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Miami police officer has been suspended after video showed him punch a handcuffed teenager in the back of a patrol car.

The officer arrested the teen Thursday in Liberty Square after officers found some marijuana nearby, reported WPLG-TV.

A bystander recorded video of the arrest, which shows the unidentified officer talking to the youth seated in the cruiser's back seat.

The officer leans in to speak to the teen and then punches him for no visibly apparent reason.

The police officer then climbs into the back of the patrol car to subdue the youth as the bystander moves in closer to continue recording.

Someone appears to swat away the woman's cell phone, and she says, "Don't touch my phone baby, move."

The woman said the officer ordered her to delete the recording, but she refused and uploaded the video to Facebook — where it quickly drew thousands of views.

The police department suspended the officer during an internal investigation, but the police union president said he expected the officer to be vindicated.

"As everyone is aware, social media has placed a very negative tone on law enforcement nationwide," said Lt. Javier Ortiz, head of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police. "While the video may seem disturbing to some, the FOP is convinced that when everything is analyzed within the totality of the circumstances, it will be concluded that the police officer was doing what he is supposed to be doing — protecting our community."

Comment: How is punching an alleged pot smoker protecting the community? The police in the U.S. are completely out of control. Police and the public have been conditioned, step by step, to accept violence as something that is necessary to govern society. Ignorance of history has led to the current police state. Police of today have become military extensions of a totalitarian government whose agenda can be summed up by by a short quote from Chris Hedges in his article: The Origins of Our Police State:
The tyranny of law enforcement in poor communities is a window into our emerging police state. These thuggish tactics are now being used against activists and dissidents. And as the nation unravels, as social unrest spreads, the naked face of police repression will become commonplace. Totalitarian systems always seek license to engage in this kind of behavior by first targeting a demonized minority. Such systems demand that the police, to combat the "lawlessness" of the demonized minority, be, in essence, emancipated from the constraints of the law. The unrestricted and arbitrary subjugation of one despised group, stripped of equality before the law, conditions the police to employ these tactics against the wider society. "Laws that are not equal for all revert to rights and privileges, something contradictory to the very nature of nation-states," Hannah Arendt wrote in "The Origins of Totalitarianism". "The clearer the proof of their inability to treat stateless people as legal persons and the greater the extension of arbitrary rule by police decree, the more difficult it is for states to resist the temptation to deprive all citizens of legal status and rule them with an omnipotent police."

The teen made brief comments about the case after he was released from custody.

"The video speaks for itself," the teen said. "I don't really have nothing to say."

Watch video from the incident posted online by Photography Is Not A Crime: