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Dramatic images have emerged from Peru after heavy snowfall, ash from the Ubinas volcano and warming temperatures triggered a massive mudslide earlier this week.

The Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP) was conducting geogphysical measurements when the mudslide began to cascade down the mountain, and filmed the event

According to Peru This Week, towns in the Ubinas Valley are on alert for more volcanic activitiy, and residents have been advised to wear masks. Authorities in Peru have not ordered evacuations, the website reported.

The IGP reports that the landslide was due to ash deposits from the volcano's eruption on April 8 and heavy snow that fell April 10-11. As skies cleared and temperatures warmed on April 12-13, the snow melted and caused the mudslide.

The Ubinas volcano had been dormant for about 40 years until 2006 when it became more active. Since then small eruptions have been a common occurrence, according to El Comercio.