Russian intellectual, author, and politician Nikolai Starikov gives some insight into the sudden refugee chaos that has befallen Europe in recent weeks. His highly plausible contention is that there is simply too much organization and planning behind the mass exodus for it to be in any way a 'spur of the moment' phenomenon.

When one considers that no Gulf Arab states (which are amongst the wealthiest nations on the planet) took any of their fellow Arab and fellow Muslim 'brothers', that no Anglo Saxon nations took any significant influxes (the UK's cynical offer to take 20,000 people over a five-year period is a joke), and that these moneyed, highly-aggressive, demand-making hordes seem to be channeled specifically into a Germany that cannot be allowed to achieve independence, the picture becomes clear.

Perhaps it's not entirely bad for the Germans though. The ghoulish, half-dead Saudi King Salman's pledge to build 200 mosques in Germany in order to spread hardcore, hate-filled, Salafist garbage to the newly tens if not hundreds of thousands of unemployed and unassimilated military-aged Muslim men could very well have a positive impact on German society. Every cloud has a silver lining, as they say.