bird attack texas
© Reuters / Bogdan Cristel
A street corner in Houston, Texas has been taken over by a gang of proverbial angry birds. Residents say the feathery flock often dive-bombs passing humans, most likely trying to scare anyone away from their nests.

People living on the 800 block of Beverly Street in Houston Heights told the local TV station KHOU that the avian intruders have taken up residence in a tall tree, and occasionally swoop down on people walking by.

"I felt something hit my back, and I was like, what was that?" local resident Eliana Crenshaw-Gibbs told the station. "I turn around and see the bird coming at me, so I start running."

Another neighbor, Victor Valenzuela, was attacked as well.

"It's annoying, it's not very fun," he said. "I've seen it happen to a bunch of people: the UPS guy, my girlfriend walks by - she gets attacked."

Nobody knows for sure, but the neighbors told KHOU's reporter Marcelino Benito that the birds' behavior may be explained by a nearby nest of younglings. Shortly afterwards, Benito himself was chased away by a feathery fighter.

"It doesn't choose everyone," said Crenshaw-Gibbs. "You've got to be special."

So far, nobody has been hurt, and the neighbors are giving the birds some space. Crenshaw-Gibbs says she walks her dog elsewhere.

According to the Houston Chronicle, a flock of great-tailed grackles nesting at the Harris County government building a decade ago routinely attacked county workers and passers-by. Most of the time there were no major injuries, except when a lawyer tripped and fell after getting dive-bombed from behind.

Big flocks of birds have been a common sight in Houston in recent years, sometimes providing spectacular visuals.