hurricane fred
Hurricane Fred is making history in the Cape Verde Islands this morning. It is the first hurricane to hit the islands in more than 100 years. Records, dating to 1908, show no developed hurricanes hitting the small island nation of half a million people.

In 1961, Hurricane Debbie formed on the western side of the island chain and proceeded west.

What's interesting is the fact that no hurricanes have struck the island nation, even though many of us have heard of it because of the weather term "Cape Verde Hurricane Season." That's the time of year (from late August through early October) when tropical waves move off the western African coast, developing into hurricanes after passing over the Cape Verde Islands.

Hurricane Fred is an anomaly, as it quickly achieved hurricane status Sunday night. Dangerous flash flooding and wind gusts to 90 m.p.h. are expected today before it moves out to sea, eventually weakening in the days to come.