A pit bull attack Thursday morning left an 83-year-old man dead in his daughter's backyard, Pecos Police said.

The victim was identified as Norberto Legardo, a longtime Pecos resident friends described as "very kind" and "[someone who] always did good deeds."

He was feeding his daughter's dog at her Eddy Street house, investigators said, when three pit bulls belonging to a neighbor approached them.

"I think the evidence is going to show that somehow the pit bulls got into [his daughter's] yard and started fighting with the dog [he was feeding]," said Pecos Police Chief Clay McKinney. "Mr. Legardo probably tried to break up the fight and then the pit bulls turned on him."

A witness told NewsWest 9 one of the dogs lunged at the 83-year-old's throat and all three were involved in the attack. According to McKinney, "at least two" mauled Legardo.

He added that officials are still in the early stages of the investigation and "don't have many details" about the incident.

Officers were dispatched to the scene around 9:45 a.m. and found Legardo unresponsive. He was declared dead shortly after.

Police said the Labrador he was feeding was found near the residence by Animal Control and is expected to recover from injuries sustained in the attack.

A former co-worker, Pablo Briones, said Legardo was "a real good friend" and their colleagues are "all going to miss him."

"[Officials] have to do something about it," Briones said of the deadly mauling. "I sure hope it doesn't happen again."

Police said the three pit bulls were later euthanized with written consent from their owner, Oscar Rodriguez. He is currently not facing any criminal charges.

"It's too early to tell if charges will be filed," said McKinney. "We are still investigating."

Rodriguez could not be reached for comment.