© CENBizarre: Two headed pig becomes local celebrity
A pig born with two heads and three eyes has baffled a farm owner - who could be set to earn big money from the disfigured animal.

The tiny piglet, who has two snouts and three eyes, became an instant celebrity almost as soon as it was born.

And the farmer has also been flooded with offers from people who want to buy it to use as an attraction to pull the public into their own businesses.

The animal was a huge hit on social media as pictures of the strange looking newborn went viral.

Hundreds of locals from Robles, in Colombia, have also flocked to see the little piggy who has normal black spots and pink skin.

Pensioner Hegel Ortega Padilla, 68, who owns the farm said he had never come across anything like it in his life before.

The area is best known for making handmade gifts for tourists but this little piggy was clearly the centre of attention.

Hegel's son, Fernando Ortega, said: "Everyone began to ask about the pig, they wanted to find out about it and take pictures.

"It was a sensation. However, no one knows why it was born with two heads. There are 25 others in the group and there is no other animal with any deformity or physical problems."

He said he had been working with pigs for over 10 years and this was the first time it has ever happened.

He added they were not sure what to do with the animal and that they had been advised by some superstitious neighbours to kill it.

He said: "I was told that the best thing we can do is to sacrifice it because it is not known what effects it may have on the other pigs."

The condition of being born with two heads is known as polycephaly and can affect all sorts of animals, including humans.

A week ago a two headed pig was born in China and there locals believe it will bring them good luck.

The deformity is rare and means the animals may not survive very long as the head becomes very heavy - and they often have difficulty feeding.