54 years ago, Eisenhower ended his presidency with his famous "Farewell Address to the Nation"...

A live broadcast where he warned of the "unwarranted influence sought by the military-industrial complex" - big defense firms who leveraged their political connections for profit.

And who tapped their media connections to manufacture enemies and crises - misleading the America public into one war after another.

Eisenhower's warning still rings true today - and the dangers of America being dragged into new wars... for private profits... still exists.

But, in the final 60 seconds of his farewell address - a segment previously censored until now...

Ike issues an ominous SECOND warning...A warning most Americans never heard.

The footage of this final segment - and the threat he warns of - has been kept under wraps.

Hidden in the archives of a government building...

And what it says was "off-limits" to the American public for 54 years.

But I'm breaking this story wide open... naming the big players...and broadcasting Ike's warning to the public.

No matter the repercussions...

Even if the powers-that-be come and shut me down...

Let the chips fall where they may...

In this last minute - the last time Eisenhower would EVER publicly speak - he warned Americans of a far more dangerous threat.

One that could cost even more lives, and do even more damage to America.

In fact, since Ike's final warning, it's secretly cost at least 950,000 lives each year...

Lives that could have been easily saved...

And as you're about to see, it would even claim Eisenhower himself as its FIRST victim...

But the mainstream media censored the final 60 seconds of the famous "Farewell Address"...

They were actively complicit in the "cover up".

I've followed the money trail to their doorsteps.

And my research confirms the media now receives a whopping $27 billion per year for keeping this story quiet.

That's why it's remained written out of the textbooks...

Banished from the pages of history...

Until now.

Today I'm blowing the whistle on this secret plot.

The details of how it took Eisenhower's life.

How it's become America's #1 killer...

And America's #1 profitable industry...

But first, let me introduce myself.

30 Years Fighting the "Medical Industrial Complex"

Hello, I'm Dr. Al Sears, M.D.

For the last 30 years I've warned my readers about the dangers of the very threat Eisenhower warned of.

The threat of the "medical industrial complex".

A group of billion-dollar conglomerates who have literally bought entire departments of the government...

Who manufacture deadly - and highly lucrative - drugs that cost millions of lives each year.

And who have assumed God-like control over America's healthcare system - and over YOUR life.

You might know them as Big Pharma or the drug industry.

But you just need to know ONE thing:

They make $2 trillion each year, money out of your pocket, for threatening your life, and that of your family.

And they've risen to America's #1 industry on a pile of dead bodies.

54 years ago, President Eisenhower saw this coming...

The drug companies were just beginning to consolidate and grab market share during his presidency.

And he tried to get the warning out to the American public - but the media ultimately blocked his efforts.

That's why few Americans remember this second warning.

But here's the incredible part...

Big Pharma was orchestrating a secret plot...

A plot that would ultimately create their most lucrative industry.

Cost 950,000 lives each year.

And they constructed a myth that would aid in this 54-year propaganda campaign.

It all began with the DEATH of President Eisenhower.

Let me explain...

Why Big Pharma Killed President Eisenhower

On September 24, 1955, President Eisenhower - World War II hero and beloved president - was playing golf at his Denver home, when he suddenly collapsed from what was a rare disease at the time.

He had a heart attack.

Although nobody knew it then... and though you won't read about it in any history book...

This was a watershed moment that would change the course of modern medicine forever.

One that would make heart disease the #1 killer of Americans - and would establish Big Pharma as America's #1 most profitable industry.

The story I'm unveiling today has HUGE implications for your personal health, and that of your family.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with heart disease, you need to know the exact details of what took place.

Because this story doesn't just tell you WHO is responsible...

It tells you WHY.

As in...
  • WHY heart disease rates have soared since 1955 - even as consumption of "heart-healthy" foods and cholesterol-lowering drugs has skyrocketed.
  • WHY you could become victim of this drug-induced tragedy - no matter your cholesterol levels or intake of fat.
  • And 100 billion reasons why Big Pharma will NEVER cure heart disease.
That's why historian Larry Schweikart calls it "the single most important medical case of the twentieth century."

Yet the REAL story behind it is virtually unknown.

Within 24 hours of Ike's heart attack, special interests seized the opportunity.

They manufactured a crisis, a founding myth, and a "solution."

They shoved this propaganda down the American public's throat.

And in doing so, they singlehandedly sent America's health spiraling downhill for the next six decades.

Over the next few minutes, I'll expose this near-60-year-old Big Pharma conspiracy. I'll name the names. I'll track the money. And at each stage, I'll answer the BIG question: "Who benefits?"

What's more, I'll reveal how you can safeguard yourself from heart disease forever with solutions that are 100 percent natural, affordable, effective, and safe.

But before I go into the details of this story any further—how it spun off the #1 heart disease lie, ultimately claiming Eisenhower as its first victim— let me tell you about ... Ike's other warning...

A warning just as ominous for the American public, if not more so.

Eisenhower's CENSORED Warning

Near the end of his farewell address to America, Ike warned of the "scientific technological elite."

These political and scientific insiders were:
  • NOT interested in the truth...
  • NOT interested in real science, and...
  • NOT interested in the American public's well-being.
They were the new foot soldiers of the "medical-industrial complex."

A small clique of career-obsessed bureaucrats only interested only in profits.

Their research serves as a marketing tool for highly lucrative drugs.

But it does nothing to improve public health.

Ike saw this development as the end of scientific discovery and curiosity.

You see, during World War II, while then-General Eisenhower was fighting for American freedoms...

A small group of drug companies was working against our freedoms.

They pulled their strings in government.

They consolidated and grabbed market share.

By the Eisenhower era, the drug industry was dominated by a handful of conglomerates.

A cartel we know today as "Big Pharma."

And they were already leveraging control of scientific research for massive profits.

Eisenhower undoubtedly saw this trend. As you're about to see, he even experienced the results personally.

So he knew this would shape America's health in the decades ahead.

But this part of Ike's address is all but ignored, censored, and "off-the-record."

And that's unfortunate, because it has mushroomed exponentially since that address. Scientists who support "facts" for Big Pharma's profit - and their own careers - are putting everyday Americans in imminent danger.

That's why it's imperative you heed Ike's warning if you're concerned about your own health, and that of your family.

The very first victory of this new "scientific technological elite" took place on September 24, 1955 - within 24 hours of Ike's famous heart attack. It was...

The Day Everything Changed...

Even though 950,000 people still die every year as a direct result...

And although these deaths are easily preventable...

I doubt one in 10,000 Americans know about September 24, 1955.

The events on this dark day triggered a six-decade propaganda campaign - one that's misled doctors and scientists to...
  • Focus on the WRONG causes of heart disease...
  • Ignore hundreds of natural, inexpensive, and safe heart disease treatments...
  • And instead prescribe dangerous drugs that actually make heart problems worse, alongside 300 other deadly side effects.
After Eisenhower's heart attack, Big Pharma kicked off their campaign of deception.

Their public relations "experts" immediately appeared on TV and told America a frightening story.

They claimed there was a devastating new "epidemic" of heart disease.

And they blamed excess fat and cholesterol in Americans' diets.

To confront this "crisis," they declared a new war.

A war on fat.

They labeled ALL fat as evil. Especially saturated fats.

They demonized entire categories of so-called "fatty foods."

In turn, the "experts" proposed radical changes to the American way of life. They recommended that Americans stop smoking. Engage in 30 minutes of cardio each day. And adopt the "Prudent Diet," a low-cholesterol diet consisting of corn oil, margarine, chicken, and cold cereal.

What was their real agenda? And who benefited?

According to the Harvard School of Public Health...
"The food companies saw a tremendous marketing opportunity, and re-engineered thousands of foods to be lower in fat or fat free."
But in order to make their new agenda stick, they needed somebody famous as a model for everyday Americans.

And who could fit that bill better than Eisenhower - war hero and beloved president?

As you're about to see, they not only made Ike the guinea pig for their hypothesis...

They even used the press coverage of Eisenhower's recovery as free advertising.

How "The Cholesterol Hoax" Destroyed the Once-Healthy American Lifestyle

Twice each day, for six months, the press covered every aspect of Ike's recovery - every medicine and every dietary guideline.


New York Times, April 17, 1956
They instructed the public on the dangers of coronary disease.

For the first time the word "cholesterol" entered the public vocabulary.

It became a dangerous evil, a monster, a villain.

They portrayed cholesterol as the "new polio."

Millions of Americans - frightened by the new "epidemic" - quickly embraced any solutions the so-called "experts" handed out.

When the dust settled, Americans had learned to watch the fat and cholesterol in their diets.


New York Times, November 6, 1956
But there was ONE big problem with all of this...

None of it was true.

Not a single word of it.

As the Wall Street Journal recently reported...
"There has never been solid evidence for the idea that [saturated] fats cause heart disease."
In fact, later research would confirm these fats have plenty of proven health benefits, including preventing and reversing heart disease!

But once "facts" like these are born, they never seem to die. No matter the research or studies that disprove them. Not when so much money is at stake.

You see, this myth not only gave birth to poor dietary guidelines...

It also spawned the most lucrative class of drugs ever invented.

That includes the most lucrative (and deadliest) drug known to mankind.

Sales to date from this drug alone have totaled a whopping $140 billion!

And this #1 cash cow hinges on this one single myth.

That's why it will NOT go away so easily.

Your own doctor likely still believes it.

But I think you'll be surprised at just how little research there is to back it.

In a minute, you'll hear all the details on how Ike was its first victim.

But first, let me expose how they used Eisenhower's own doctor to administer their poison.

Ike as Big Pharma's Guinea Pig?

Although top scientists and researchers were rallying behind the new myth...
Ike's Doctor Debunks the Hoax
On Censored National Broadcast

In 1956, an American Heart Association fund-raiser aired on the three major television networks.

Panelists linked heart disease with cholesterol and fats. They proposed the "Prudent Diet" as a solution - one in which corn oil, margarine, chicken, and cold cereal replaced butter, lard, beef, and eggs.

But Dr. Paul Dudley White dissented. At least at first.

He observed that heart disease was nonexistent in 1900 when egg consumption was three times what it was in 1956, and when corn oil was unavailable.

White nailed it right on the head when he said: "I began my practice as a cardiologist in 1921 and I never saw a heart attack patient until 1928."

"Back in the heart attack free days before 1920, the fats were butter and lard and I think that we would all benefit from the kind of diet that we had at a time when no one had ever heard the word corn oil."
There was ONE detractor:

Dr. Paul Dudley White, Harvard cardiologist and Eisenhower's personal physician.

White knew this cholesterol mythology was 100 percent false.

In fact, he publicly debunked it on a live broadcast in a panel debate with his peers.

But here's the incredible thing...

Even with NO new research, studies, or trials to support the cholesterol hypothesis...

Dr. White reversed his position, and jumped on the bandwagon for the sake of his own career.

Is it a coincidence Eisenhower's own doctor was the perfect example of the "scientific-technological elite"?

I'll leave that for you to decide.

You see, this diet had POWERFUL backers from Big Pharma and Big Agriculture.

Like Procter & Gamble, with billions of dollars on the table selling vegetable oils in place of fat-heavy cooking.

P&G's funding even helped transform the American Heart Association into a powerhouse organization.

In fact, the AHA's most avid proponent of the "lipid theory," Fred Mattson, was a scientist (and shill) for Procter & Gamble.

Mattson even helped P&G develop Olestra, a cholesterol-free replacement for fat in foods and cooking oils.

And in 1958, two years after Eisenhower's heart attack, Kraft introduced polyunsaturated margarine to the market. A product they advertised as a "heart healthy" alternative to butter.

With this kind of money at stake, the increasingly powerful drug and food conglomerates weren't taking any chances.

That's why they hired leading medical experts to tout the new party line.

Today, drug companies STILL recruit "key opinion leaders" as hired guns for their marketing campaigns.

These top physicians endorse Big Pharma's drugs. In return, they achieve celebrity status and popularity. And they enforce Big Pharma's ideas in the medical community.

That includes ostracizing and blacklisting doctors who buck the status quo.

These mouthpieces for Big Pharma embody the very "scientific technological elite" that Eisenhower warned of.
Ike Killed by Rat Poison?

The year before Eisenhower's heart attack, Bristol-Myers' new blood-thinner Coumadin received FDA approval. Before then, it was used as rat poison.

The National Poison Center still labels warfarin - the generic name for Coumadin - a dangerous rodenticide.

And guess who was the first one selected to test-drive the drug?

That's right - Dr. Paul Dudley White prescribed this rat poison to Eisenhower during the president's recovery. This move was profitable for Big Pharma, but disastrous for Ike's health.

When the media reported on Eisenhower's use of Coumadin, it instantly became the popular go-to drug for blood clot prevention.

And now it's one of the top 10 most prescribed drugs in the world. One that hands Big Pharma $15.3 billion per year. And it's growing by the day.

But did anyone hear about Eisenhower's awful symptoms and side effects?

While he was still on the drug, Ike developed chronic inflammation of his intestines. His medical condition was critical, even requiring bowel surgery, so his doctors temporarily suspended his Coumadin therapy.

After he recovered, Ike again started to take Coumadin, which led to a brain hemorrhage in 1957.

Yet the media, and his doctors, failed to make the connection between Ike's diminishing health and this dangerous blood-thinner.
Dr. White emerged as one of these leaders in the 1950s.

That's why he would not only go along with the new dogma...

Supporting ideas he knew were dead wrong...

And aiding in the corruption of medical knowledge...

But would even turn around and prescribe this very same diet to Ike.

Thanks to this single move, the link between cholesterol and heart disease became "gospel."

Yet not a shred of research supported it.

No studies, no trials, nothing.

Americans swallowed the propaganda like an overpriced pill.

Everyone now "knew" the "evils" of fat and cholesterol in their diets.

Yet amazingly, nobody heard about...

"The Eisenhower Paradox"

Ironically, Eisenhower's own condition - used by Big Pharma to push their agenda - 100 percent contradicted the "cholesterol myth."

At the time of his heart attack, Eisenhower's cholesterol was ONLY 165 mg/dL.

Ike also exercised every day and kept a perfect weight of 172.

In other words, he seemed to be in perfect condition.

And Ike's case was hardly unusual.

According to a published analysis of the Framingham Heart Study...

75 percent of patients admitted to the hospital for heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels.

In short, cholesterol is a terrible predictor of heart disease.

That should have been the lesson. The end of the story.

But Americans didn't hear about this from the media.

All they heard was Eisenhower's new cholesterol-free diet.


New York Times, September 21, 1955
Ike replaced butter with hydrogenated soybean oils and margarine full of dangerous trans fat.

He no longer ate eggs, bacon, and steak for breakfast.

And over time, at the insistence of Dr. White, his diet regimen grew stricter.

In fact, some days he would eat nothing but grapefruit and melba toast.

The press carefully reported every detail.

And as a result, Americans jumped on board the new "heart healthy" diet fad.

But this diet came with dire consequences for Ike's health, mind, and body.

The same suffering millions of Americans would experience over the next 59 years.

And STILL experience today.

The results are clear....

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, back in the 1960s when Americans consumed more fat, the rate of obesity was 13 percent and only one percent suffered from type 2 diabetes.

Today, although we consume MUCH less fat in our diets, the rate of obesity has soared as high as 45 percent and 8 percent now suffer from type 2 diabetes.

This is from Harvard University - could you think of a more reliable source?

Bottom line:

The Harvard study concludes...

"The low-fat diet hasn't helped us control weight or become healthier."

President Eisenhower's own experience is a case in point.

After Ike began following this "heart-healthy" diet, his cholesterol levels soared.

They jumped from 165... to 195... to 225... to 259 mg/dL.

His weight skyrocketed too.

The president grew increasingly frustrated, even obsessed with his cholesterol.

At one point he even checked his levels 10 times each year.

The more his cholesterol soared, the more religiously Ike stuck to the diet.

A fact that dumbfounded his team of top physicians and enraged the president.

It got so bad the president's doctors even started lying to him about his real levels.

Yet this didn't stop the "experts" from continuing to push this mythology.

Six days before Ike's cholesterol level reached 259, Ancel Keys - a protégé of Eisenhower's doctor - published his famous "7 countries study."

In fact, Dr. Paul Dudley White helped Keys secure government funding for the study.

It was...

"The Junk Science That Kicked Off theCholesterol Myth"

The study famously linked heart disease and cholesterol levels.

It championed the same cholesterol-free diet that Eisenhower personally knew was false.

And it established the "lipid hypothesis" as accepted "fact."

But here's what no one knew at the time: Ancel Keys "cherry picked" the evidence so he could associate heart disease with fat and cholesterol intake.

Keys studied 22 countries, but only focused on the 6 countries which supported his thesis.

The 16 other countries actually disproved his entire idea... but he left them out.

There's a word for this kind of research - propaganda.

Nevertheless, the medical world rallied around his theory.

Keys ended up on the cover of Time Magazine.

Two weeks later, the American Heart Association officially adopted the cholesterol theory of heart disease.
The Deadly Fatty Acid
In "Fat-Free" Food

Up until recently, humans have consumed a roughly equal ratio of omega-3 fatty acids - vital for your heart's function - and omega-6s. This equal ratio is essential for preventing heart disease.

That all changed in the 1950s, with the introduction of omega-6-rich "fat-free" foods.

Especially vegetable oils, which are loaded with omega-6s - the highest inflammatory food group. But when the Cholesterol Myth took hold, they were marketed as a "heart-healthy" substitute for butter and animal oils. A move that brought deadly results...

Since then the consumption of toxic oils like soybean and canola have skyrocketed a thousand-fold. Now, soybean oil makes up as much as 20 percent of the American diet. Fueling chronic inflammation, and as a direct consequence, dramatically increasing the rate of heart disease.

Now the omega-6: omega-3 ratio of the average Western diet is 20:1. And since then the rate of heart disease has skyrocketed.

Health gurus were dead wrong when they blamed red meat - a vital source of omega-3s - for the heart disease epidemic. They never bothered to explain why native people who ate about 85 percent of their calories as wild red meat lacked modern heart disease.

As crazy as it sounds, the traditional "bacon, lard, eggs, and butter" diet - the same big medicine told us caused heart disease - is a rich source of omega-3s, which reduces inflammation and actually prevents heart disease.
Pretty soon, it became the accepted wisdom throughout the medical field.

Lowering LDL ("bad") cholesterol was now the primary focus of preventive medicine.

The ironic part is, Eisenhower was experiencing firsthand just how wrong this theory was... and paying for it with his health and life.

Throughout the 1960s, Eisenhower suffered seven heart attacks and 14 myocardial infarctions... even as he stuck religiously to the "heart-healthy diet."

In 1969, the famous war hero and beloved president died from his last heart attack.

In circles today, it's known as the "Eisenhower Paradox."

And while this is only a single anecdotal piece of evidence...

The So-Called "Eisenhower Paradox" Is Killing Millions of Average Americans

The medical establishment is still force-feeding us the same myth that ultimately killed Eisenhower.

Remember: the conventional wisdom is that LDL cholesterol causes arterial plaque buildup, ultimately obstructing our blood flow and leading to heart disease.

You've heard it. I heard it repeated from elementary to medical school. And like my colleagues, I believed it without question.

That is, until I read thousands of studies proving otherwise.

Yes, LDL cholesterol can be found in the plaque that builds up along damaged arteries.

But this point misses a simple fact - one even a high school physiology course could tell you...

The damage to your arteries happens before NOT after the plaque builds up. Plaque is your body's response to heart disease, not the cause of it.

LDL cholesterol catches blame because it's found at the scene of the crime.

But that's a lot like blaming a scab for the injury that caused it to form... or like blaming a band-aid for the injury its covering.

The truth is that the REAL culprit for heart disease has always been inflammation.

And the worst part is... the inflammation in our blood vessels is caused in part by the low-fat diet recommended for years by modern medicine.

That's why Eisenhower's heart disease grew worse, even on his "heart-healthy" diet... which replaced so-called "artery-clogging" butter with toxic vegetable oils.

And that's why 950,000 Americans continue to die each year from heart disease, even as they consume record quantities of low-fat food, vegetable oils, and cholesterol-lowering drugs.

In fact, the truth about inflammation is old news. But the medical establishment still ignores it. Even when the mainstream media occasionally gets it right.

The Secret Killer

For instance, a 2004 Time Magazine cover story identified inflammation as the "secret killer." Take a look at the cover...
The Time article starts with a description of the conventional explanation of heart disease.
"Not long ago, most doctors thought of heart attacks as primarily a plumbing problem. Over the years, fatty deposits would slowly build up on the insides of major coronary arteries until they grew so big that they cut off the supply of blood to a vital part of the heart. A complex molecule called LDL, the so-called bad cholesterol, provided the raw material for these deposits. Clearly anyone with high LDL levels was at greater risk of developing heart disease."
Then the writer quickly shuts it down....
"There's just one problem with that explanation: sometimes it's dead wrong. Indeed, half of all heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol levels."
I wasn't shocked to hear this.

But I was stunned that this blunt article actually reached the mainstream.

Of course, this was more than 10 years ago. And in spite of the attention generated by this article, the market for cholesterol-lowering drugs to counteract heart disease has skyrocketed five-fold since then.

In short, there's nothing stopping Big Pharma's relentless march for profits... no amount of evidence... no matter how airtight... even from a prestigious source like Time Magazine.

Their profit margins trump proof. And it certainly trumps your health and your life.

But I have good news.

You don't have to fall victim to their mass guinea pig experiment.

I've identified three urgent indicators of heart disease you can check with a simple blood test.

These tests indicate (with startling accuracy) that you could be at imminent risk of a heart attack or stroke.

In fact, one of these indicators can predict when that risk may jump by as much as 500 percent.

A review of 26 articles, published in the Journal of Biotechnology Information, proved even a very tiny increase in levels - 5 mcg - confirms a 20 percent increase in heart disease risk ... independent of ANY other factors for heart disease.

And I can speak from personal experience as a physician.

Read more about Dr. Al Sears research here


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