third maidan
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Large anti-government protests took place in Kiev this week
The third Ukraine 'Maidan' came quickly, and was quenched just as fast. Unlike the protests that began in late 2013 and turned into the months-long 'EuroMaidan' that ended with the coup against the legitimate government of Yanukovych, this time, there were no entrenched cadres of hardened protestors in camps, no pitched battles with police, no occupation of government buildings. Why not?

Almost immediately on the heels of the Gay Rights parade that fizzled out on Friday with a spectacular whimper after being attacked by neo-Nazi Right Sector thugs (the same ones Kiev has been dutifully utilizing in their 'anti-anti-terrorist operation' in the east), similar brain dead fascist drones did the same thing to the massive anti-government march in Kiev this weekend.

The thousands of protesters that marched to and camped out on Maidan Square were airing their grievances against the so-called government of greedy, inept, bloodthirsty leaders. That is, protestors were attempting to engage with the full spirit of that new-found Ukrainian-American democracy that was gifted to them last year by way of the US-sponsored coup. You know, protesting against things like poverty, criminally low pensions, and a useless, costly, ineffective war in the east. Some protesters were calling for Poroshenko's impeachment, saying the government can't handle the country's current problems.

But apparently their grievances are not so grievous, mainly because they don't jive with the 'strategic interests' of the US government, unlike the previous Maidan protests of last year that had the god fatherly blessings of the glorious United States, complete with Nuland cookies, Right Sector barbarism, and provocateur snipers. The spoils of that little Maidan went to Poroshenko. This little Maidan may as well have stayed home. All they got was the privilege of going wee, wee, wee all the way to prison. Now, if Poroshenko were to have a brain transplant and suddenly say something remotely favorable about Putin, THAT would be a different story. In that case, the beneficent flow of cookies, arms, and support would no doubt come freely, along with a US government demand that Poroshenko "had to go".

But that's not how things went down. Instead, a group of about a hundred of those ubiquitous 'young men in masks' (the better to cover their Swastika-tattooed faces, one would venture to guess) attacked the tents of the protesters early Monday morning, destroying the camp and beating the protesters.

Ukraine's security forces dutifully showed up to rain democratic justice upon the masked attackers, but were regrettably unable to capture them. Instead, they decided to do the next-best-democratic thing: arrest some protesters, including Ruslan Tashbaev, a U.S.-nationalized Ukrainian, on accusations of being Kremlin trolls sent to cause unrest against a saintly government that can do no harm. Because the only possible reason for being remotely upset with the Ukrainian government is because you are a Donetsk or Lugansk "terrorist" personally trained by Vladimir Putin... Everyone knows that.

But Tashbaev is anything but a Putin fan. He's apparently more Russophobic than Poroshenko, whom Tashbaev believes isn't doing enough to beat those dastardly Russians posing as miners from the east. Which makes the following events even more ironic:
However, the story had an unexpected twist - Tashbaev came online today saying that he was not deported. He was detained by the police, passed to the custody of unknown masked men, and taken to the forest - to be beaten, tortured, and probably killed. It is unknown why they dumped him in the forest instead - maybe because Tashbaev's lawyers started asking head of State Security about his whereabouts (Nalivaychenko answered that he is detained and giving evidence about his ties to terrorist organizations), or maybe they hoped he would not be able to make it out of the forest in his state. Anyway, Tashbaev made it out. Here are the photos he posted of himself - taken after he walked two hours to the nearest residential area.

He flew out of Ukraine some hours later and underwent medical evaluation in a US hospital. He vows those responsible will be brought to justice. PS. Wanna bet if any mass media outlets run stories on this? The same exact thing has been going on for a year, and nothing so far...Maybe it'll turn out he "beat himself up to blame police", just like 40 protesters in Odessa "burned themselves to slander innocent patriots".
Ah! Now THIS is what I'm talking about: good ol' fashioned American-Ukrainian democracy! John McCain would be proud. As for the face of this strange brand of democracy, here it is:
Ukraine should be proud. It has almost - just almost - achieved the model of the ideal American democracy, complete with crippling, suicidal debt, no economic or foreign policy to speak of, the torture and murder of civilians, brazen lies, insane rhetoric, and brutal psychopathy. Glory to Ukraine, indeed.