© Sputnik/ Alexander Vilf
It has taken Russia and China some time, but in two decades they have learned how to counter "Washington's fifth column," an array of NGOs the US supports to destabilize Moscow and Beijing and force them to accept America's hegemony, a French media outlet reported.

Washington's fifth column is sponsored by the US State Department and a multitude of private American organizations. It has been quite successful in some countries: it instigated color revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine, Boulevard Voltaire noted.

Russians, according to the media outlet, are largely immune to the efforts of these organizations and the lies they spread. Some 89 percent of Russian citizens support President Vladimir Putin and his policies.

"The remaining 11 percent are primarily those who believe that Putin is not too tough in his response to the Western aggression. This minority also supports the Russian leader," the French publication noted, adding that after all their work, Washington only managed to win over no more than 2 - 3 percent of Russians.

The United States has also been actively engaged in China, for instance through the Rockefeller Foundation supporting some pro-American professors in the universities, Boulevard Voltaire pointed out.

Nevertheless, both Russia and China see US activities aimed at supporting the fifth column for what they are and have started to protect themselves. "From now on the United States will have to be more humble and to forget about hypocrisy," the media outlet stated.