10 feet. According to rescue sources, no loss of life was recorded.

After the earthquake was over, people took to Twitter and started narrating their experiences. With #Earthquake trending at the top in Pakistan, here are some of the tweets:-