right sector
Raising Right Sector's flag in Lvov.
Is it just me, or does official Ukraine look a little more like 1930s-era Germany with every passing day? In case you haven't heard, the neo-Nazi terrorist group Right Sector has been clashing with Ukrainian police over the past several days. You can see some previous coverage of the events here: It's Nazi Germany all over again, with the 'brown shirts' roaming the streets and the politicians (seemingly) powerless to do anything about it. These psychopathic thugs have been fighting on the front lines, killing the civilians of Donbass for months on end. That made them "good guys" in the eyes of Kiev and their American masters. Now, they are turning on their own masters, refusing to disarm and demanding that the war in the east resume, to finish the job of cleansing Donbass. Fellow psychopaths from Tornado, Azov, Aidar and OUN volunteer battalions have joined the cause. Yesterday, coordinated attacks took place against two police precincts in Lvov, Ukraine.

In Mukachevo, about 20 Right Sector goons showed up for a meeting with local deputy Mikhail Lagno, complete with machine-gun-equipped SUVs. The 'talk' quickly turned to violence, and on their way out of the city Right Sector captured a police patrol post. They shot up 3 police vehicles with mortars; 3 people were killed in the fighting, 9 wounded (4 Spetsnaz, 5 civilians). One of their goons described the situation (notes by Kristina Rus of Fort Russ):
"We have been asked to come for a talk three days ago by a criminal kingpin Blyuk [aka Rada deputy Mikhail Lagno - KR], unhappy that our fighters are patrolling the border and blocking contraband. [Read: collecting the contraband 'tax' - KR] There were 12 of us, about 100 titushki [anyone opposing Maidan supporters or the radicals in Ukraine] with weapons were expecting us at the sports base. Bryuk told me, this is his land, and the contraband business is all his."
The day after the clash in Mukachevo, a pair of these thugs kidnapped a 6-year-old boy, using him as a human shield to get past police. They left him tied up, alone in the woods.

Tonight, the car of the regional prosecutor was bombed in nearby Uzhgorod, along with another.

Right Sector is heading towards the border with Poland. Along the way, they have apparently taken control of the city of Lvov, setting up checkpoints throughout the city and replacing the EU flag with their own.

Yats is defending them, justifying their behavior in light of police corruption. 'Demon halo' Timoshenko concurs, accusing them of corruption and smuggling in a statement made on Ukrainian TV, and using the recent clashes to point out the obvious: "there is no strong power in Ukraine". Hear that, Poroshenko? Right Sector is clearly the type of power that makes Timoshenko excited.

These recent events are forcing the Ukrainian rada to get physical (not a difficult thing to do) as they decide whose side they're on: the Nazis or the... erm... Nazis?

And as usual, both sides blame Putin!
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