colorado tornado 2015
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Tornado forming in Colorado
A group of storm chasers have captured an amazing tornado using time-lapse technology. They filmed the twister in Colorado, showing a number of stages of the storm's development.

The tornado in the video is spawned from a supercell thunderstorm, which has the ability to last for hours and normally cause much greater damage than regular storms. They can travel at speeds of over 160 km/h and produce hail the size of golf balls.

The group behind the video calls themselves 'NZP Chasers.' NZP or 'Near Zero Probability' explains the level of dedication the team will go to as even if there is no chance of a tornado appearing. They are eager to get their cameras ready on the off chance that something might develop, no matter how small the probability.

"This dedication enables us to capture amazing pictures and never regret for having decided not to chase that day," the group stated on their website.

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