Hailstones the size of baseballs smashed up the windshield of Delta Airlines flight 1889
Several commercial airplanes have been hit by unusually large hail this year resulting in serious external damage as can be seen in the following reports.

Also of note are 2 records of such events last year and one episode in 2013.

4 instances of aircraft being hit on the ground have also been recorded in recent years, the first dating from 2011.

These events are rather clear evidence of a definite cooling, and meteor dust-loading, of the upper atmosphere causing ever larger hail to accrete around these particles. This is but one symptom of the significant changes happening to our upper atmosphere and planetary biosphere in general, the effects of which present serious implications for all life on planet earth. While this is natural phenomenon, it is intricately tied the human experience and the nature of the dark, entropic and psychopathic energies that dominate in the human domain.

Freak Afghan hailstorm caused £13m damage to British aircraft in January 2015 (on ground)

Brazilian TAM Airlines flight JJ 3307 makes emergency landing after flying into hailstorm in February 2015:
Brazilian TAM Airlines Flight JJ 3307 took off in Rio de Janeiro en route to the Brazilian city of Natal on February 9 and climbed to approximately 18,000 feet when the flight entered what has been described as a "cloud of hail".

Local media Odia suggest lightning damaged the flight's weather radar, steering the flight into dangerous territory and leaving its pilots powerless to know what lay ahead.

Reports indicate that as the plane was turning back, a hail strike hit, cracking the plane's three-layered windscreen and crushing its nose. Pictures reveal the sheer power of the thunderstorm.

Damaged: A shock flight for passengers on Brazilian TAM Airlines Flight JJ 3307.

Gaping hole in battered jumbo jet caused by horrific hailstorm that left passengers screaming in terror in June 2015:
A gaping hole lies in the crumpled nose of a jumbo jet after it was pummelled by ice in a terrifying hailstorm.

Passengers screamed in fear as the plane struggled against horrendous weather conditions, and some were sent flying into the overhead lockers

The Boeing 747-400 was making its way from Detroit to Seoul two weeks ago when it encountered the bad weather on June 18.

Around three hours from landing at South Korea's Incheon International Airport, the pilot told passengers to sit down and buckle up.

Brian Walker, who was on board the flight, said as the weather front hit, the seemingly 'out of control' jet rolled and pitched as hundreds yelled for their lives.

He told the Minneapolis and St Paul Business Journal the plane dropped vertically then 'slammed into something' around seven times.
© Brian Walker
Smashed: The Delta Boeing 747-400 damaged flying through a hailstorm over China
Hero Delta pilots make a BLIND emergency landing after baseball-sized hail storm cracked their windshield and damaged nose in August:
Pilots of a Delta Airlines flight 1889 had to make an emergency landing - without being able to see out of the windshield - after baseball-sized hailstones wrecked the front of the plane.

The hail also destroyed the GPS navigation system at the front of the aircraft, which was flying from Boston to Salt Lake City on Friday night.

The pilots managed to land in Denver - where the passengers could see the extent of the damage to the Airbus 320's cone.

Wrecked: The Airbus 320's windshield and cone were severely damaged during a hail storm over eastern Colorado. The plane is pictured at Denver International Airport, where it made an emergency landing

Hail cracks windshield of US Airways plane landing in Philadelphia in May 2014:
A US Airways jetliner flew through a hailstorm on its descent into Philadelphia on Thursday landed with a cracked windshield, the airline said.

Only one layer of the multilayered windshield was cracked and Flight 768 en route from Orlando, Florida, landed safely, airline officials said. No one was injured.

The flight landed as hail -- some reportedly the size of tennis balls -- was falling across parts of eastern Pennsylvania, cracking car windshields, breaking windows and damaging siding.
Large hail strikes American Eagle Flight 3195. Abilene, Texas. June 12, 2014.

Hailstorm Seriously Damages AirEuropa Plane Traveling From Madrid to Buenos Aires in September 2014:
Passengers aboard a harrowing transatlantic flight from Madrid to Buenos Aires might be kissing the ground this week. On September 9th, an AirEuropa Airbus A330 flying into Argentina's Ezeiza Airport encountered a serious hailstorm in the last 20 minutes of a 12-hour flight, reports.

"Ahead of a strong cold front front, a band of thunderstorms erupted across extreme northeast Argentina, Uruguay, and the adjacent South Atlantic waters up to about 100 miles east-southeast of Buenos Aires on the morning of September 9," said meteorologist Jon Erdman. "With a flight path from Madrid, Spain, there appeared to be no option to avoid those thunderstorms."

Heavy hail cracked the plane's windshield and severely damaged the aircraft's nose, according to the Aviation Herald. reports that the incredible turbulence made many of the 230 passengers and at least one flight attendant onboard sick.

"Suddenly, I swear it was like being up a [roller] coaster," passenger Andrea Ripoll told Spanish news site Infobae of the flight, which, up until that point, had been uneventful.

The pilot managed to keep the plane in the air for another 11 minutes before landing safely, according to the Aviation Herald.
Hailstorm forces Paris flight to return to Rio in November 2013:
An Air France Boeing 747 on its way to Paris was forced to return to the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro this week, after a violent hailstorm hit the plane shortly after take off. One passenger recounted: "I was scared to death."

"We had the impression the cabin was being strafed with hailstones and there was violent turbulence. I was scared to death," Benjamin Cano, travelling in business class, told AFP by telephone following the mid-air drama late on Tuesday.

In a statement on Wednesday, Air France said the captain had elected to head back to Rio after the hailstones damaged a windshield.
© Alessandro Santos / Arquivo Pessoal
Damage done to Air France Boeing 747
Afghanistan hailstone storm kills three and grounds British aircraft in April 2013 (on the ground).

Frontier Cancels Flights Because Of Hail Damage To Planes in July 2011 (on the ground).