Second persistent heat wave of the summer season has set more temperature records in parts of Europe, during last week. Poland, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Belarus and Lithuania reported new all-time records, while the hot conditions are forecasted to last across most of the eastern Europe until early next week.

High temperatures in Poland caused the national power suppliers to cut off the electricity to factories for a few days on August 10, as the period of extended heat caused the water levels to drop, in rivers used to cool the power plants.
A historic record was set in Wroclaw, Poland on August 8 when temperatures hit 38.9 ºC (102 ºF), weather records researcher Maximiliano Herrera reported. Usually, temperatures average 23 ºC (74 ºF) this time of year in Wroclaw.

Another record was set in Germany, as the temperatures rose to 40.3 ºC (104.5 ºF) in Kitzingen, on August 7, breaking the previous record set this year on July 5, Weather Underground reported. August 7 was also the hottest day ever recorded in Berlin, as temperatures hit 38.9 ºC (102 ºF) on Kaniswall station in metro area beating the old record of 38.6°C (101.5°F).

Czech Republic was also strongly affected by the heat wave, as more than 19 cities reported tied or record breaking temperatures.

Herrera reported Minsk in Belarus set a new record, as well, with mercury rising to 35.8 ºC (96.4 ºF) on August 8.

More historic records were reported across Europe: Genoa, Italy, measured 38.5 ºC (101.3 ºF), a value by 4 ºC (39.2 ºF) higher than a historic airport record, reported in 1962, while Kaunas in Lithuania reported 35.3 ºC (95.5 ºF).​
Red alerts warning about extremely hot weather conditions that are expected to continue over most of the Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and eastern Austria have been issued by Meteoalarm.

Some regions across eastern Austria, western Slovakia, Croatia, northern Serbia, southwest Romania, southern Ukraine and Budapest, Hungary have been reported to hit 37.8 ºC (100 ºF) or just below, on August 13.

However, it seems that some relief is finally on the way, as the upper ridge of high pressure that brought severe warmth is forecasted to weaken over Germany, Switzerland, Austria and northern Italy, in the period between August 15 and August 16.

The persistent broad upper ridge of high pressure responsible for the record warmth will gradually give way into the weekend, shifting the heat out of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and northern Italy. Still, the heat will persist until early next week across most of the eastern Europe, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine and Belarus.