The toads pile on top of each other, and because of their colour, give the impression the ground is moving
A scene of biblical proportions descended upon China's Liaoning Province following heavy rainfall.

A plague of toads was filmed in the area of Ganjingzi Qu, Liaoning Sheng, swarming a pathway and making the ground look like it was moving.

Hopping in their tens of thousands, the toads, which were all relatively small in size, escaped from a nearby lake.

According to local news reports the amphibians arrived in the area after heavy rainfall in the morning.

In the short clip people can be seen attempting to negotiate around the toads as they jump in every direction.

In some areas of the pavement the distance between each amphibian is quite large, and there doesn't appear to be an overly dramatic amount of them.


People can be seen attempting to negotiate around the toads as they jump in all directions
However, nearing the lake, the toads can be seen pilling on top of each other and because of their colour, they give the impression that the ground is moving.

Toads are characterized by leathery skin, which is often drier than that belonging to a frog.

They also have short legs and snout-like parotoid glands, and live in more terrestrial habitats than their commonly confused counterpart.


The plague of toads arrived in Ganjingzi Qu, Liaoning Sheng after heavy rain fall in the morning