The poisonous jellyfish can sting
In scenes similar to a sci-fi horror flick, the alien-type species swarmed over a coastline as warm weather sparked a peak in the breeding season.

Bathers have been stung by the transparent jellyfish as they grow in numbers and doctors have warned people to wash the stings with cold water, take painkillers and seek urgent medical assistance.

Even elderly locals living in Andreevka village - one of the badly hit areas - say they have never seen so many of the sea monsters.

Marine experts hope colder and wetter weather will disperse the stingers back into the Pacific.


Andreevka village in Khaan disctrict is among the badly hit areas.

INVASION: Locals say they've never seen so many jellyfish
Mass jellyfish invasions are not just a problem in Russia.

More than 1,000 were spotted on beaches in the UK during the summer.

The Portuguese man o' war - one of the deadliest species - was found on a UK coastline in June.

A luxury yacht had to be rescued in June after it was attacked by huge barrel jellyfish.

The gigantic creatures targeted the boat after its engine stopped working in Weymouth, Dorset.