The wildlife animals have wreaked havoc in Ganderbal with attacks on humans and livestock having witnessed a multifold increase here.

As per reports the wildlife animals particularly remain on prowl to attack the people in many areas of Ganderbal including Lar, Waliwar, Manigam, Wurpash, Wussan, Mamar, Thune and Gund areas.

The wildlife animal attacks particularly that of Bear have increased. Both the people and their livestock have been attacked due to which many were injured in the attacks and residents also suffered heavy financial losses.

"We are continuously living under the threat of bear attacks which have injured many people seriously in the past few months", Muhammad Ismail, a local resident said. He added that the people fear to move out of homes and the children were reluctant to go out and play due to the fear of attacks by wildlife animals.

The local residents alleged that the Wildlife department is, "acting as a mute spectator'' even as it was brought to their notice that the bear often stray into the residential areas.

The residents said the wildlife department was "ill equipped and understaffed" to deal with the increasing incidents of man-animal conflict in the district.

Few days back bear attacked and wounded many people in the areas of Thune and Wurpash of Ganderbal district.

The livestock owners were apprehensive about further attacks. "The bear stray near the habitations which only increases the risk of further attacks," said a resident.

He was critical of the role of wildlife department for failing to check the attacks. Local residents have demanded that they shall be compensated by the government for the losses which they suffered.

The residents of various areas of tehsil Gund in Ganderbal district have also complained about the menace of monkeys in their areas, noting that the simian attacks have increased for last several months due to the negligence of Authorities here.

The local residents said that flocks of monkeys have wreaked havoc in many villages as the people have become apprehensive of their safety.

"Monkeys have damaged the crops in Sumbal, Surfraw , Ganiwan and other adjoining villages, located close to forests," said a local resident. He added that the residents watch helplessly, "while the monkeys damage their crops, even attack the people."

The residents from the areas of tehsil Gund complained that the monkeys have destroyed their crops for past several months, adding that it has become a major concern for them.

" The monkeys from the nearby forest have damaged the crops particularly maize for last several months here. Even as the matter was brought to the notice of wildlife department, however they have done nothing to stop the menace," said a resident of Sumbal.

However, officials said that that due to disturbance in their natural habitat of wildlife animals they have strayed into the residential areas which has increased the fear of attacks among the people. " This is the gravest concern before us, but the Wildlife department has failed in performing its duties," said a resident.

Range Officer Wild life Ganderbal, Shams-ud din Lone told Rising Kashmir that they are trying their best to safeguard the human lives and live stock.

"We have set up many rescue teams and as we get information from any area about the movement of wild animals we rush to the place and try to tranquilize the animal as soon as possible" Lone said.