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The United States should threaten to retaliate if Russia does not stop attacking U.S. assets in Syria, former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in a Financial Times op-ed published Sunday, urging "strategic boldness," with American credibility in the Middle East and the region itself at stake.

Moscow's apparent decision to strike non-Islamic State targets and those of Syrian rebels backed by the Central Intelligence Agency "at best" reflects "Russian military incompetence," and worst, "evidence of a dangerous desire to highlight American political impotence," wrote Brzezinski, the national security adviser for former President Jimmy Carter and a strong supporter of current President Barack Obama.

And if Russia continues to pursue non-ISIL targets, the U.S. should retaliate, he added.

Comment: ISIL targets/non-ISIL targets - a distinction that half the world now knows, is bogus.

"In these rapidly unfolding circumstances the U.S. has only one real option if it is to protect its wider stakes in the region: to convey to Moscow the demand that it cease and desist from military actions that directly affect American assets," he said.

Comment: In Brzezinski's mind all that matters are perceived "American assets". Never mind the assets and the lives of many millions of other people.

"The Russian naval and air presences in Syria are vulnerable, isolated geographically from their homeland," Brzezinski noted. "They could be 'disarmed' if they persist in provoking the US."

Comment: Only in the deranged thinking of creatures like Brzezinski is what Russia is doing in Syria now considered a "provocation". To the millions of victims of US aggression, by their proxies or otherwise, Russia is nothing less than a savior. The problem here is that there are so many more in the beltway that think as Brzezinski does; they are ponerized.

The problem in the Middle East is bigger than Syria, Brzezinski wrote, and it would behoove Russia to cooperate with the U.S., who cannot as it did in the past, rely upon the United Kingdom and France to play a "decisive role" in the region.

"But, better still, Russia might be persuaded to act with the U.S. in seeking a wider accommodation to a regional problem that transcends the interests of a single state," he added.

Comment: The regional problem in the middle east IS the United States (and Israel and Saudi Arabia). How does Brzezinski propose that Russia act with a country that is so single-minded about meeting its own hegemonic objectives as the US?! Sorry Brzezinski, the great game as you would have it, is up. It is the US that should be persuaded in seeking wider accommodation, not the other way around. And it didn't have to come to this, but all the advice you've been giving the current administration (and prior ones) has led to this point, and you only have yourself and your psychopathic drives to blame for it.

Instead of what he calls a "new form of neocolonial domination," the United States, along with China and Russia, must act in concert to protect their mutual interests, he warned.

Comment: "Act in concert" now? After all the US has done to create the problems in the first place?? This is insincere at best. At worst, Brzezinski knows the game is up, and is trying to help the US cut its losses until it comes up with a way to counter Putin's masterful moves.

"China would doubtless prefer to stay on the sidelines. It might calculate that it will then be in a better position to pick up the pieces. But the regional chaos could easily spread northeastward, eventually engulfing central and northeastern Asia. Both Russia and then China could be adversely affected. But American interests and America's friends โ€” not to mention regional stability โ€” would also suffer. It is time, therefore, for strategic boldness," he concluded.

Comment: "Strategic boldness," like what pray tell? More fifth columns, color revolutions, threats, false flags and naked aggression? Your secret team has tried that already and it hasn't worked. All that's left now is to see how your next moves get trounced and neutralized yet again. You aren't the smartest guy in the room anymore.