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Flooding in Ankara
Two people were injured and dozens of cars were damaged in flooding after heavy rain on the evening of June 11 in Turkey's capital Ankara.

Boğaziçi Neşet Ertaş Street, one of the main thoroughfares in Ankara's Mamak district, was flooded and daily life in the capital was paralyzed by the heavy rain.

Two people were reportedly injured, while around 100 cars were swept away and damaged. Municipal workers and locals tried to rescue the cars stuck in flood.

The Turkish State Meteorological Service (MGM) on June 11 said heavy rainfall was expected in central Turkey, including Ankara, and issued severe warnings about the inclement conditions.

"Necessary measures should be taken for any sort of negative weather conditions," it said.

The Ankara flooding came less than a week after heavy rain waters flooded the Fidyekızık neighborhood of the western province of Bursa as voting during the parliamentary election was underway on June 7. The flooding caused the collapse of an outer wall of a school compound that was used as a polling station, trapping people who were responsible for the ballot boxes.