Nebraska UFO
I understand the title alone about a UFO on video is an attention grabber and may spark the conspiracy theorists. But I hope that my reputation stands up here and what I am sharing has been scrutinized: A UFO appears out of a storm! My purpose is not to sensationalize but rather simply get an explanation of what was captured on video.

I even watched this with my father over the holiday weekend, who is a long time scientist that does not jump to conclusions. We agreed this unexplained description justifies what was seen on video during a lightning storm in Nebraska on April 2, 2015. KeriLeigh Shriver was riding (in the passenger seat) between Alma and Republican City and used her phone to try and get some of the lightning on video. The strange object that appears in the upper right corner seems to be at a low altitude and traveling very fast. It is cylindrical, spiraling, and appears out of nowhere with disappearing trail. The resolution is grainy, but this seems legit- NOT a hoax. In fact this fits with objects that many have captured on video for over a decade.

A documentary video about Rods, or the Extra Dimentional Skyfish mystery seems to fit this. That video is at the bottom of this post. Before you laugh or snort in derision, the start of that documentary includes weather video from a local TV station in Albany, NY in 2002, and another from tornado coverage across Oklahoma City in 1999 both showing something similar.

For all intent and purpose, this is an unidentified flying object. This was posted on April 2nd, so the notion of an April Fools joke should be dismissed. KeriLeigh shared this to the National Weather Service in Hastings Nebraska and they 'liked' it on Facebook, but don't have much of an explanation. But you could say, the government was contacted. Many people online have commented that this could be anything from a secret government project to extraterrestrial. The lighter side of suggestions include a Dementor from Harry Potter to the smoke monster from Lost.

Watch this video and share your suggestion. I looped it twice for repeated the view and even slowed it down 1/5 speed while zooming in for another repeated look.

What is it?

A flock of birds would be the easy answer, but the appear out of thin air and the forward speed is too fast. While I was trying to figure out what this could be, I stumbled upon a video documentary: The Extra Dimentional Skyfish Mystery. I wasn't the first to find this or relate the two. Watch and judge for yourself. I am simply curious and would love to know the answer- whatever it may be. At this point, all options are on the table and I am not suggesting anything. This is simply for the point of getting more to view and help conclude the mystery. Is this experimental or foreign technology? Is it some life form? What do you think?